Guilds Looking For Mergers - November 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Ssith Academy
    We are an active guild that recently welcomed another guild to merge with us. We still have room for 8 more folks, who need a home, and have an "ad" posted in Guilds seeking players, for individuals. However, if you are a small guild or a struggling remnant of a guild that was torn apart in the recent upheaval, we may have a spot for you.
    We are part of an alliance that shares a ton of knowledge, but we don’t force “feed” our other guilds. If someone is a better fit in a different guild then we can help them move to the benefit of everyone.
    We have a maximum of 8 that we can absorb right now. We removed inactive players and aren't willing to cut any of our active players in order to make room for new joins, sorry. This merge would be you joining us. We are at a good place for Officers, however there may be room for specific specialized officer roles, i.e., TW, TB, etc.

    Guild GP: 150mil
    Guild average GP: 3.5mil
    Guild Members: 42/50
    GL’s: 11
    Latest TB = 10 Wat Shards, 13 Stars
    TW = Post merge we are 6/0 win/loss
    Guild requirements:
    - 2 mil GP
    - TB, must participate
    - TW, if you join, you must participate and follow instructions from the officers.
    - Currently no min tickets, but we expect participation, to maximize guild events
    Raids: 24 hour join, so everyone gets a chance.
    HPIT Sim – 7 pm EST
    HAAT - 6 pm EST
    HSTR - 8 pm EST
    CPIT - is a work in progress
    Discord is required due to the large amount of information/tutorials stored there. We use Echostation to help with assignments, particularly in TB
    We expect communication. If you need a break, just let one of the officers know. Otherwise, 7 days with no activity or communication, and we will part ways.
    Discord: Herk Nobi#0559
    Ally code: 164-719-481
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    um schneller auf ein angenehmes Level zu kommen suchen wir eine Fusion.
    Platz und Reserven für eine Fusion mit einer kompletten Gilde sind vorhanden

    2 Regeln: tägliche Aktivität und Teilnahme an den Gildenevents
    Die kleine Gilde ist eine reine Spaßveranstaltung

    Sehr gut ausgebauter und strukturierter Discord Server
    Erfahrene und entspannte Leute
    KAM Splitter
    CPR knabbern wir daran in P3 zu gelangen
    unsere Server:
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    Tom Kane:
    Betrayed And Abandoned, Ahsoka Tano Has Left The Jedi Order, In Serch For A New Life, One Of Peace And Prosperity, She Has Created Her Own Gotra To Help Save Anyone In Need From This Galaxy At War, Now She Is Serching The Galaxy Far And Wide For Anyone Willing To Join Her And Help Get Through These Dangerous Times Together.

    I Am Looking For 10-15 SWGOH Members To Join My Guild "Ahsokas Day Spa" Replacing The Inactive Members I Have.

    I Am The Alliance Leader Of A 2 Guild Alliance
    "I Am No Jedi Alliance"

    1. Ahsokas Day Spa - 250M GP - 46 Members
    2. Reborn Scoundrels - 172M GP - 46 Members

    Merging Information:
    I Currently Have 46 Members In My Guild "Ahsokas Day Spa" But Getting Ready To Remove The 6-8 That Don't Participate And Sending A Few Back Down To The 2nd Guild In My Alliance To Make Room For 10-15 Open Spots For A Merge, After Doing So We Will Be Brought Down To Around 230M GP With 10-15 Open Spots.

    Merging Benefits:
    1. I Am Willing To Offer Your Current Officers A Position In My Guild As Well
    2. We Give Away A Monthly 10$ Prize To The Best Performing Member In The Guild (Only 1 Win Per Member Per Year)
    3. I Am Currently Setting Up A New Organized Discord Server With Every Top Tier SWGOH Bot Including Hotutils/HotBot, This Is Due To Loosing My Previous Discord Account From Loosing My 2 Factor Authenticator Codes On My Old Phone Recently
    4. Our Current Discord Server Has Everything You Would Need To Help You In Game And Dominate Your Opponents
    5. We Have Plenty Of Highly Experienced Members That Can Help You With Anything You Would Need Help With And They Are Always Eager To Help
    6. We Do A Vote To Determine Everything
    7. We Have Members All Around The Globe
    8. We Fill All Donations
    9. Everyone Is Positive And Friendly And This Is A Wonderful Community To Be A Part Of

    1. 3M+ Galactic Power (Can Make Exceptions)
    2. Active Daily And Participate In Guild Events (Unless Notifying Us That You Can't)
    3. Must Be Friendly And Positive

    Ahsokas Day Spa Guild Information:
    Ticket Refresh Time: 9:30PM EST
    Heroic Pit Raid: Sim - 9:30PM EST
    Heroic Tank Raid: Sim - 9:30PM EST
    Heroic Sith Raid: Manual - 5PM EST
    Challenge Pit Raid: 50% Completion - 3PM EST
    LS Geo TB: 12+ Stars - 2 KAM Shards
    DS Geo TB: 28+ Stars - 30 Wat Tambor Shards

    Contact Information:
    Guild: Ahsokas Day Spa
    Guild Leader: MINI Normac
    Guild Leaders Ally Code: 657-246-765
    Discord Server:
    Guild Leaders New Discord Username And Tag: MINI Normac#9741
    Ahsokas Day Spa
    Guild Leaders

    Ahsoka: (Using The Force) "You Will Join Us"
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    Options Anarchy Empire is looking for an active, competitive group to bring in and help us push us further along. We push for endgame content and ideally could bring in a group of 8-10 people who share our same vision.
    We are 368mil gp
    Guild Details:
    -HSTR @ 9:00pm and CRANCOR @ 10pm est (24 hours join)
    Very TB Focused
    -Dark Side Geo 32*’s(45+WAT shards)
    -Light Side Geo 28*’s (28+kam)
    -Competitive TW- r9 materials
    Ideally Looking for a group with:
    1) 6mil+ gp w/ 3+ GL’s and executor
    2) discord and .gg page
    3) Geo Tb Teams (Wat able & Kam attempt)
    4) Full TB (every phase) and TW (looking for r9 materials)
    5) 600 tickets daily
    6) active, talkative and friendly people
    Anarchy Empire · SWGOH.GG

    If interestetd you can message me here, ingame @ ally code: 728-164-266 or on discord @ Squalo#4613 Thanks for considering us!
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    Selhurst Eagles

    We currently have 45 members with a guild total of 267M GP. We are looking to remove the players who frequently have low contribution to events and raids as it is holding us back in LS geo and CPIT.

    We are looking for 16 Players to join us with 3-4 of those slots welcome to be officers.

    Who are we?

    Selhurst Eagles are a friendly mostly UK based guild that welcomes anyone from around the world. Our members range from around 5M - 7M GP. We don't require people to farm certain teams etc, we just ask people to contribute to all aspects of the game so we can all build our rosters up faster!

    Current Capability:
    • LS Geo 12-14 Stars.
    • DS Geo 27-29 Stars. (27-32 wat shards)
    • Hpit, Htank and Hsith on farm.
    • Cpit - phase 3 at 15% remaining.

    Goals after merge:
    • Finish Cpit.
    • Get it on farm to gather R8 materials frequently.
    • Boost stars in TB.
    • Achieve higher TW tiers for R9 materials.

    What are we asking for?
    • 16 players (3-4 officers).
    • At least 4M GP (ideally with one GL but not required).
    • Actively building up CPIT teams.
    • Be active and contribute to guild events (TB,TW, CPIT).
    • Join our discord.

    If you are interested send me a message on the forums!
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    We are a fun and dedicated group who have a focussed approach to the game in general. We have overcome ups and downs during the entirety of the game itself, but we have approached and overcome any challenge that has been presented. As a result, we are currently sitting at 200 million GP with a 4.8 million GP average.

    We are now in a position of looking for 10 members to join us on our continued path to succeeding further within the game, and we would be looking to speak with new applicants to join us. We are looking for a group to merge INTO US. We offer a relaxed and fun atmosphere (it is a game after all), support and guidance if needed, a dedicated TW and TB approach, Twi'leks at the door (if wanted), and potentially 2 officer positions.

    Come and have a chat. Let's see if we can conquer the galaxy together.

    🔺 About us:
    🔸 DSGeo — 24 ⭐️
    🔸 LSGeo — 13 ⭐
    🔸 13 wat shards with more on the way!
    🔸 TW - 80% win ratio
    🔸 Hpit and HAAT are on sim at 19:30 UTC with 24h joining period, HSTR is launched at 20:00 UTC, Guild activity reset at 19:30 UTC.
    🔸 Our guild is working on CPIT and it is launched at 19:30 UTC

    🔺 We as looking for players who:

    🔹 Preferably have CPIT ready teams (ideally a GL or 2)
    🔹 A mix of reliced Revans, Padme, GG, GAS, and wat ready Geos
    🔹 Produce 500 daily tickets.
    🔹 Min 3.5 mil GP [character + ship] (open to considering lower GP depending on roster).
    🔹TW and TB participation is mandatory unless players inform about unavailability.
    🔹 Discord and are mandatory.

    Don’t worry we know life can get in the way sometimes!
    If you are interested, please join our discord server or message me.

    Discord ID - Dark Nebula#6053

    Discord server -
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    Merger found, thanks to everyone who reached out!

    There is only Pässion (TIOP) is looking for active players and we're willing to do a fair 25/25 (slightly negotiable) merge with another active guild.
    Most members are in the US, but we have a few from around the world.
    We had around 200M GP at full capacity but we recently lost a bunch of members. Our goal is to be able to complete CPit soon and we have a plan for it, just need more manpower. So we're looking to join up with with a guild who's in a similar situation and your players are also looking for something more.
    Most importantly, Discord is a must - we use it to communicate and have fun. Hopefully we can bring together a group of people who enjoy having each other around and want to grind it out together.
    If you're interested, please feel free to message me on discord jeli#8056
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    Crazy yodas are 100mill gp, doing all heroic raids . We have just started to do DSGeo, and do LS hoth

    We currently have around 15 players who we’d like to replace due to inactivity, so we are looking for a small group to merge with us. We are part of an 11 guild alliance full of active, helpful Star Wars fans from around the world.

    Primarily US based guild

    If you’d like to speak to us about a merger please join our alliance discord:
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    Astraea Revenant

    Our guild is looking for a merger with 1 or 2 guilds to create Brand New guild from scratch where we can complete Cpit. We're currently 220 million gp guild 26 stars dark side 11-13 light side geo. Most top players are working towards KAM run but only 2-4 can beat it. We're competitive but not over bearing when it comes to winning or losing just want to be part of group who can carry their weight and willing to participate in events.
    If interested you can message me here or on my discord: TLSSBroly#6375
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    Womprat Taco has 10 open spots and are looking to merge with another guild to fill our spots.

    We are a low key group of people just having fun playing some Star Wars. Our guild stats:

    GP- 176 M
    DS Geo - 11 Stars
    LS Geo - 5 Stars
    LS Hoth - 30 Stars (alternate between LS Geo)
    Heroic Sith Raid

    Most of our guild is in the 6M-3M GP

    Discord is encouraged but not required.

    If interested message me in game or on the forums.

    My ally code is: 338-484-932
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    Options Anarchy Empire is looking for an active, competitive group to bring in and help us push us further along. AE push for best rewards possible and ideally could bring in a group of 10-15ish people who share our same vision. We take the game serious, and have a very active discord with knowledgeable members, but know how to have fun and real life will always come first. We are also part of a 6 guild alliance and could place others if needed.
    We are 378mil gp
    Guild Details:
    -HSTR @ 9:00pm and CRANCOR @ 10pm est (24 hours join)
    Very TB Focused
    -Dark Side Geo 32*’s(45+WAT shards)
    -Light Side Geo 28*’s (35+kam)
    -Competitive TW- r9 materials
    Ideally Looking for a group with:
    1) 6mil+ gp w/ 3+ GL’s and executor
    2) discord and .gg page
    3) Geo Tb Teams (Wat able & Kam attempt)
    4) Full TB (every phase) and TW (looking for r9 materials)
    5) 600 tickets daily
    6) active, talkative and friendly people
    Anarchy Empire · SWGOH.GG

    If interested or have any questions, please let me know.
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    Cloud City Elite

    We are an independent, casual guild- with an active core of players, that is recruiting. We currently have 8 spots available for any active player, or small merger.
    While primarily a North American guild, we try to accommodate all of our guildmates.

    No requirements. No daily minimums. We have discord, but it's not mandatory.
    30 day inactive boot and TB participation are the only rules.

    We value loyalty, participation, and above all else- having fun!

    GP 140M
    All raids heroic
    Raids launch on auto- usually twice a week
    Daily tickets 15000- 20000
    TB 30-40 stars usually
    TW competitive

    My ally code is 183-939-275
    Please contact me here or in game
    Andur Sunrider
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    merlyns Marauder's are looking to have another guild merge and join us. We have 13 active members with a GP of 40mil+. We run Heroic Pit and Tank and are currently running STR6. We have a very strong core to rebuild around. Looking to get back into TW and also start doing Geo TB and earning Wat shards. If you and or you guild is interested please check us out. My ally code is 788-874-828
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    We are looking for about 15 players to fill out spots we have open in our Academy (~5 spots) & Foundlings (~10 spots) Open to taking in a small guild if they are willing to potentially split based off roster or a group of players/individuals. We have one shared discord so even if you aren't in the same guild you can still talk to friends in any of the other guilds! If interested join below discord.
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    Guilded Huskers is looking for about 10 new members to join us! We have consistently been progressing and looking to go even farther.

    About us:
    154M GP
    39 members currently

    Low pressure friendly guild. Members are very helpful to contribute assistance / ideas / suggestions upon request. Discord is strongly recommended, but not required. We just ask that you participate in territory battles, territory wars, and raids.
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    **Rise Together** with us! We are currently farming cpit, but looking for new players to get closer to higher tb rewards! Gp preferred varies by roster and experience. Join and start farming with us today! Join our Discord link or pm me directly: Gannon#0905

    Multiple spaces or a small up to ten merge available.
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    Freaking Forsaken Battalion (FFB) is looking for 5-7 players to replace inactive players. Looking for 2m GP or higher.

    GP: 231m
    DS 19 stars, 18 Wat was highest with 23 capable
    LS 10 stars

    All raids heroic 24 hour join:

    Pit Sim
    Tank Sim
    cPit almost through phase 2


    TW - If you join either go on offense or defense or both
    TB - If active during a phase we expect full deployments

    Otherwise have fun!
    Ally code: 161 899 356 if you want to reach out to me
    We use discord, but it’s not required
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    Beasts of beskar are looking for a merger with a group of between 15-20 players to merge into us(exact numbers can be discussed)

    About us:

    - currently sat at 184Mill gp (should be 200mill+ when full)
    - Part of the lazy Chiss warriors alliance, an alliance of 11 guilds ranging from starter to 360mill+
    - Active alliance and guild discord servers

    What we are looking for:

    - Average player gp 2.5mill+
    - Active, friendly players
    - participation in TW and Tb
    - A willingness to succeed and grow

    If you would like to speak to us about merging with beasts of beskar please dm me on discord: Dominion #0454 or join our alliance discord:
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    Tempered Steel is looking for a merger. We have 31 players at the moment.
    My ally code is 984 714 814
    Contact me there or here for more info.
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    CF Ninty Nine The Bad Batch is a US based guild with 58GP. We are a growing guild and we would like to recruit approx 10-15 additional members/nerds to replace some of our less active members. It's a mainly F2P guild - we LOVE the grind and we are looking for like-minded cheapskates who don't want to pump too much money into the game - and instead enjoy their success by good old fashioned hard work.

    You would be a good match for our guild if your GP is approx 1.5m-2m+ and you log on every day. If you're a top 10 member in your current guild and can't understand why everyone doesn't play as much as you - this is the place for you! A good sense of humor will also be helpful - Dad jokes are also welcome.

    Currently completing Heroic Tank & Pit, and Level 6 ST. Message me at Ally Code 481-495-952 if you want to join the party!
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    The Legion of Force:
    Europe/NA based guild, Guild reset 2pm GMT (UTC+1)
    Pit and HAAT Sim, HSTR on an 8hr rotation after every run

    We're exploring our options for a merger of about 10 people into us, we have a very solid core of players but are fed up with some of our dead weight
    We're fed up of inactivity for TW and to a lesser extent TB, and want that extra push to get us over the line on Cpit

    Looking for mandatory joining of our discord, and people wanting to push for Cpit completion

    We could look to take slightly more or less people, and there could potentially be discussions about an Officer spot(s)

    Message me on Discord (TheDodger_#0612) to talk more
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    Merger completed

    no alliances please
    ally 132-662-634
    discord frankthetankk82#9192

    We are looking to add 10-15
    Right now we are 47/50
    245m gp
    p3 of cpit
    20 wat
    24 dstb
    11 lstb

    officer positions available.

    looking for full participation in guild events.
    our stats are lower than they should be.
    This is the reason for the post.
    hit me up no farming requirements
    we have discord but in game chat is not a problem

    Merger completed
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    Wookie8myCookie is looking to merge. We are a US-based guild looking for a few more players to join the fun with us. We are a semi-casual guild with minimal requirements because we get it, this is a game and should be fun and folks have real life to pay attention to. We are family-oriented and keep it mostly PG for the young ones. We are sitting at 137M GP currently with 37 members. We have pulled 9 stars on Dark side Geo TB, with 15-20+ Wat shards per TB and have several members currently working on teams for KAM. We auto hPit, and are at 29 out of 35 to do hAAT and burn through hSith as soon as they are available (they all have a 24-hour join period). We do very well in TW with only the occasional loss.
    The main rule we that are not flexible on is that you be willing to help one another whenever possible and be kind. 1M GP preferred and willingness to begin farming a Geo team ASAP is expected. We are looking for active folks (7 days inactive without heads-up to an officer is considered inactive) who like to play TW preferably (even if it is only to join and place defenses). We do use discord but there are no hard requirements for anyone to do so.
    If you would like to join a friendly, laid-back bunch who are still serious enough about the game to help you get good rewards and help you grow please post on the discord recruitment thread:
    We look forward to meeting you!
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    Ewokin and Ewollin is looking for a potential merge to assist in rebuilding after members moved to the senior Guild.

    TB is where we currently are suffering after the move of members.

    We are at 26/50 with 112mil GP.

    No set parameters on what we are looking for but willing to discuss any potential mergers.

    Just looking mainly for people who are eager to improve and grow.

    We have a discord server.
    The Ewokin Family.

    Contact Either:

    Line: seisdose612
    DISCORD: SeisDose#8949

    You can DM me here and we can work out a time to talk as there will be plenty of details.
    Line: gedrockl33
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    We are an international and very friendly guild active for over 6 years.

    Please get in touch if you’re interested or would like to learn more about us.

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