Guilds Looking For Mergers - November 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***




    UW Black Sun (160M GP)

    We are people that still love Star Wars and this game! We are relaxed, and enjoy daily players as much as possible, but if you can’t make it for a day or two, we understand. Black Sun is doing all heroic raids. Territory war isn’t super intense, but we do have some structure. Territory battles are organized enough that we are now getting 14 stars in DS Geo TB and 11 Wat shards, with 38 stars in LS Hoth! With the UW alliance, lower power players have a much bigger support and help group to make playing much more enjoyable, rewarding, and efficient. Plus the culture here in UW is friendly, funny, and plenty of channels of things to talk about if you are interested!

    We are looking for a group of 10-15 people as part of a merger into UW Black Sun! Looking to continue the stability that UW Black Sun and the UW Alliance have enjoyed as the game enters a new era!
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    We are looking for players to join a successful guild - if you are a group (or an individual) looking to take the next step in your SWGOH development, please reach out. Part of a great, small Alliance. We can find a good fit for you and your playstyle - whether you're CPIT-ready, or a relative newbie; organized and focused, or more casual.

    Anakins Daycare (misspelling on purpose) is a 5-year-old "actively casual" guild. Like so many guilds, we could take on 10 or so daily players. If you like to play they way you want and not be bossed around much, check us out. If you are part of a guild wanting to make a leap forward, check us out.
    message in-game if you prefer :)
    Guilds wanting to get in touch with the Alliance, lmk
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    Merger no longer needed.

    Nar Shaddaa is looking for 1-2 individuals who would be a positive influence to our guild.
    We are a TB focused guild.
    TW - Mandatory to join, but you can set primary defense if Real Life requires it. We take wins when we can. We are content with not stressing over it, but we do play to win.

    Strong TB teams required.

    Guild Info
    Guild reset 6:30pm EST.
    All Heroic raids have a join period starting at 8pm EST and go FFA at 5pm EST next day. (Rancor and Tank are simmed)
    When full, this were the stats.
    Cpit is on farm and FFA
    DSGTB = 31*
    LSGTB = 23*
    Getting both WAT(40+) and KAM(10+) shards.
    *keep in mind, all numbers are subject to change with the right group.

    Please join and ask about Nar Shadda
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    Guardians Of The Northern Lights is a home for awesome members and we would like to find more to play with.

    As many other guilds, recent changes have pushed some players over the edge leaving us in the need for 10+ players to up our game a bit.

    We are a group of adult people who take the game seriously, but not too seriously. We do strategize, but also try to avoid micromanaging.

    Our stats:
    • TB's: 31/22
    • KAM: 17
    • TW: ~67% before TW-changes, 50% after
    • All raids on farm
    • When full, we should hit 340M gp mark

    We preferably would like our new players to have 6m+ gp (roster dependent) and to do the 600 every day. Discord for communication is mandatory. Being a team player goes without saying. This also means taking part in all guild activities. As long as one are an active player you will fill all these requirements easily.

    Please contact us to discuss a smooth transition.

    Ingame: 471-212-191
    Discord: fakey#2324
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    Edit: *** We found a guild that has merged with us so we are no longer looking. Thank you to those who reached out! ***

    Long time established casual, FTP guild looking for merger.

    The Shruggle Is Real

    Our only rules really are to participate as you can and be chill with each other. We have a Discord but rarely use it to be honest.

    Stats as of this morning (January 2, 2022 11:35am) after removing a few inactives:

    - Currently 23 members
    - 90.5 million GP
    - Raids auto-launch at 5pm Pacific
    - Had been auto-simming Rancor and Tank Raid but now we have too few people that meet requirements for simming them.
    - Had been doing Heroic Sith Raid, had to drop down a level on that too.
    - Have been doing Separatist TB but will have to drop down.
    - Rebel TB

    I’m the Guild Leader, G. Ally code is 483-423-163 if you want to chat, have questions, or better yet are ready to join up.
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  • We are a guild of 24 accounts, comming after a failed merger. Looking for a similar group, we want to be able to enjoy the game in the company of our friends but still focus on the development of our rosters. With a similar group we can scratch the 300M guild total GP.

    A brief description:
    - EU based (raid times at 17:00 UTC), english speakers;
    - TW aware (clean and on target attacks, no TM pre-load)
    - KAM hungry (who does not have the teams ready yet, is working on building them);
    - CPit masters (average score above 5M per player, several above 10M damage, with efficient deployment of the teams in phases);
    - for the 24 accounts we stand with: 40 GL's, 12xCAT, 21xGAS, 2xMaul, 10xExecutor;
    - discord server with all the tools needed for smooth operation (shared with a smaller guild)

    Feel free to DM me for any other information or proposal in discord at Cristi#4531
  • MoogleKnights of 0tter space are searching for the new members.
    We have about 15 free spots. Raid times rotate - 03, 09, 15, 21 UTC. Guild reset - 01.30 UTC. We doing heroic tank, pit & sith raids. Around 129 mln GP.
    Our goal is to complete heroic raids as often as possible and to do well in territory battles and territory wars. No minimum or maximum player level/GP and player requirements besides be active and have fun.
    You can message me here or in game 891-376-415 or in Discord Alex Danvers#3204.
  • Are you looking for a relaxed but still competitive guild? Well Holocron Warriors is the place for you. We are looking for 10 - 15 players to fill a couple gaps and the upcoming removal of some members due to inactivity and free loading.

    We are friendly bunch who are dedicated players primarily in North America and Europe. We are serious players but also understand when real life happens. So, if you are looking for a relaxed but still focused place to do well in TBs, win the occasional TW and grab some r9 mats, and have some fun with the game we all enjoy please contact me at prallen#8128 in discord or message me in game. My ally code is: 857-167-351.

    You can also check out our guild page here:

    We are a 350M+ GP guild when full and TB focused and are looking for players who can make significant contributions to the Geo TBs. No minimum GP requirement, but if you are below 6M your rosters should be very focused. We prefer at least 2 GLs.

    Our expectations are getting your 600 per day, full participation in the TBs, and full participation in TW if you decide to join.

    What we offer:

    Fully Heroic Raids:
    HPit and HAAT are simmed.

    HSTR and CPit rotate between 7PM and 1AM GMT for our members different time zones.


    DSGeo: 32 stars and around 40 Wat shards

    LSGeo: 24 stars. We get 10+ KAM shards. The KAM number has been increasing as more members are streaming their missions, working on mods, and increasing relic levels.

    TW: Joining is mandatory. This is to guarantee at least one r9 mat from each match.

    We have a lot of long term, knowledgeable players who help each other out with strategies for all game modes. Come join the Holocron Warriors to have some fun and get better rewards!

    We hope to hear from you!

    Malachor's Remnants is looking for a merger to create an environment of people passionate about the game and about progressing into the next level of endgame. Combining with us will allow both of us to accelerate LSTB performance as well as ensure a steady income of relic 9 materials.

    We are an independent EU/US based guild with rotating HSTR and CPit times. Our current goal as a guild is to start pushing our TW sign ups to over the magic 300 million. Ideally, people joining us should have 2 GLs and Executor as well as be able to put up good numbers in both Geo TBs and be KAM ready. The most important requirement is communication. If you have discord, even better, as we have our server fully set up with all the necessary quality of life bots.

    Many guilds right now are suffering burnout or waning interest, or players who simply cannot the time that the game requires. Don't wait around for everything to crumble around you, get in touch and let's start talking.
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    Merger complete

    **Merger is in progress**

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  • We're not looking for a merger, but more like an infusion of some new blood.

    We're called NO CHORES (45 active players, 273mil+ GP), a casual guild, who lost some members over the holidays, and are trying to fill out our roster (5mil GP minimum).

    We run all three heroic raids with a 24 hour join period, so that no one misses out on rewards. All heroic raids launch at 6:30PM Eastern Standard Time, if that works for you.

    Territory Wars and Battles:
    We've been doing quite well in Territory Wars, and have been on a winning streak lately. We only do Geo Territory Battles, and have been earning an average of 26* + Wat shards in DSTB, and 14* + Kam shards in LSTB.

    We don't have any strict rules, but are looking for players (5mil GP minimum) who are active and are able to contribute to guild activities (HSTR, territory battles, etc.). We also understand that people have lives, so there are no daily requirements, or discord needed.

    Contact Us:
    • Guild Recruiter: GrendelKhan (Forum), Ally Code: 442-672-591
    • Guild Leader: Wes Terallo, Ally Code: 472-736-428
  • Mand’alor of the clan Vizsla is looking for any guilds wanting to join us for our rebuild. 39+ mil GP with 12 members. Rebuilding after many long term players left. Leader and officers of guild joining us will remain officers. Anyone interested can contact me directly or at my ally code 254-482-934 or at LineID alex_wren

    Link to our clan discord…
  • RETIRED EXTREMELY DANGER0US (R.E.D) is looking for 10-12 solid players looking to work in CPIT. As the name says, many of us have been playing since day 1, but have slowed down a bit in year 5-6. We have Pit, tank on auto, HSTR in about 45 minutes. 12 LS geo and 26 DS. We crush in TW, though participation is not mandatory. All we ask for is 450 credits a day and to get TB work in. We're about 65% away from getting thru p4 in CPIT, so if you're looking for some R8 rewards, let's get there together!

    Check us out and reach out to one of us!

    Hey, Holotable Heroes! ** The Cruicible (TC)** is a community-based, casual/semi-competitive, organized guild and **we are seeking 21 new guildmates! (29/50)**

    **GP:** __**144.711 Mil**__
    **TBs:** __37 ⭐️ LS Hoth__
    __39⭐️ DS Hoth__
    __10 ⭐️ LS Geo__
    __14 ⭐️ DS Geo + 15 Wat shards!
    **TWs:** __Mostly wins! Currently 6+ winning streak!
    **GLs:** **__16__**; __3 Rey__, __6 SLKR__, __3 JML__, __3 SEE__, __ 1 JMK__, and several more GLs in progress!

    ✔️ __3,000.000GP+ (3mil+) (25 R5 characters unlocked; we are slightly flexible with this requirement. No forced farms, however Wat ready Geos and CPIT teams are highly preferred.)
    ✔️ __TW participation is highly encouraged, while TB participation is mandatory.__ (We understand that real life comes first at times. We just ask that you give us the courtesy of a heads up when possible.)
    ✔️ __Discord is required.__ (We use discord to utilize bots/issue commands, which help us maximize guild event rewards.)

    **Currently running TWs, Heroic Raids, LS Hoth TB, DS Geo TB, with the ocassional LS Geo TB and DS Hoth TB.** (HPIT and HAAT on SIM with 24 hour sign up period; HSTR 24 hour signup and is FFA, Presently working on CPIT teams; Phase 1 cleared. Raids launch at 9:00 pm AEST.

    **Feel free to message me if you're interested in joining, or you can apply in game by guild searching "The Cruicible ". We currently have 9 openings!**

    I can be contacted via,
    In-game: ally code 181-151-493
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