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  • Wife and I are looking for a more active guild. Our current one only has around 50% participation in daily activities and sometimes can't get 25 people for TB/TW. Would like a guild with more like 80% participation and ideally doing all heroic raids multiple times per week but we can help the guild grow to that if it's not quite there yet.

    Ally-Code: 256-871-915
    Link to
    GP: 2.9M (1.2M ships)
    Working on Darth Revan and SLKR.

    Ally-Code: 542-498-925
    Link to
    GP: 2.4M (1M ships)
    Working on C3P0 and JKL.

    Contact either of us in game or forum dm (whatever is convenient). 😊
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    Ghost77 wrote: »
    I am looking for a guild due to our one disbanding. I have 4 GLs, starkiller and working towards grand inquisitor and profundity. Looking for a British guild ideally for timing and 33 stars in ds tb. 8.2 mil gp.
    Ally code 112 355 348. I do have discord as well but would rather do in game chat first.
    I sent you a PM in game

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    Hi, I'm a new active Dutch player looking for a guild. Playing every day since downloading the game, but I do have a life outside the game.

    Ally-Code: 639-519-494
    Link to
    Galactic Power:
    Character/Ship GP: 46,258 / 6,918
    Player Level: 46
    Number of 7*: 0
    Number of 6*: 0
    Number of 5*: 1
    Average Arena Rank: 428
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT + 2 (Amsterdam)
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    Found my guild thanks!
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    Hello all I am somewhat new, account level 70. Looking for an active guild to help get my gp higher as the one I am currently in is starting to die out and I am starting to hit a stand still on progression. I have a discord if needed just hit me up on there if you don’t mind recruiting. Thanks.

    Guild found!!
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  • Looking for a ship:
    8.6 million GP
    6 GLs
    Malgus and Starkiller

    I try to hit 500 tickets daily but due to work, I can miss. I set defensive teams as instructed, and hit TW and TB. I’ll be honest, I’m weak on beating KAM shard mission.

    Looking for a fun ship where having a life, work and family, is understood. Prefer EST raids.

    Appreciate anyone taking a look or messaging me. If it doesn’t work for your ship, all good.

    SWGOH profile available upon request.

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