Players Looking For Guilds - November 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Edit: Guild found! Thank you for your consideration!

    Hello! Currently searching for a new guild because our last one is leaving the game at an alarming rate. I am currently just above 5 mil gp and am working on Executor which I will hopefully have by the end of the year. I also have two guild mates that I know in rl that want to come with me (both just under 2 mil gp but have focused rosters and hdb)

    Looking for a casual-ish guild around 175-200 gp, dd geo tb, and close to cpit.

    My ally code is 683-564524 is
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    Guild found. Thanks for the messages
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    Guild found!

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    Hey all, Looking for an Elite Guild (~320> Million) that can hit 28+ stars in Light and Dark Geo TB
    I have Geos high enough for Wat Tambor shards and I'm close to getting clones ready for KAM (really need a guild that obtains KAM already) <-- Check out my roster & my GAC victories

    My Ally Code: 241-498-867
    Level: 85
    GP: 5.98 Million (I'm planning on staying under 6mill due to Grand Arena)
    27 Relic 4+
    53 Gear 13+

    100% F2P
    Let's get it! B)

    *Be prepared to showcase your guild*

    Preferred in-game chat: Discord only (if required)
    I live in the US and prefer the east coast but can manage with other time zones
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    Daily player since the beginning, looking for a more competitive and active guild:

    Ally-Code: 783-868-438
    Galactic Power: 2,139,876
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 90
    Number of 6*: Lots
    Number of 5*: Lots
    Average Arena Rank: 300-400
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale) P2P
    Time-zone: American Central

    3 Relics, Vader, Emperor and Jedi Revan
    13 Zetas with stock in reserve
    Strong Empire team, Jedi team, Bounty Hunters
    Purchased the $100 bundle so most characters at a minimum 80 Gear 7

    Current goals:
    Sith Eternal Emperor
    Closing out Chewbacca & 3PO journey
    7 Star Houndstooth

    Always in the top 5 in my current guild for Raids
    Always in the top 10 for guild activity
    Never missed a single Territory War
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    Looking for guild clearing 35+ WAT shards

    Always #1 Fleet Arena.
    KAM ready
    Guaranteed 600 tickets daily

    Only 75 shards for 7* WAT needed for JMK within 1 month.
    260 zetas and full WAT+JMK gear hoarded
    484-481-535 in game chat
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    Hello! I'm looking for an active guild preferably with discord that participate in raids often. My last guild was great it went from a two person guild to a full 50ppl 82mil guild after a year. I loved seeing it grow and thrive but it came to a hault when the chats went quiet and my fellow officers and leader dismissed the idea of a discord chat for easier communicating. I play daily and would love to be with people passionate about star wars too.
    Ally-Code: 836-413-383
    Galactic Power: 1,434,511
    Player Level: 85
    Galactic Power (characters)-830,683
    Galactic Power (ships)- 603,825
    Number of zetas applied- 11
    Average Arena Rank: 1400-1500
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: American central
    *Currently I am working towards supreme leader Kylo Ren. I have Kylo unmasked to relic 6 and first order storm trooper to relic 5.
    *I have completed GL Palpatine, Yoda, BB-8. I have padme and Chewbacca to 6 stars but I've stopped all my work on other teams to focus on my first order team.
    Thank you for reading !
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    Galactic Power1,505,103

    Ally Code751-386-681

    Galactic Power (Characters)877,682

    Galactic Power (Ships)627,421

    Fleet Arena Battles Won124

    Squad Arena Battles Won176

    Normal Battles Won13,740

    Hard Battles Won4,168

    Galactic War Battles Won1,224

    Guild Raids Won38

    Guild Tokens Earned56,084

    Championship Successful Battle Defends40

    Championship Full Rounds Cleared12

    Lifetime Championship Score47,591

    Championship Undersized Squad Battles Won0

    Championship Promotions Earned7

    Championship Banners Earned32,241

    Championship Best Rank Achieved Division 8 / Chromium / 1837
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    Looking to potentially join better guild that completes cpit and kam shards.
    Currently I get 60+ waves in dstb including 2/2 dooku mission. Completed kam mission last lstb. > 6 mil damage in cpit. Tw officer in current guild and kyber contender. If guild has additional openings have 4 guild mates with equal or better rosters but worse mods 😂. Can message me in game but prefer discord chawbacca#4094
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    Ally Code - 326-775-599
    Somewhat new player, just bought Hyperdrive bundle mostly F2P
    GP 862.6K
    Active, interested in a casual guild that does frequent raids
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    Uk based active player looking for a new guild.

    Relic 8 SEE



  • Darthrocky
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    Ally code 752 481 961
    6.3 GP
    3 GLs
    FTP daily player
    Looking for new home please lmk what time raids are and about your guild. Thanks
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    Hey guys! I just started an alt and unlocked guilds. I understand how the game works and what to build to not have a bloated account. Looking for a guild with HS and GK on farm. DT would be a great added bonus but not necessary as I know this is a brand new account and I won't have much to offer early. Ally code: 625-831-252. Thanks!
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    Guild found, thank you everyone
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    Edit: never mind
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    *Guild found*
    Ally Code 825-755-119
    Returning player/new account, HDB dolphin building Geos to JKR. Looking for an established guild or cluster. Thanks!
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    Guild found, thank you!
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    Guild found, thank you! :)
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    Hi guys.
    I’m looking for a new guild that’s active, fun and quite interactive with each member. Current guild at 159m but not very active and miss out on TW quite often.
    I’m a FTP player with 2.49 mil account.
    Ally code: 749 362 439 -
    I don’t have too much in the way of strong teams and way off a Galactic Legend.
    I log in daily and time zone is Greenwich Mean Time

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    Hello SWGOH friends,

    I'm looking for a new guild.

    EDIT: I’ve found a guild now, thanks all for you messages and offers!

    I am looking for a English speaking guild. Up and coming player looking for guild who can complete CPIT ideally.

    Ally-Code: 979-361-435
    Galactic Power: 3M
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 90
    Number of Relics; 36
    Average Arena Rank: 50
    Type of Play: F2P / Sometimes P2P
    Discord: xJord#5174

    I have a very strong roster for 3M GP, with a lot of strong meta teams. SEE unlocked currently and pushing for next GL

    Looking for a good active guild to have some fun winning, please message me on discord or invite me to chat in game.5jmprf1i2c5f.png

    Thanks all!
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    Looking for a guild that gets 40+ wat shards. I have everything done for Kenobi but wat and I need 41 wat shards to 7 star. 6.4 mil gp ally code 643-352-731
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    Edit: Found a guild!
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    Edit: Guild found. Thanks!
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    Gesucht wird deutschsprachige Gilde für zwei Member mit 4.5 Mio GM +.

    1-mal GL Rey
    1-mal GL Kylo


    - Aktive Gildenleitung mit Befehlen in TK etc
    - Aktive Community mit line, discord oder whatsapp
    - Real Life steht dennoch über allem
    - Keine reinen Kindergilden
    - Wir spielen nur F2P - also no Hate

    Wir bieten:
    - Aktivität und Erfahrung in Geo Ts etc.
    - Aktivität in Gildenchat
    - Langzeitspaß sofern obere Punkte erfüllt sind.
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    Guild found
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    Guild found, thanks!
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    Just looking for active guild with discord that does well in geo tb and heroic raids.
    I've taken a few long breaks, but have gotten back into playing over Christmas break. Gonna unlock JKR in about 2 days, ready to gear him up. Already have somewhat ok Padme and FO team. Will begin to work on DR after finishing JKR.
    Ally-Code: 281-463-264
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1.9M
    Player Level: 85
    Average Arena Rank: 350
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: EST
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