Players Looking For Guilds - November 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Returning experienced player looking for an active guild.

    Took a break from the game for a year.

    Created a new account and looking to join an active guild.

    Ally code is 967-687-622.

    Thanks in advance
  • I am at about 2 million GP and really close to SLKR looking for all heroic raids and even completion of Cpit message me either in game or on here.
  • BugEyed84
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    Found thanks
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  • Mr_Hooy
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    New guild found.
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  • ReeceC196
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    guild found
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  • Looking for a guild that does heroic raid I’m level 61 and can help with raid tickets

    Ally code is 658 273 253

    Pushing for slkr
  • Evileprekorn
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    Found a guild
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  • Ashur1
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    Hi, I'm looking for a new guild. I'm at 3.75m GP & very active!
    UK based. Cheers.
  • TheyCallMeWho
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    Found a spot. Thanks to everyone who contacted me!
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  • Ashur1
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    Ashur1 wrote: »
    Hi, I'm looking for a new guild. I'm at 3.75m GP & very active!
    UK based. Cheers.
    Guild found now, thank you for the offers.

  • Looking for a very active guild. Guild that is very active in territory war and territory battles. Looking for guild with good amount of Wat shards per territory battle.

    Ally code: 279-725-822
    1.6m GP
    JKR team, Padme team, currently gearing up GAS and 501st team.
    Very active daily player.
  • alexjonwelton
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  • Wampa22
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    Looking for a very active alliance which regularly completes CPit. 4.77m GP Currently have 1GL and should have a 2nd in the next couple of months, executor next time around. Ally code 234-841-463
  • L_ps
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    Guild found.

    Thank you!
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  • I'm a new player (Level 42) and looking for a "newbee friendly" casual guild to evolve and have fun.

    Ally: 339-312-541
    swgoh: 488605
  • rpeach72
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    Found a spot
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  • Dexxable_swgoh
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  • Berthole
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    -Guild found-
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  • Hi, I’m looking for a new more casual guild, just left a brilliant guild that I have been in for years . Unfortunately i couldn’t commit to fully pulling my weight like they deserved due to real life commitments but I am active daily and will get tickets and contribute but occasionally miss things every now and then. I have 3 GLs nearly 4, can compete across all areas of the game.

    Ally-Code: 815-978-717
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 6.19 M
    Time-zone: UK based
  • lightmatter22
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    Looking for a 300 Mil guild for a friend.
    2 gl's SLKR and Rey
    Total GP 6.7 mil
    Guild has to be competitive.

    contact information:

    LordSidious#9415 is the discord
    ally code: 385-813-862
  • Ragana
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    Found a guild!
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  • DarkKryptonian1
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    Edit - Found a guild!

    Will be looking for a semi competitive guild after the next DS TB (260-300 mil). Currently 6.5 million GP. The post may be a bit early, but want to also see if I can get to know some guilds before then.

    Haven't completed CPIT but I have a few teams that can contribute.

    2 GLs (JML, SLKR) with JMK within the next month, then should be KAM ready within a month after that.

    Active daily, always get my 600. I have Discord as well.

    Ally code - 424-348-374

    Update - thank you to everyone who has reached out! Giving the time to those who did so closing this down. MTFBWYA!
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  • Hi guys, I’m UK based and I’m looking for an active guild. Fairly new to the game but I want to get some raids done. Level 62 at the moment but I’m working on sweating the game out. This is my discord; I Space 1918 I#3299 hoping to hear from someone soon :)
  • Skywalking11
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    Edit - found a guild

    Ally-Code: 635-139-679
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 4.45m
    Character/Ship GP:
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: pretty much all of them
    Average Arena Rank: don’t participate anymore in arena
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P)
    Time-zone: AEST

    Looking for an Australian based guild with minimal activity requirements as I’m looking to play more casually
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  • Westley996
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    Guild found, thanks for all the interest.

    **** original post ****

    Looking for a high-end semi-casual or casual guild, 350+ mil gp. Am an active player but, not interested in joining any guilds that micromanage every aspect of roster building.

    GP: 8.18 mil
    5 GLs, Starkiller, and 7* Executor, close to LV
    Long time F2P, since December 2016
    Time Zone: PST (West coast US)

    Discord: westley#4086
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  • mikebtp
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    Lookin for a new home, hit me up in game
  • Hey, I really want to join a guild who are completing CPit , I’m only at 2mil GP and Im working towards SEE but I play everyday so can contribute to raid tickets. Are there any guilds kind enough to let me join?
  • Wezsp
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    A new player who wants to find an active guild with ideally with a discord chat. Would like to be shown the ropes a bit and any advice would be great. Am very active on the game daily. Currently working on my phoenix squad and a weak empire team.

    Ally code 795-945-984
    Player level: 49
    Average Arena rank: 5000-5200
    Type of player: F2P
  • Xel
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    Hello, I have been playing for a Long time and helped create my current guild. I have stuck around to help the friends but now I’m ready to grow faster. I’m looking for a Home after this TW if possible. I’m very active but looking for something that doesn’t require me checking discord every hour. I want to be competitive but not a top 10 level . Crancor and KAM shards are the things I’m interested in most. Just shy of 9 Million GP. Let me know if you have a home for me :) ( my job gives me random hours of work that are NEver predictable but I will participate and 600 every day)
    Ally code 837-732-198
  • Hello, veteran and active playing looking for a new guild. I have sith eternal emperor and just unlocked supreme leader kylo ren. Send me a message if interested!

    Ally code: 858-356-599
    GP: 4.55 Million

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