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    Guild found temporaryly

    Hi, my ingame nickname is Mol Usk.
    My profile

    My ally code is : 781-529-245

    I am doing 600 tickets per day. I am using discord.
    discord id: popopcool#2383

    I plan to get sith ethernal emperor while staying below 1 million GP. (hyper focused farm).
    I am looking for a guild with 45+ players doing their 600 tickets per day, with heroic raids. (except last rancor)

    I am a free to play player and i will stay that way.
    I live in france, so i can connect between 8am to 11pm, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

    Best regards,
    Mol Usk
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  • Looking for a guild to help me build a strong group.

    Ally-Code: 126-353-932
    Galactic Power: 407,102
    Character/Ship GP: 286,739 / 120,363
    Player Level:81
    Number of 7*: 4
    Number of 6*: 3
    Number of 5*: 13
    Average Arena Rank: 3411
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale) F2P
    Time-zone: Eastern
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    how do i delete
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    Found a guild
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  • Hey I’m looking for a super active guild for newer players looking to grow together. I played this game from release until Revan came out, but had to step away from the game. I’ve decided I wanted to come back now with a fresh start, so I just restarted playing yesterday. It looks like a fair amount has changed since then, but I know most of the basics of this game and am otherwise a quick study.

    Ally-Code: 213-525-856
    Galactic Power: 8429
    Player Level: 29
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: Eastern Time
  • Current guild had leader quit suddenly so I’m looking for a new guild.

    I am a F2P player with GP 6.5 million

    2 Galatic Legends about 1-2 mints away from a 3rd

    I earned KAM shards for my guild for the 1st time this past week

    I set defenses for TB but sometimes miss out on attacking

    Get 600 tickets daily

    Looking for a US based guild that can complete Cpit easily, 31+/24+ Geo

    Looking to move before next Geo battle. Won’t make decision tonight

    In game ally code 447-763-482
    Discord nyyfan2321 (EST)#4076
  • Ally-Code: 558-525-439
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 4,636,713
    Time-zone: MST
    Discord: BalthazarBacht#1314

    I'm a former #1 getting back into the game after a year and a half off. I've got all the big names from before GLs were released, but none of them currently. On track for JMK in 3 months tops. I want to be a small fish in a big pond as they say so I'd like the guild to be around 300M at least, but the bigger the better as the more resources I get, the faster I will grow and my current 250M guild can't clear the CPit. I'm a very active player and will be a part of each facet of the game and won't miss out on any responsibilities. What I'm looking for:

    -40 Wat shards
    -15 KAM shards with progress towards more
    -Cpit being beaten each week

    That's it. Obviously if your guild is farther along than those numbers and you want to bring someone in that will grow quickly with the guild, then I am your man. Look forward to hearing from any prospective guilds.
  • I'm looking for an active guild where I can level up and learn the game.
    I will be active and consistently generate 600 tickets.
    I'm new to SWGoH, but have experience from other games like this.
    • Ally-Code: 111-756-624
    • Link to
    • Galactic Power: 6,351
    • Character/Ship GP: 0
    • Player Level: 26
    • Number of 7*: 0
    • Number of 6*: 0
    • Number of 5*: 0
    • Average Arena Rank:
    • Type of Play: F2P
    • Time-zone: CET
  • New Player here coming back after some time off, Very Active. Looking to help support in any way possible. My profile is basically phoenix team right now. very new just looking to help support a guild and continue to get stronger in time. Thank you!

    Current Level: 52
    Name: Highbourne
    Current Farm: Phoenix Squad
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  • smackmyyak
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    Please message on discord for a quicker response
    Ally-Code: 984-161-651
    Link to
    Discord : smack#6236
    Galactic Power: 4.3 mil
    Character/Ship GP: 2.4 mil Char / 1.8 mil Ship
    Galactic legends - SLKR and SEEw/Wat
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 113
    Relic - 47
    G12- 15
    Average Arena Rank: Was averaging top 125 before the change of crystal income
    Arena Rank - Top 50 but if I use all 5 attempts can get top 30
    Type of Play: F2P with minor spending maybe 2-5 times a year for crystals
    Time-zone: eastern US

    Looking for a new guild after a lot of our top guys left to merge with a bigger guild. Currently cant get relic 8 material without crystals which I need to finish off getting executor (only need the two relic 8s then all pre reqs ar e done). After exector I will be going for my third GL in JMK in which I only need to gear/relic all the characters because I have all of them to 7* except bo katan and ayla.
  • Looking for a guild, hit me with your best offers. Uk based player, looking for raids between 7pm and 9pm gmt. That’s about it for prerequisites, officer where I am at the moment, 7.8mil gp, K1 gac, dsr quality of 8.7, pics below. Send me your guild info, stars/kam/raid times.
  • Ally code 634-525-582
    4.6m gp UK player
    I play everyday multiple times always get 600, I'm slightly lacking on the lightside teams but trying to improve there, currently only have 1gl SEE but over half way towards Lord vader and would like to go for kenobi after but lack wat and negotiator so looking for a guild who could help speed that up for me, been in my guild for over 2 years great bunch but not that focused and slightly holding me back now with progressing looking somewhere that does both geo tbs and gets 30+ wat shards
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    found one thx
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  • FettFirst
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    FOUND A GUILD! Thanks for everyone's interest!!!

    Currently looking for a new guild as my current one has lost a bunch of its leadership and stronger players in the last few weeks.

    Ally code: 414-111-662

    GP: Nearly 7.2M

    I have two GL and the Executor (though it is presently five stars). I am presently working on my third GL.

    Arena ranks: 110 Squad/19 Fleet

    I am mostly free to play, but I will spend a couple of dollars here and there. I would say I spend no more than $30 a year on the game.

    I am in the Eastern United States, but I play at all hours.

    I play every day, multiple times a day. I participate in all guild activities and I always donate gear when I have it.

    I do not wish to be leadership.

    Looking for a guild with 45-49 (I plan to be 50) very active players and one that regularly completes crancor. My present guild has yet to accomplish this even before the breakdown.

    If your guild is wobbling, please do not invite me to shore things up.

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  • 111-569-671
    GP: 5.22m
    Ships: 2.17m
    Characters: 3.05m
    G13: 51
    G12: 30
    Character Arena: 193
    Ship Arena: 70
  • KionZander
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    New player looking to join a guild that is very active. I play regularly and will contribute 600 guild tickets every day.


    Level 30

    I live in England.

    Currently farming Obi Wan/Ahsoka/Anakin for Yoda, and starting to build Geonosian team.

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