Players Looking For Guilds - November 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • TorinOakenshield
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  • Zonder
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    found one
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  • Might be looking for a new guild. European raid times, 380M+ GP
  • SpenceTheMenace
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    Found, thanks everyone.
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  • Jurasu030293
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    Guild found.

    Experienced player returning after a long break to start a fresh account. Immediate goals are bastila led jedi and imp troopers. Entirely F2P currently doing 3 normal refreshes per day along with cantina refreshes when affordable.

    Ally-Code: 222-135-326
    Galactic Power: 63,971
    Player Level: 51
    Number of 7*: 1
    Number of 6*: 3
    Number of 5*: 0
    Average Arena Rank: 200-500 range
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: CST
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  • Keter1973
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    Found one. Thank you all for reaching out. It's awesome to have watched our SWGOH community grow as it has over the years.
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  • ftp_player321
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    I've found a new guild. Thanks to everyone for reaching out.

    Looking for a guild that wants/has:
    • 600 tickets daily (RL exceptions okay)
    • Active guild that doesn't have a ton of rules
    • All raids Heroic with 24 hour join periods
    • Daily Discord activity NOT required
    • Helps make the game fun again
    • Enough participation in TW to earn R9 (doesn't have to win)
    • Is able to clear CPIT

    I find myself being more and more casual. I'm still a daily active, 600/600, usual top 3 for the daily goal, and donate (almost 5500+ lifetime donations my last two guilds). I'm most active with TW/TB, and honestly hate GA. I'm used to following orders on TW's and prefer to set defense, though usually help with a few key attacks. I have Separatists to earn WAT shards for TB (sometimes the random gods hate me).

    I've been with my current guild for over two years and am looking for another strong guild to help make the game fun again.

    • Ally-Code: 276-759-833
    • Galactic Power: 6,589,442
    • Character/Ship GP: 3,857,679/2,731,763
    • Player Level: 85
    • Number of 7*: 200
    • G13: 62
    • G12: 32
    • Type of Play: F2P
    • Time-zone: Pacific
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  • Hi everyone,

    I started playing when the game came out and stopped at level 40. Came back a month or so ago, I'm a dedicated player, do every activity daily and farm tickets like a clock. I'm still level 82 with a lot of road to do but I'm looking for a guild to complete raids and battles so I can grow faster. I have plans for my accout but i can change them for the guild requirements
  • Captain_Caveman1
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    Guild Found. Thanks to all that responded.
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  • dDragonMoon
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    thx everyone found a guild^^
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  • Kdog8536
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    No longer needed. Thank you.
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  • Nguerra
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    FOUND. Thanks for messages all.
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  • JohnnyFaithful
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    FOUND. Thanks for messages all.
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  • ShadowNos
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    Ty all, guild found
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  • Looking for a casual, relaxed guild to get back into the game again after a break for over a year.
    Able to contribute towards the daily 600, guild events etc.

    Ally-Code: 837-683-332
    Link to
    Type of Player: F2P
    Time-zone: CET
  • Will_Dearborn1
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    Got one for now. Thanks
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  • Danwayfan
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    Lfg, F2P 4.4 m GP. Ally code: 118-367-237, Haven't played in approx 3 yrs. So just getting back into it. Hoping for good guild that does well but not too serious. (Guild Found)
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  • Hey everyone thanks for taking an interest, but I have found a guild.
  • VaderRen5
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    Guild found
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  • Solars
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    I'm good. Thanks.
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  • 7.8m account

    salaciouscrumb4488#2239 on discord.

    This is a 3rd account (2nd alt) and as such I do not do arena, sometimes do GAC and its a slow burner. I'm not guaranteed to do 600 daily although I mostly do and this account would suit a smaller guild >100m wanting to do well on TW and get heroic raids done as somewhere I can keep it ticking over. I'm happy to offer some advice and guidance to newer players when I'm about.

    PLEASE do not contact with 350m guilds etc as it will be a waste of time for both. I have 2 accounts in a 435m guild and being totally honest that is where my time is spent so I wouldn't commit in a larger guild but could benefit a smaller, growing one.

    All the best

  • Looking for a guild that is active but not too high level yet have a few 7, 6 and 5 star characters, maybe 30 in total. I am level 85, Highest character is Mace Windu. Ally Code is 193-217-553. Thanks!
  • BruhPanda44
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    (Found Guild) Account:

    I'm working toward slkr so I wanna join in a good guild so that I can earn some good gear from the heroic raids and also from territory wars/battles.

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  • Captain_Caveman1
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    Guild Found! Thanks to all that responded! It wasn't an easy decision.
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  • エディズ
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    Hello There,
    I'm looking for a english/german speaking guild.
    I'm a returning player but want to play this time for a long time.

    Unfortunately my account is new so I have about 1m GP. Heroic PIT/AAT would be nice at a reasonable time.
    Willing to participate on every guild activity also try to get 600 tickets per day.

    SWGOH Account:
    Discord: Wed#9848

    Best Regards
  • Miles_Hendon
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  • JainaSolo
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    Guild found. Thanks for the replies
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  • Electus
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    Hi, 1mill GP player looking for a new guild:
  • Looking for a guild to get the 45 star hoth achievement and ROLO shards next Light side TB. I'm almost at 5 mil GP.
    For after the next light side TB i'm also looking for a new guild that does Cpit. I have SLKR and will unlock executor next time the event comes around. i'm always active in the guild events.
    ally code: 573136336.
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