Guilds Looking For Mergers - November 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    *Updated stats since last post in May - thank you for those who replied!*

    Are you sick of reading all these posts and all the guilds are 150mGP+ which you know you're not advanced enough for?

    Are you very active but sitting at around 1.5m-2.5m GP?

    Are you a F2P player who just wants to be surrounded by other F2P player's who love to grind?

    Are you constantly not getting enough players in your guild to even play Territory War?

    Are you feeling frustrated that not everyone in your guild is grinding as hard as you are?

    If this describes you - then read on - you might be in luck!

    CF Ninty Nine The Bad Batch is a US based guild with 66GP. We are a growing guild and we would like to recruit approx 10 additional members/nerds to replace some of our less active members.

    It's a mainly F2P guild - we LOVE the grind and we are looking for like-minded cheapskates who don't want to pump too much money into the game - and instead enjoy their success by good old fashioned hard work.

    You would be a good match for our guild if your GP is approx 1.5m-2.5m and you log on every day. If you're a top 10 member in your current guild and can't understand why everyone doesn't play as much as you - this is the place for you! A good sense of humor will also be helpful - Dad jokes are also welcome. Occasional discord meetups/drinking to hang out if you so desire.

    Currently completing Heroic Tank & Pit, and Level 6 ST. Territory Battle High Scores 15/45 LS 20/45 DS. Approx 75% win rate in TW. Message me at Ally Code 481-495-952 if you want to join the party! Or just look us up and join if you see a spot open! We could also absorb a small guild that is just struggling to recruit numbers.
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    Guild: Knights N Day

    Current Members: About 22-25 consistently active

    Average Player GP: 3 million

    Current Guild Feats:
    • Regularly complete Heroic Pit Raid
    • Regularly complete Heroic Tank Raid
    • Regularly complete Heroic Sith Raid
    • Average 28-30 stars in Hoth Territory Battles
    • Average 8-10 stars in Dark Side Geonosis Territory Battle
    • Average 4-5 stars in Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle
    • ~50% Territory War win rate when enough members join

    • Complete the Pit (Challenge) Raid
    • Increase stars in Territory Battles
    • Consistently join and win Territory Wars

    What We're Looking For: Active members who join and participate in guild events regularly. We're open to any level of player who is willing to participate and grow with us.

    You can reach me in game at 446-374-282

    UPDATE: We've merged with another guild and are currently full. Thanks to everyone who replied!
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    LGC is a several years old guild. We have lost a few members who have dropped out of the game and have at least 7 slots open. We currently have 43 members at a total of 181+ GP. We need some more members to help us collect Wat shards.
  • MikeFireman911
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    > Looking to fill up to 6 position <----

    F8L is a 325+M GP (50/50) active, single guild looking for players to fill a positions. Recruitment and holding long time players retiring with the direction the game has gone, are in difficult times and looking for possible group from an inactive guild. Current roster now @ 45/50 - 302M with positions immediately open for new team members.

    We are an older group of long time players most with 5+ years of game play under our belts. But we also have several newer players bolstering the ranks of the team. Guild team members range from US, Canada, EU, Russia and the UK. No country boundaries here.

    We are a "Casual" active but competitive guild looking to add new player(s) to expand & develop rosters and build characters/teams to their full potential. We are not a guild that's going to tell you how to play your game or "you can only play it our way", demand how you're to develop your characters or set rules that are unrealistic and boot folks on a whim. No spreadsheets or overbearing guild leaders. No multiple guilds, rank tiers or kicking down to a lower guild. What you see is what you get. This is a game and we strive to have fun. Guild Officers are very active and available in-game chat and on Discord for communications. Guild is open Invite and searchable in game.

    Guild Requirements:
    * Active Player
    * GP/Roster level commensurate with participation in Geo TB's and Rewards GP TW's.
    * Participation
    * Active in communication. A Discord channel is available for guild members wishing to participate
    but not mandatory.
    - Guild Discord has multiple topic channels and has a full compliment of Bots
    * account/profile

    While signing up for TW events is not mandatory, we ask that you participate if you do. If you must win all TW's then we're not the guild you're looking for. We win some, we lose some. Rewards based on Guild participation GP are still good all around and TW is a low priority for a "Win"

    Participation in TB's with Deployments/Platoons at a minimum. We understand RL time and issues and only ask this as a minimum. Combat Missions highly encouraged and increases the events Stars and overall rewards.

    Guild Events:
    * 29+ stars in Geo DS TB and 32+ average Wat shards
    * All Raids on farm (HPIT, HAAT & HSTR) with launch times 7:00pm (Pit and HSTR) 8:00pm (HAAT)
    EST several times weekly
    - Raids auto launch on ticket requirements
    - Rancor and HAAT on Sim - but can be made available for achievements
    * Hoth DSTB currently on hold while Geo DSTB in play for increased rewards, but rotated in on
    * LS Geo TB with 16 *'s on average attempts
    * Rotating Hoth TB's (Full Stars) with Geo TB game play upon request to allow players GET1 rewards for upgrading characters.

    Our player average is 6.6+M GP but willing to consider active players with focused rosters who are interested in maximizing their potential if below our average GP. We DO NOT mandate a 600 ticket day, but most accomplish this through their daily game play.

    Great guild with a great player base who are always willing to help with discussions on theory crafting, team dynamics/synergy and game play. And we won't tell you to move or be reassigned to a different guild, because there isn't one. Again...We are what you join.

    If F8L sounds like the guild for you, you're the players we need.

    Discord: MiketheFireman#4329 Ally Code: 896-135-761 Guild Leader and point of Contact for recruitment. Message me here, in-game or in Discord if you have any questions or would like to discuss
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    ITALIANS Guild with 350+ PG

    ⭐32+ star TB GEO DS
    ⭐24+star GEO LS
    ⚡42+ WAT shards
    ⚡10 KAM shards
    ✨Good score in TW: 75% win (droid brain)
    All RAID are EROIC Raid time 19:00 UTC

    💡ITALIANS is a well organized international guild! Most of us are Italians but we have players from others countries.

    Searching for 2 players with at least 6milion of PG and two GL
    Discord mandatory
    600 tickets diary mandatory

    Contact Dexnor#7108
  • The_Exilio
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    Merger found!
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  • Deathkinz
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    11 open spots (can make more room)
    Normally 3mil req but can work with bigger groups coming in together

    We are a 200mil gp guild looking for another guild or group of players to merge INTO US (this is non negotiable).

    We currently have 39 players but can make room for more if needed.

    We are a casual guild who gets that life comes first. The only real rules we have regard TW where if you join you must participate (we have been undefeated in TW for the longest time now) and TB where we ask you participate to help everyone out as this is a team effort, however we do get RL comes first and this is a game and we respect when people are busy and cannot log on.

    We run all heroic raids regularly and are getting close to finishing CPIT (just need a few more people to help us make that final push)

    DS GEO we hit 22 stars this past run and expect to go much higher once we fill the guild

    If you are interested or have any questions please message me in game
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  • mikebtp
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    The nWo is looking for a group of up to 20-25 new recruits who are interested in joining our gang. We are looking to fill holes across multiple guilds within our community at this time.

    Ideal candidates will be team players of all levels with a minimum 3m gp.

    Potential landing spots within any of the following guilds...

    Pestilence 346m

    Wace Mindu 4 Prez 238m

    HuttKartel 241m

    D4rth 291m

    Knights of Concord 297m

    No Country For Old Ben 197m

    The 80s Cantina 255m

    Stargaze Centauri 226m

    Stargaze Alpha 149m

    We are also looking to fill 40 spots in our beginner guild...

    Olympus 10m

    If you/your guild are interested feel free to contact me directly on discord ObiWanJabroni#2659

    Or jump into our recruiting server...

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    Looking for 5 active members to round us out

    Soli2de 239M GP

    Rancor: simmed, All raids are are staggered
    All raids farmed except C-Pit

    9* in LSGTB, 25*in DSGTB
    Soli2de has a 50% TW win ratio!

    What we want from you:

    4M GP minimum. 1GL,Discord. profile
    be WAT ready, participate in all event
    Be willing to start working towards a GL
    We have a core of experienced players
    Need guidance? we can help you!
    Offer guidance? I can use you!

    Darksaber Alliance –We are part of a 24+ guild community.
    One community, Your guild identity & shared recruitment
    We are accepting individuals, groups, and mergers
    Most of all come join our family and have fun!

    invite link:
  • zxambo
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    Hello, we are The Smoking Krayt!
    We are looking for a group of up to 15 players to merge into our highly active and successful guild.
    We are currently at 150m GP and have an amazing core group of players who have been together since the start with our guild.
    We are part of a small family type alliance where each guild is run independently and are all striving to grow and improve quickly. We help each other out wherever we can and we share an amazing and fun discord community together.
    We punch well above our weight and have only lost 4 TWs in 16 months of participating every one. We also regularly overperform in TB, reaching stars that match guilds way above our gp.
    We are looking for 3m+ gp accounts, wat ready and either with a GL/Executor, or working towards it. Also must be daily active players (with discord or willing to try it), and who will fully participate guild events.
    This would compliment our existing core group and turn us into even more of a winning super guild!!
    We are currently sitting at 46/50 but with a few retiring soon and others we would move to the guild below us which would suit their level of play better.
    If your fed up of trying your best only to be let down by others not bothering, then why not come be a part of something special and be winners with us as we push on towards 200m gp and cpit!
    If interested or if you'd like to know more then please dont hesitate to contact me! Contacts details are on our poster below...
  • ophyjgjhnfn
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    HEROS STRIKE BACK KØR is looking for 11 new members after some retirements and players not coming to Wars.
    Guild Leader and Recruiter: ophyjgjhnfn Ally Code: 291261186 Discord: Kenneth Williams#7734
    GP: 181 million
    Guild reset at UTC 02:00
    PIT and HAAT simmed
    HSTR has 24 hour sign up and then free for all
    Wat Shards 18+
    KAM Shards 3+
    4 Rey, 4 SLKR, 6 JML, 4 SEE, 1 JMK, 1 LV several of these at Relic 9
    No log in without notice for 30 days when Guild is under 50 members gets kicked. 20 if Guild is full.
    Take part in Raids
    Take part in Territory Battles
    Take part in Territory Wars
    Preferably should be able to farm Wat and/or KAM or working on those teams (Geos and Shaak/Clones)
    Should be working toward your own GLs or Malak or GAS ie the end-game tier player goals
    We DO NOT require GP increase on any time scale. GP increase can be an indication of growth but it can also be mere bloat. A trim lineup with focused building has proven advantageous over the years. However, as long time players we don't mind large GP bloat either.
    Mostly FTP Guild with a few big guns looking for more active players that at least participate in each Guild Event, no specific number requirements past that or specific farms. The long-timers are all working on second>third GLs to begin planning CPIT. We've been helping the mid-range players to gain GEOs so we can farm Wat faster for them so that team helps. We are slow on the KAM uptake currently with three players and the guild moving to start that climb shortly.
    We have a Discord above for assisting planning out individual and Guild goals and notifying of absences so no one gets kicked for their camping trip. I use's patreon to sync the entire guild and several of the spreadsheets that pull from that site such as DarthKermit's to plot out CPIT strengths and can look up members rosters for advise on how far they are from X toon in the upper tiers (JKLS and up). It's best if you also join as you can see your own roster there as well.
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    **Ph03nix Hunters is looking for new recruits!**


    Looking for group of up to 15 players willing to merge with us. Below are our requirements and tb stats at full.

    212mil GP, casually competitive guild.
    We focus on Territory Battles and are running GEO only.
    -TB participation isn't mandatory, but it is mandatory to participate if you join.
    -We require 600 daily and we track it. We get real life happens, but make daily tickets a priority.
    -Discord is Mandatory and most of the game communication is done there.

    Minimum GP required is 4m+, but focused rosters will be considered.

    **Overall, we are looking for like minded players who are at a similar point in the game. We want to grow and help others make the best of their lineup.**

    DS GEO TB - 22 star️
    LS GEO TB - 12 star️
    Kam shards- around 5

    All raids will be launched with a 24hr join period unless otherwise announced.

    hSTR - 7pm Eastern.
    Rancor - Sim
    Tank - Sim
    CPit - 3pm
  • Vega333
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    Looking for a merge with 10-15 players. Can discuss if you needs more then that.

    Grand republic army

    Independent Guild. Active Officer spots available and encouraged. Requirements ~ 5MGP - stay active participating in guild events and enjoy the game. We have a discord where we share advice and chat. Reach out here or my discord with interest.

    Discord- Vega333#3856

    GP: 237M
    GLs: 30

    DS GEO- 20stars
    LS GEO- 7 stars
    Wat- 15-20
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    Hello, we are looking for a guild merger for about 8-12 casual players (maybe more), GP ranging from 1 to 7 million. We're all members of Bushido Samurai. We were a highly successful guild (won every TW for about 2-3 years straight), but have lost a lot of players over the past month or so and we haven't been able to even get 25 to sign up for TW over the past month. Those of us who are still active would like to join with another guild of casual, mostly FTP players, but preferably not one with overly complicated expectations, requirements to join Discord, etc. Please reach out if you think you'd have room for us (or maybe you have a struggling guild that wants to come over to us...we have plenty of room!). Thanks! My ally code is 592-622-882.
  • DarthTypo
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    Looking to fill some recent retirements 11 spots available possibly more. Causal yet competitive guild looking for all players new and long time, no pressure here but we do ask you participate in guild events

    Guild Name: Luck E1
    Guild Gp: 150mil
    Heroic Raids @ 7:30pm est. 11:30 UTC
    Territory Battles: Geo DS and LS
    Territory Wars: 75-80% win rate
    No Requirements but we're looking for active players and are willing to help new players grow. CPit is one goal but this is a game and we encourage players to farm your favorites.

    guild discord

    ally codes:
    Jade Katt - Leader - 362-616-737
    Darth Typo - Officer - 532-284-934
  • YodaDoc
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    Chairborne Rangers (Invite only)

    Spots open: 7

    About us...
    Timezone: US-EST (GMT-5)
    No force farming
    On farms/sims - 24 hours wait period:
    . HPIT - sim, start immediately
    . HAAT - sim, start immediately
    . HSTR, rotating every 3 hours
    . CPIT on farm, start immediately
    30 Geo DSTB, 28 WAT shards
    20 Geo LSTB, 9 KAM shards
    100's GLs
    Average about 25k tickets daily

    Must be active - daily players only (not casual)
    Must be at minimum 5m GP
    Must have account
    Must have GL

    Here's our rules...
    20 misses in 2 months of the following, get removed
    . Do the quest's daily guild activities
    . Generate at least 300 tickets daily
    No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    We have strike system... get 3 strikes, get removed.
    . For TW, if you join, must score points
    . For TB...
    . Rebel action or did not follow instruction.
    . Must produce minimum waves (15 DSTB, 8 LSTB)
  • Jjkr74
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    Finishers guild looking for up to 10 active players to join our guild.
    Could make room for more. Open to discussion in all facets.
    Officer spots as well.

    144m GP
    Sim Pit and Tank raids and Heroic on Sith raid
    9 GL with more coming soon
    Winning record in TWs
    11-12* DS Geo tb
    7-8* LS Geo tb

    Minas- Leader- Ally Code 878-314-681

    We have discord

    Looking for active solid team players who want to grow with a good group of people. 2.5-3m minimum gp preferred (but not all if a merger)and working towards GLs if not already acquired.
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    Ka'ra Syndicate is looking for ~15 members to join our Academy level guild! This guild is great for those players who are still newish to the game but not yet ready for the top guilds. They rotate between DS GEO & LS HOTH, only requirements is the use of discord & to work towards Geo squad to help with WAT shards (~1.5mil gp preferred). Ka'ra Syndicate is made up of 4 guilds in total that allows players to grow within as their roster develops, we are a group of experienced players with an active discord filled with helpful people & bots to make the swgoh grind a little less stressful ! If interested please join our recruitment discord below & let us know !
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    MandoTroopers is looking to merge and bring on 10-14 active players. We have been together a long time now and just fall victim to inactivity which leads to 2-3 big hitters leaving.

    GP with culling is about 160 million.
    Farm Heroic Sith
    SIM Tank/Pit.

    Usually do light side hoth for 30ish stars more if higher participation.
    Geo: 9 stars
    Wat: 9 shards last time.

    quite a few GL and the active members are pushing to progress.
    TB we do alright but have missed a few since well lack of sign ups.

    We are laid back, want people who are active and want to progress without discord/pressure. We give advice, donate and help the best we can. We keep chat PG for the most part.

    Contact Kiwi 418-433-592 in game for questions or just to scope it out.

    I can also forward to the other officers if needed. I will be quite busy over next couple of days so PLEASE do not get offended or impatient if it takes a few days to get things figured out. Would rather make sure it is a good match than guild chaos.

  • Rayman178
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    Well established ~325Mgp independent guild looking to bring in a group of around 5 players that will participate. We are a mix of competitive and casual. Strive to win but no crazy rules and accommodating. We only ask for participation and communication.
    We have a few members that participation and game interest are waning and looking for potential replacements.

    5M+ GP minimum.
    Must have 2 GLs min or almost at second
    Must participate in TWs and TBs
    Discord for communication

    If you are looking for that easy going environment and trying to get R8 and R9 mats but don’t want the ultra militant high end guild stress, please reach out to discuss.
    I may not be here much so hit me up in game or in discord:

    Discord: Rayman178#0005
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  • biggles
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    Can take in 5-7 players around the 5mil+ gp mark we were around 340mil before the datacron mess came to the game

    We are "Exacklay" an independent guild made up of a lot of veteren players and newer ones keen to continue moving forward in a fun but still competitive environment.

    If your a keen player 5mil gp+ looking for a well run guild,
    With strong veteran players, and a fun environment then we would love to hear from you!

    Most from Australia/New Zealand but accepting All countries/players who contribute.
    Only accepting active players.

    Raid times

    Pit & Haat: Simmed
    Hstr: 9pm (Nzt)
    Cpit: 7pm (Nzt)

    Tw: 75%+ win rate

    Discord group available once you have been accepted
    Must do 600 per day be active in tw/tb and willing to build the required teams to help the guild advance.

    If interested add GL Yoda:543 463 264
    Or message me on discord: obi one🇳🇿#1318
  • BigDaddyCool81
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  • MadDad_NewWarframe
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    Hey guys! We've sadly lost a few members due to retirements. We are a UK based guild, but do have members from Euro, US and Canada. We are looking for up to 10 new friends to join the hairiest corner of the Galaxy!

    The Hairy Wookiees are very well organised (have a spreadsheet or graphic for everything IF.. you want it haha). A hugely competitive and passionate spirit, with the desire to smash our goals and records.

    However we do this, whilst ensuring a caring and great community. We are nothing without our teammates and friends and that’s exactly what we want to be, whilst playing at an elite level.

    Check us out on

    Please contact us on discord if you are interested.

    The Animist#0001 or mad dad#7837

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    Mandalores Academy is a mid-game guild looking for 20 players to join/merge into us! Our alliance recently absorbed another guild and in the shakeout we lost some members we need to replace. We are a group of very friendly players working hard to help each other progress through the game, while realizing real-life commitments absolutely come first. We currently stand at 102M GP, with most of our players at least 2M. Preferences will be given to rosters with Wat-ready Geo squads.

    We are part of the Ka’ra Syndicate alliance, a four guild alliance which includes a starter guild, and a mid game guild, and a mid-to-end game guild. There will be opportunities for players to move into higher guild when rosters are ready or situationally to earn certain rewards.

    - 1M GP or higher
    - Discord use (at least read messages, we don’t require talking)
    - strive for at least 400 tickets a day
    - participation in TB and TW (platoons/missions/deploy for TB / at least set defense for TW), or let us know if you can’t for a certain war/phase for whatever reason

    Territory Battles:
    DS Geo, LS Hoth - star counts a little messed up due to number loss right now

    All raids have a 24-hour join period and launch at 8:00 PM EST (Sith Raid alternates between 8PM EST and 8PM PST).
    Pit: Heroic, simmed
    Tank: Heroic, simmed
    Sith: Heroic (Free for all)

    Territory War:
    We ask everyone to join or let us know that you can't, and if you do join that you participate in defense and/or offense.

    Other Rules:
    - be friendly and treat everyone with respect
    - let us know if you’re going to be unavailable for a stretch.

    View our recruitment Discord:
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    Vaders 2nd regiment looking for a small casual guild to merge with ours.

    Sim HATT and Pit
    Play HSith
    Needing active TW players
    Looking to do Pit Challenge soon.

    Needing about 12-15 players.

    Come join us for no pressure and fun.

    Ally Code: 816-893-398
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    Yavin IV Defence Squadron is looking for anywhere for 10 players to join us in a merger to remove some of the dead wood. We are a 269m GP guild, can clear CPit, DS 29* and LS 14* even without full participation, but are looking to push on with a full guild of active and dedicated players. Mix of players from UK and US.

    Looking for a group of 4m+ players with CPit ready teams to join us. Officer positions open. Numbers can be discussed further. Contact on here, in-game at 175-833-576 or Discord to chat. Serious offers only.
  • YodaDoc
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    Chairborne Rangers (Invite only)

    Spots open: 10

    About us...
    Timezone: US-EST (GMT-5)
    No force farming
    On farms/sims - 24 hours wait period:
    . HPIT - sim, start immediately
    . HAAT - sim, start immediately
    . HSTR, rotating every 3 hours
    . CPIT on farm, start immediately
    30 Geo DSTB, 28 WAT shards
    20 Geo LSTB, 9 KAM shards
    100's GLs
    Average about 25k tickets daily

    Must be active - daily players only (not casual)
    Must be at minimum 5m GP
    Must have account
    Must have GL

    Here's our rules...
    20 misses in 2 months of the following, get removed
    . Do the quest's daily guild activities
    . Generate at least 300 tickets daily
    No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    We have strike system... get 3 strikes, get removed.
    . For TW, if you join, must score points
    . For TB...
    . Rebel action or did not follow instruction.
    . Must produce minimum waves (15 DSTB, 8 LSTB)
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    **26 spot(s) open**

    Recruiting for:

    **Weapon X**

    DSA recruitment server:

    - 134mil+ GP guild (rebuilding due to guild restructuring)
    - 10+ stars DSGeo
    - 600 daily preferred but not tracked
    - TB required unless notified of afk issue.
    - TW Optional to join (participation mandatory if joined).
    - Heroic raids: 24hr join period to accommodate all members.
    - Guild reset at 19:30pm GMT
    - Raid schedule: 20:00 GMT. All on auto launch.
    - Discord required.
    - 7 day inactive kick unless notified
    - 3Mil+ GP preferred

    - Part of 28+ independent guild alliance
    -40+ training channels for every aspect of the game including text, video, and live (streaming) help with certain events
    -50+ social channels
    -Alliance wide challenge rancor raid monthly for guild members not clearing the raid on their own but still want rewards

    If interested, join our recruitment server and ask for Weapon X Officer.qm863xswyqhv.png
  • YodaDoc
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    Chairborne Rangers (Invite only)

    Spots open: 11

    About us...
    Timezone: US-EST (GMT-5)
    No force farming
    On farms/sims - 24 hours wait period:
    . HPIT - sim, start immediately
    . HAAT - sim, start immediately
    . HSTR, rotating every 3 hours
    . CPIT on farm, start immediately
    30 Geo DSTB, 28 WAT shards
    20 Geo LSTB, 9 KAM shards
    100's GLs
    Average about 20k tickets daily / 500 tickets per person

    Must be active - daily players only (not casual)
    Must be at minimum 5m GP
    Must have account
    Must have GL

    Here's our rules...
    20 misses in 2 months of the following, get removed
    . Do the quest's daily guild activities
    . Generate at least 300 tickets daily
    No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    We have strike system... get 3 strikes, get removed.
    . For TW, if you join, must score points
    . For TB...
    . Rebel action or did not follow instruction.
    . Must produce minimum waves (15 DSTB, 8 LSTB)
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    Les flammes d’endor ( moyenne de 8.5 millions de pg par membre (plus de 420 millions de pg à 50) cherche à se renouveler après quelques départs (jusqu’à une dizaine de joueurs)
    Notre fonctionnement est unique dans la communauté française et allie à la fois performance et tranquillité pour les membres.
    Nous limitons les contraintes au maximum mais en revanche nous sommes exigeant sur la participation.
    Le principe de notre fonctionnement se base sur l'autonomie et la disponibilité des membres.
    Le but est de n'avoir aucun tag général discord.
    En TB, à chaque phase il n'y a aucun tag signalant l'ouverture des phases, les pelotons se remplissent rapidement et sans consigne et pareil pour les missions.
    Évidemment si un membre n'a pas fait ses missions il recevra un tag personnel.
    En TW, même fonctionnement aucun tag pour signaler la pose de défense ou le changement de territoire en attaque.
    Défense imposée par territoire et attaque libre.
    Et bien évidemment si l'on constate qu'un membre n'a pas suffisamment attaqué, il recevra un tag.

    Les gens sont généralement surpris de ce mode de fonctionnement mais ça fonctionne très bien. Il suppose que chaque membre est autonome et sait se gérer en fonction de ses contraintes irl et de son roster pour que tout soit fait au mieux sur la guilde.
    On a évidemment pas vocation à lutter contre des guilde orientées tw militaire mais on a environ 75-80% de win en tw, on fait 32 étoiles en tb dark à 44 assez tranquillement et on a fait 30 étoiles en tb light à 49. J'ai cherché et je n'ai pas prétention à connaître parfaitement toutes les guildes mais je n'ai pas trouvé mieux en terme de performance et avec si peu de contraintes.
    On a un discord avec une ambiance sympa sans prise de tête.
    Le farm est complètement libre.

    On cherche des membres qui se retrouveraient dans ce mode de fonctionnement et qui ont un niveau comparable au nôtre (5 à 6 GL), le topic de conversation actuelle dans la guilde étant plutôt le profundity ;). Venez passer sur notre serveur de recrutement:
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