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  • *Updated stats since last post in May - thank you for those who replied!*

    Are you sick of reading all these posts and all the guilds are 150mGP+ which you know you're not advanced enough for?

    Are you very active but sitting at around 1.5m-2.5m GP?

    Are you a F2P player who just wants to be surrounded by other F2P player's who love to grind?

    Are you constantly not getting enough players in your guild to even play Territory War?

    Are you feeling frustrated that not everyone in your guild is grinding as hard as you are?

    If this describes you - then read on - you might be in luck!

    CF Ninty Nine The Bad Batch is a US based guild with 66GP. We are a growing guild and we would like to recruit approx 10 additional members/nerds to replace some of our less active members.

    It's a mainly F2P guild - we LOVE the grind and we are looking for like-minded cheapskates who don't want to pump too much money into the game - and instead enjoy their success by good old fashioned hard work.

    You would be a good match for our guild if your GP is approx 1.5m-2.5m and you log on every day. If you're a top 10 member in your current guild and can't understand why everyone doesn't play as much as you - this is the place for you! A good sense of humor will also be helpful - Dad jokes are also welcome. Occasional discord meetups/drinking to hang out if you so desire.

    Currently completing Heroic Tank & Pit, and Level 6 ST. Territory Battle High Scores 15/45 LS 20/45 DS. Approx 75% win rate in TW. Message me at Ally Code 481-495-952 if you want to join the party! Or just look us up and join if you see a spot open! We could also absorb a small guild that is just struggling to recruit numbers.
  • Guild: Knights N Day

    Current Members: About 22-25 consistently active

    Average Player GP: 3 million

    Current Guild Feats:
    • Regularly complete Heroic Pit Raid
    • Regularly complete Heroic Tank Raid
    • Regularly complete Heroic Sith Raid
    • Average 28-30 stars in Hoth Territory Battles
    • Average 8-10 stars in Dark Side Geonosis Territory Battle
    • Average 4-5 stars in Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle
    • ~50% Territory War win rate when enough members join

    • Complete the Pit (Challenge) Raid
    • Increase stars in Territory Battles
    • Consistently join and win Territory Wars

    What We're Looking For: Active members who join and participate in guild events regularly. We're open to any level of player who is willing to participate and grow with us.

    You can reach me in game at 446-374-282
  • mn65kw1p8p4l.jpg

    LGC is a several years old guild. We have lost a few members who have dropped out of the game and have at least 7 slots open. We currently have 43 members at a total of 181+ GP. We need some more members to help us collect Wat shards.
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    The nWo is currently looking for players and/or guilds who want to be part of something 4-life. We have openings throughout each guild that we are looking to fill after TB ends today.

    We are currently a community of 7 guilds ranging from 192m - 344m.
    31DS/21 LS
    cPit on farm
    27* DS/12* LS
    2 Openings
    cPit on farm
    27* DS/12* LS
    3 Openings
    cPit completed with 2x mercs help
    25* DS/11* LS
    in P3 of cPit without mercs
    26* DS/11* LS
    in P4 of cPit without mercs
    21* DS/ HOTH LS
    3 Openings
    19* DS/9* LS
    1 Opening

    About our community: Each guild runs independently with no forced moves/farms first and foremost. We share a discord server, with each guild having its own individual channels in addition to the shared areas for all members. We also work together to share knowledge and strategies along with community projects/merc opportunities.

    If you or your guild is interested in joining, feel free to contact me through....

    Discord ObiWanJabroni#2659
    In Game 954-283-259
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    > Looking to fill 4 position <----

    F8L is a 325+M GP (50/50) active, single guild looking for players to fill a positions. Recruitment and holding players are in difficult times and looking for possible group from an inactive guild. Current roster now @ 46/50 - 308M with positions immediately open for new team members.

    We are an older group of long time players most with 5+ years of game play under our belts. But we also have several newer players bolstering the ranks of the team. Guild team members range from US, Canada, EU, Russia and the UK. No country boundaries here.

    We are a "Casual" active but competitive guild looking to add new player(s) to expand & develop rosters and build characters/teams to their full potential. We are not a guild that's going to tell you how to play your game or "you can only play it our way", demand how you're to develop your characters or set rules that are unrealistic and boot folks on a whim. No spreadsheets or overbearing guild leaders. No multiple guilds, rank tiers or kicking down to a lower guild. What you see is what you get. This is a game and we strive to have fun. Guild Officers are very active and available in-game chat and on Discord for communications. Guild is open Invite and searchable in game.

    Guild Requirements:
    * Active Player
    * GP/Roster level commensurate with participation in Geo TB's and Rewards GP TW's.
    * Participation
    * Active in communication. A Discord channel is available for guild members wishing to participate
    but not mandatory.
    - Guild Discord has multiple topic channels and has a full compliment of Bots
    * account/profile

    While signing up for TW events is not mandatory, we ask that you participate if you do. If you must win all TW's then we're not the guild you're looking for. We win some, we lose some. Rewards based on Guild participation GP are still good all around and TW is a low priority for a "Win"

    Participation in TB's with Deployments/Platoons at a minimum. We understand RL time and issues and only ask this as a minimum. Combat Missions highly encouraged and increases the events Stars and overall rewards.

    Guild Events:
    * 29+ stars in Geo DS TB and 32+ average Wat shards
    * All Raids on farm (HPIT, HAAT & HSTR) with launch times 7:00pm (Pit and HSTR) 8:00pm (HAAT)
    EST several times weekly
    - Raids auto launch on ticket requirements
    - Rancor and HAAT on Sim - but can be made available for achievements
    * Hoth DSTB currently on hold while Geo DSTB in play for increased rewards, but rotated in on
    * LS Geo TB with 16 *'s on average attempts
    * Rotating Hoth TB's (Full Stars) with Geo TB game play upon request to allow players GET1 rewards for upgrading characters.

    Our player average is 6.6+M GP but willing to consider active players with focused rosters who are interested in maximizing their potential if below our average GP. We DO NOT mandate a 600 ticket day, but most accomplish this through their daily game play.

    Great guild with a great player base who are always willing to help with discussions on theory crafting, team dynamics/synergy and game play. And we won't tell you to move or be reassigned to a different guild, because there isn't one. Again...We are what you join.

    If F8L sounds like the guild for you, you're the players we need.

    Discord: MiketheFireman#4329 Ally Code: 896-135-761 Guild Leader and point of Contact for recruitment. Message me here, in-game or in Discord if you have any questions or would like to discuss
  • ITALIANS Guild with 350+ PG

    ⭐32+ star TB GEO DS
    ⭐24+star GEO LS
    ⚡42+ WAT shards
    ⚡10 KAM shards
    ✨Good score in TW: 75% win (droid brain)
    All RAID are EROIC Raid time 19:00 UTC

    💡ITALIANS is a well organized international guild! Most of us are Italians but we have players from others countries.

    Searching for 2 players with at least 6milion of PG and two GL
    Discord mandatory
    600 tickets diary mandatory

    Contact Dexnor#7108
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