Players Looking For Guilds - November 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • F2P_vortex2
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    Guild found

    need a guild doing light side geo tb contact me if I can join

    Ally code 664-196-666
    Gp is 800,000
    Player level 85
    Online daily

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  • MargoSynto
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  • RaxxisTu
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  • iamlegend170
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    Back after being away for about 2 yrs. Looking for an active, easy going yet somewhat competitive guild. Sim raids would be ideal. Need a guild with knowledge to help get my ships in better shape and to figure out what characters to gear up to these new levels.

    Ally code: 423279844
    Total GP: 3.7
    Character GP: 2.2
    Ship GP 1.5
    Active: Daily
    Time zone: EST but open to other U.S. time zones
    Type of play: mostly F2P but will spend occasionally
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  • Cirizo
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    Found a Guild, thank you for the consideration!
    Hi I am a F2P player with 1,87 M GP looking for an active guild that can help me progress in the game.
    I play actively every day. As of now I'm focusing on Clones and Shaak Ti, planning on going for Padme, C3PO and GAS from there.
    Time zone: UTC
    Link to
    Thank you
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  • Jonnyt
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    Guild found thank you everyone for all the interest

    Thank you
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  • DePlexx
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    Was a casual player who is now becoming more serious about the game. Looking for a new guild that is more competitive and has an active community.

    Have Shak Clones R5 and almost a Padme team at R5
    Have Geo team for WAT
    Finishing acquiring GAS then working towards a GL, but, willing to work towards something is for a guild if needed

    Link to
    Ally-Code: 174-536-348
    Galactic Power: 2.2 Mil
    Time-zone: UK
    Have discord

    Will keep options open for 1/2 days.
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  • MasterSith
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    I am looking to help lower guild out with heroic sith, message me in game at this ally code please: 414-583-835 gg
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  • Ckiller
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    Looking for a tw focused guild.
  • ionizphoton
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  • Jax8888
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    EDIT: Thank you for all your responses, I believe I have finally found a home. Thank you!
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  • Looking for very active guild with ticket req that does heroic raids often.
    Ally code: 722-694-637
    Around 600 tickets/day
    Very active veteran
    lvl 33, started new account
    Have discord
  • RealArmondz
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    edited January 2 8M GP looking for a guild. I have multiple huge guild offers. And while I'm looking for a guild where I won't loose any competitive advantage I'm also looking for a guild with a really friendly talkative atmosphere. I dont want an alliance guild or some giant guild that just boots guys for a stronger guy. I want a guild that is strong enough to kick **** but is also a place we can throw back some drinks and talk **** to eachother lol. I had quit for 2 years recently joined some of the above mentioned guilds until I got a hang of the way the game is these days. Ready to get serious again. But I need the friendly talkative atmosphere to keep me motivated to play.
  • JoJoClown
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    Found guild, ty
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  • matthrim91
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    Guild found
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  • Hi,
    I am a returning player starting a new account with the hyperdrive bundle(no further purchases planned).
    I am very active and roughly following the ap gains guide so I should progress quite quickly.
    I was hoping for a more serious guild to quickly start the guild related farms.
    I would also love an active discord for all sorts of topics.

    timezone: central europe
    discord: Bendak146#3603

  • InvMars
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    guild found, thank you everyone.
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  • kiwiswgoh
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    4.3 million GP player looking for a guild OR a WAT filler spot.

    I love my guild so I am happy to just jump over for a the territory battle farming WAT. However, I am also considering moving to a new guild as I just need more consistent high level rewards.
    I have GL Luke and am wanting to work toward GLK which is why I need WAT.
    I also have a brother that is considering the guild jump with me. he is about 6 million GP without any GL yet but VERY close to GL luke as well.

    if we jumped over it would have to be to a guild getting 35+ shards of WAT and clearing CPIT would be a huge bonus. We are both casual active. (we play every day and do the raids Twars etc but are not crazy about every event as we have professional lives.

    we do NOT use discord. We do like active chat in game and learning more strategy but again we play every day but are not looking for a super demanding guild. That being said we can do 40-50 million in HSTR and try to contribute to dailies.

    we are in Pacific time zone
    both F2P
    both have 35+ relics.
    my ally code is 418-433-592

    let me know if there is interest in either us freelancing to a guild for WAT or recruiting us full time. We are not looking to rush into a guild we have been in our current guild for 4+ years so looking for a good fit!

    I should add that it might be several days before we can make a decision. we work etc and probably won't change guilds before the weekend. feel free to message but don't be offended if it takes time to respond. Perhaps I should have posted this later on since some people have been really pushing quick answers. Sorry for any confusion yall!
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  • Hello all,
    Looking for an active guild that can do well in Geo TB/CPIT.
    Currently finishing off a CLS squad and working towards JKR to get Malak. My Goal after this is to unlock GAS.
    Willing to work on squads to help the guild.

    Ally Code: 245-932-835

    Galactic Power: 2,555,659

    Discord: The Goat#8155
  • Kunkler
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    Guild found. Thanks for all the replies!

    Looking for a guild for LSTB.

    8 mil GP all LS GLs

    Ally code 861-192-374
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  • Omalley12
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  • Jhinozu
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    Guild found
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    Hi there I have 5 mill GP and 1 GL well on my way for a second!!!!
    I'm looking for a UK based guild that can beat the challenge rancor raid, as my current guild can't, willing to join discord or whatsapps or anyother social platforms.
  • Baldpet
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    Guild Found, Thank you for all the messages and interest.
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  • Kraelin
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    Guild found
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  • SpenceTheMenace
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    Found a Guild, thanks everyone!
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  • daschust
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    Active daily ftp looking for guild.
    Ally code 389-811-872
    Discord Rodrigo54#9095
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    Guild found!
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  • Guldan
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    Guild found.

    You all are awesome!
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