Players Looking For Guilds - November 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Fulcrum0007
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    Guild found! Thanks to all who replied!
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  • Electus
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    Hi, player 650k GP looking for a new guild.
  • Coalemus
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    Update: Thank you all for the interest. We have found a guild.

    Hey Everyone!

    The wife and I are looking for a casual guild.

    Ally-Code: 643-993-499
    Link to
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: MST

    Ally-Code: 856-771-556
    Link to
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: MST

    The only requirements we prefer from the guild is at least attempting CRancor and LS Geo and participate in TW regularly.

    Please contact me on discord: Coalemus#4826
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    Hi. Thinking of changing guild as my current one became quite slow.
    I am:
    4.8 M GP
    Arena rank between 190-210, ship arena around 60.
    I don’t have any GLs yet.
    600 tickets daily.
    Participate in all raids/TWs etc.
    GMT time zone
    I can’t do raids at specific times but I will attack when online (several times a day).

    Guild for me ideally:
    Over 230 M GP,
    All players active
    Doing a lot of raids, TWs etc.
    Friendly and relaxed atmosphere 😁
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    New guild found
  • frtpskn
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    Guild Found thanks for the offers
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  • Sensuna
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    Good evening,
    I am a returning player from several years ago who is returning to the game. When I played, I never got very far and was still building up early teams, so I might as well be a new player.

    I am looking for a guild to help me with the return and in general get my legs back. Any guild that has room for me would be appreciated.
    Ally code: 599-523-116

    If you need any more information, please let me know.
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    Good Evening, i am an active player with one GL SEE and currently working towards JMK i would like to have an active guild that has the same ambitions as me 4.1m GP and here is my profile.
  • AleHalen
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    Sorry for late editing, work has been crazy, GUILD FOUND
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  • Armennon
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    Hi !
    I`m a daily acitve player (600 tickets guaranteed).

    Made a fresh new account on 1st May 2022 (It`s my 2nd acc.).

    Ally code: 813-115-249

    Main focus: geonosians for fleet and WAT shards.

    Guild found.

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  • Cyberdwarf1027
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    Gilde gefunden.

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  • Astarael10
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    May the Force Be With You All,

    Competitive player but wanting a slightly more relaxed and balanced work-swgoh-life. Have SLKR and JML (my only R9), am a few relic levels away from getting MK. Have CAT and working on finishing up Maul and SOJ. Exec is 4* and working on pushing it.

    I love football (the non-American type), old school RPGs, Star Wars, and good beer. Active on Discord and I love getting to know the people I play with.

    Here's my gg, currently at 7.04 GP:

    Looking for a strong guild that is active and friendly on discord. Discord is Astarael#7223. Cheers!

  • Zanguilf
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    Hi all,

    I'm a competitive player who is looking for a balanced guild who is in between casual and elite. I'm a team player who usually builds for the guild. I do well in both GEOdstb and GEOlstb. Check out my .gg

    Link to
    Galactic Power:7,276,555
    Character/Ship GP: 4,121,148/3,155,407
    Number of 7*: 187
    Type of Play: a more serious f2p who spends here and there
    Time-zone: PST
    Discord: Zanguilf #3349

    Update: Guild found
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  • Corde
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    Guild Found
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  • Sixith
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    Over 7 mil GP with JML, SLKR, and JMK at R8. I am weary. I have been grinding for so many years and am always behind so I have lost a lot of drive the past year or so. If you are a low GP guild that needs some GL’s on defense hit me up. At least near HSith completion is all I ask. I hate Hpit and KAM anyway. KAM is worthless
    As 1k people will spend 10k on their rosters for another worthless toon. Don’t care if it’s a 100m GP guild. I hate feeling I cheated my guild every TW because I didn’t put forth my full attention because I didn’t. Team Skunk, FTB, and so on I was there at the beginning. Always found someone better to climb with apart from me. Not going to spend a $1000.00 to relic a toon either. I am a USA based player and work a half night shift half day shift a year 12 hour schedule. Around midnight CST is my best reset schedule for full 600.

    EA destroyed this game with the squeeze. Capitalism is fine but there is only so much I willing to take. Since this forum is 7 months old with no reset anymore I assume they could care less.
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    Left the game about 4 years ago returned about 2 months ago but yet to join a strong guild. Active every day and will contribute to raids/territory battles plus will take any advice on board since everything has changed since I left the game!
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    Looking for a guild for me(I've been around a while) and my buddy (he's new and shiney)

    Looking for a guild that can get him han solo shards and general kenobi shards.

    Must have discord


  • Tbodjanac
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    Guild found, thanks!
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    Hi everyone, returning to the game with a fresh account after a really long time. Looking for a home and people to guide me through the game if possible and re-teach me the basics :)

    My plan is geos -> Padme, so following a guide already. If you want to help a friend from Sweden send me a pm!

  • Zam_Burza
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    Hello There

    French player who started playing in january looking for a new guild to progress as my current one feels too slow for my current progression.

    playing daily, spending all my energy and getting my 600 raid tickets. Keeping guild reset time in mind during dailies to max out daily challenges and squad arena pvp rewards.

    Ally-Code: 463-899-183
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 954 135 (and growing :D )
    Character/Ship GP: 573 603 / 380 532
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 26 (+2 chars waiting credits for 7* upgrade)
    Number of 6*: 7 (+11 chars waiting credits for upgrade)
    Number of 5*: 16 ( + 8 chars waiting credits for upgrade)
    Average squad Arena Rank: between 200 and 500 (mostly around 200-300) GAC in progress
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: CEST

    In my late 30's, i'm not available anymore to do vocal chat on discord, but will keep in touch with guild chat

    currently farming geonosians and FO team to 7 * and 85 before focusing on dath revan unlock, imperial trooper and BH teams

    Guild Found, Thanks to all who messaged me
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  • LoganSlo
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    Guild found, thanks.
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  • Citi_sue01
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    Looking for a guild that is atleast 320m.

    My roster is 7.2 million

    2 GL'S


    MY ALLY IS 367 298 863. Preferred contact

    GUILD FOUND. Thank you
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    Hi Everyone,

    Looking for a relatively casual guild as I'm just getting back into the game. Ideally, one that sims as many raids as possible.
    I play daily and almost always max out tickets.

    Ally-Code: 364-425-717
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2.13M
    Player Level: 85
    Average Fleet Rank: Top 5 daily
    Type of Play: P2P
    Time-zone: EST
  • dmirz
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    I'm looking for an active guild. I play almost everyday.

    Ally-Code: 645-633-935

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 1, 258, 441

    Player Level: 85

    Type of Player: FTP

    Time-Zone: PST
  • Maulord
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    Found, thanks.
    Hi I am looking for an active and laid back guild (if that makes sense). I always participate on TB and can farm Wat and KAM shards. But I'm not always available for TW.
    Ally-Code: 814-588-941
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 5.8M
    Character/Ship GP: 3.3M / 2.5M
    Type of Play: F2P
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  • aakashba
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    looking for active guild with 45+ members, I'm new but super active 600 tickets daily. I prefer a guild with couple of sim raids and activity requirements to ensure regular raid tickets as I'm trying to progress early game. Will be active in all tb and tw. Building geo team now to contribute to wat shard match, will take about 3 weeks to get there though.

    Ally-Code: 165-768-937
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1.2m
    Player Level: 85
    Average Fleet Rank: Top 10-20
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: EST

    Thank you.
  • ChiefXTeddy
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    Stopped playing for a couple of months. Only just got back into the game. Was on my way towards getting my first GL, SLKR but I needed a break from the game but now I’m back with a much better mindset. Looking for a UK based guild but I’m happy to join any guild. I will get my 600 tickets daily and always participate in TB, TW, Conquest and GAC.

    I’m a bit late into farming towards a GL but that’s because I never had my mind set on one till now.

    Ally-Code: 634-321-735
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 5.2 Mil
    Character GP: 3.1 Mil
    Ship GP: 2.1 Mil
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 167
    Average Arena Rank: 200-300
    Type of Play: F2P (a little bit of a dolphin here and there it depends)
    Time-zone: GMT+1 United Kingdom

    FOUND A GUILD! thanks to all!
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    Hey all,

    I am newish, bought the hyperdrive bundle...(then had a life changing event away for 18 months)
    Been playing again, trying for my first GL SLKR, I have currently 800k GP, almost done with phonix (almost got them 7 star)

    Moving on to Geos, while slowly farming ships for SLKR and Geos. I am F2P, but always get my tickets done. Looking to join an active guild, who do raids I can join in with.

    Alliance Code :smile:
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