Casual Guilds Looking For Players - November 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***



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    Want to have fun playing SWGOH again?

    RebelLetsGo is a 240M GP EST active, relaxed and independent guild. Only two open slots.

    We are a chill family friendly guild with many IRL friends, family members and just awesome people worldwide.
    RLG has been around for years with low turnover.
    Our positive and supportive environment attracts former competitive players, mid-game and newer players with GP from 2.5M to 9M.
    Both F2P and P2P members are welcomed.

    We go to battle, get rewards and have fun.

    • We are starting the new ROTE TB this TB instead of LSGEOS
    • DSGEOS- 19* and 17 Wat shards
    • LSGEOS-9*

    TW: A low stress strategy. Currently 26-4 in last TWs

    • All Heroic Raids
    • 24 hour sign up. Raids start at 5:30 pm EST and 6:30 pm EDT
    • Cpit—working on P2.

    • No Drama; No NSFW language or content
    • Be positive and supportive of all members
    • Don’t throw a tantrum if we miss a star or preload TM. Relax; we will get it next time
    • Discord not required- mostly used for youtube how to, strategy, memes and general chit chat
    • No minimum daily tickets: Most get 600 daily, but we know real life comes first
    • Deploying and participating in TB and TW is appreciated
    • No hard min GP, but 3M and 1 GL helps the guild with Cpit, TB and TW
    • Farm what you like
    • Enjoy the game and have fun

    If this sounds like your next guild, contact me:

    JACEN REN (recruiter)
    ally code: 897-161-841
    (my response might be delayed, as I actually have a job and life outside of SWGOH, but I will respond)


    No merger or alliance request.

    (RLG graphic created by guild member JPComics)
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    MARBLES GUILD - No Rules - Just Fun

    We’re extremely laid back friendly guild.
    No real rules.
    No Discord.
    TW: 24hr sign up.
    WE encourage all to join the TW/TB even if your only able to post one squad.
    Raids: 24hr sign up.
    Support all members.
    Donate to each other.
    Free advice from players that have been here a few years.
    Enjoy the game and have fun.

    CLICK HERE for Marbles

    RDWiz : Ally Code 564-989-175
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    Hey. :)

    Update: My goal: To have my guild filled with about 40 players who are around my strength (2.73M GP) or have about 500.000-2.8M GP. The rest of the 50 spots I would give to weaker players (any GP). So far, I reserved 8 of those 10 spots for weaker players. Right now, the majority of players are still rather weak, so I would need to replace quite a few, still. Right now are 45 players in my guild. Of those 45, 6 haven‘t played in 4 or more than 4 days. (So, those players I definitely probably would kick, less they reply to me).

    (I already posted in somewhere else, not in this thread but in another sub-section (e.g. „casual guilds“). If I‘m only allowed to post in one sub-section, please tell me to, cause then I will delete the other ad/s and leave just one online). I‘m just tryin‘ to find the best place to reach new players who want to join me. So, sorry beforehand if I‘m breakin‘ any rules right now).

    Right now, I am tryin‘ to improve my own guild. My guild isn‘t that new but in a sense it still is. On the one hand, I got around 15M GP, but on the other hand I also got a lot of inactive players. (All the players in my guild were asigned to me (by the system), I think). So, I am tryin‘, first of all, to get rid of any deadweight so that I have only players in my guild who are actually active.

    Guild name: Phoenixsquadron55791

    Guild-GP: 15.269.000

    Recruiter: SF49ers
    (Name in Heroes: WherethehellisEzra)

    Chat server: Don‘t have one, yet. With chat-server they mean a server on discord, right? So, I don‘t have something like that implemented, yet. Not a must. In the future, I might, if everybody is on board with that. (Though I would prefer sth like telegram eg).

    Time: 04:30 PM UTC. (17:30 MEZ)

    Raids completed: Rancor-7 stars. Traya-4stars. Grevious-the first one (the one without time restrictions). How often completed: uhhh…I really dunno. Let‘s see, right now there 36 of those 45 players who players within the last 2 days. I haven‘t completely noted it down, but I think within the last 1 and 1/2 weeks we completed two rancor raids (one time the rank 7 one and one time a lower one (which I started for the weaker players so that everyone could participate and get some rewards). Traya-raid: the rank 3 one was completed within, I dunno, two days or so….(I could‘ve beaten that myself but I purposefully waited so that as many players as possible could participate). The grevious was also just completed within a few days. As for how many tickets are bein obtained, I just told ya. :) 36 x 600….well, that‘s quite a bit. :)

    Territory Battle: Light Side: 8 stars/ Dark Side: 8 stars
    Territory War: Unfortunately, I wasn‘t able to start a Territory War, yet. So, that‘s another goal: To have enough active and players who are equally strong like me to participate in Territory Wars

    Minimum player level/GP/requirements: Bein‘ active (playin‘ at least every fourth day) and bein‘ equally strong like me (my strength: GP: 2.605.889). If u are weaker than me, please wait and keep readin! :). If u have at least 500.000 GP, that would be enough for me. So, I mentioned the ominous 600 tickets (per day). That ain’t a requirement. If u can’t make that, fine by me. Playin’ every fourth day and participatin in raids/territory wars/territory battles is enough for me. :)
    But, if u are weaker than me, I would still let u join! It would be cool if u have between 500.000 and 2.75M GP. My guild can also be a place where u are free to get stronger yourself and help my guild to slowly get stronger, as well. :) But, if u are enormously stronger than me, please don‘t join my guild.

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  • Die Petzi's Padawans suchen Verstärkung!

    Zwei unserer langjährigen Mitglieder haben einen Schritt zurück gemacht und nun suchen wir neue motivierte Mitglieder.
    Unsere Gilde gibt es fast seit den Anfängen und wurde nach und nach durch aktive neuere Spieler erweitert. Daher finden bei uns sowohl alte Hasen, wie auch Neueinsteiger (3 mio GP werdet ihr schon brauchen um überall mitmachen zu können) einen Platz, solange sie unseren Spielstil teilen:
    Das ist nur ein Spiel, aber wenn wir etwas spielen, wollen wir gewinnen und uns verbessern.
    Das echte Leben geht aber natürlich vor.
    Wir haben derzeit 268 mio GP.
    Spielen alle Raids heroisch.
    HAAT und HRancor um 18:00 UTC Sim
    HSITH im Wechsel um 18:00 UTC und 2 UTC (unseren paar Mitgliedern aus Amerika geschuldet)
    CPit wird gefarmt. Einen Großteil der Teams haben wir bereits. Bester run waren 11% die uns in P4 gefehlt haben. Allerdings variiert das in ner casual Gilde natürlich von run zu run.
    Geo LS 10 Sterne und wenn das Glück mit uns ist die nächsten KAM shards (4 bis 6 Leute können sie schaffen)
    Geo DS 22 Sterne mit 22 WAT shards
    Wir gewinnen 3 von 4 TWs und haben einen optionalen Discord
    Bei Fragen stehen ich hier oder ingame: 157-812-111 zur Verfügung.

    Euer GreatMacros
  • Fighting Mongoose is a laid-back but active, 280m gp guild that farms CPIT every Monday. We are looking for a new aurodium or kyber member to replace a departing member.

    What is laid back but active? We treat you like an adult, don’t count your tickets, and don’t force farm but everybody participates and logs on daily. We generate around 26k tickets per day collectively, so everyone puts in their share but we won’t grind you to death or count individual tickets. That said, we do expect daily participation.

    We don’t belong to an alliance although we share a discord with a small guild where several of us have alts (and you can put your alt there too!). We have a core group that’s been together for a long time, and we’ve created a great environment to play the game. We’re going to stay together and continue to grow. We’re different. We really believe that.

    We have 70 GLs in the guild and more on the way soon.

    WE FARM CPIT. We participate in all heroic raids at regular times and give everyone a 24-hour window to sign up in advance so that no member is left behind. We sim hpit and haat. We alternate the Hsith raid start time between a US and European friendly time. We participate in both Geo TBs (DS 27* ~28 WAT / LS 13*). We will be doing ROTE in place of LS and achieved 17 stars in our first attempt in December. Our guild reset time is 630 ET, and we have a discord (that’s totally optional!).

    For more information, please reach out to me (in-game at JE Dawg: 371-755-846 or discord at JE Dawg#7894) or visit our guild’s page at:

    We are looking for participation. But we all have jobs and realize that there will be days where you won’t contribute 600 tickets and maybe even won’t log into the game at all. Come join us for a laid-back environment where you can still advance.

    Come join the Wampa Dance Party!
  • Hi, cpt c recruiting,
    We got 200 mill gp with only 34 players so we look for lots of new players with around 1 mill gp at least. No other requirements just pls take part in all guild events. Will not dissolve our guild to merge.
    Oetzi 451-445-438
  • JediNutz recruting.

    Guild type: Casual. Professional communication between players is required. Child appropriate player name and language is required.

    TW: Joining is option but expected to play if you do join

    Dark Side Geo: 22*
    Light Side Geo: 10*
    Rise Of The Empire: 6*

    Pit: auto
    Tank: auto
    HST: free for all
    CPit: into phase 2
    Raids launch at 4pm EST with a 24hr join period.

    Discord: strongly encouraged, but not required

    Looking for active players with a minimum of 1 or 2 GLs.

    Ally code (843-492-483)

    Contact Person on Discord: Black Falcon#9149

  • .gg

    Th Sons of Kenobiii - 20 mil GP

    The Sons of kenobiii are looking for members! Alts, newer accounts, small groups, we’re an active an experienced leadership looking to grow into something great! Looking for active people wanting to do the same.

    Join our discord server to chat.

    Guild Details:
    Strong and consistent leadership
    20 Mil GP
    Organized with strategy’s and ample knowledge!
    Informative and active discord server.
    est time zone with UK friendly raids!

    Territory Battles:
    Hoth TBs!
    Territory Wars:
    Participation required till we get past the lump of having plenty of people to run it!

    HSTR Tier 6/Heroic
    HAAT and HPIT
    Raids launch between 4pm-5pm est!

    Guild Requirements:
    Some 7* characters to get the best rewards!
    Active Participation

  • Bad Batch Force is a competitive but friendly guild and we are looking for active players.
    Play daily and keep earning tickets to get those sweet han, gk and traya shards.

    We are still learning and growing as a guild, but I can assure you that we are highly motivated and in love with Star Wars/Bad Batch and this game in general. We run Heroic Pit, Tank and Sith raids.

    We require players to:
    Earn at least 300 tickets a day (easy by just using your energy, no need to buy energy or collect all free refreshes)
    Min level to join is 85 and 2m GP
    Participating TB is a must
    Joining TW is not, but if you join you need to play
    Discord and are mandatory.
    Guild Reset = 12:00 UTC
    Be fun and respectful

    Guild: Bad Batch Force 100 mil GP 32/50
    If this is the answer you are looking for, come talk to our guild Officers on our Recruiting Server by clicking the link below.
    You can also DM me to find out more. P.S. Don't be surprised when joining our server - we play other games too xd
    The clones of Experimental unit 99 have a tendency to veer from standard combat protocol.

    Guild: Bad Batch Force

    Join the Discord server

    Our official site

    Petzi's Padawans are looking for reinforcement!
    We are an english and german speaking, guild with 271 mio GP and range from beginners to high end players.
    We have currently one open spot and 2 to 3 inactives which we want to replace.
    We have a daily active core of players making around 19k daily tickets.
    We are full heroic. Starttime at 6 pm and hsith rotating 6pm and 2 am UTC. All with 24h joining phase.
    We are able to beat CPit, every active member makes it easier ;-)
    We fight at TB with around 40 players for 3 zeta materials months and loose once in 2 months.
    In Geo TB we make 24DS with 22+ WAT and 10LS stars with probably some bonus KAM shards ;-).
    We also use discord but only optional
    So if you are interested just contact me here or ingame: 157-812-111.

    Your Great Macros


    We are a New Guild looking for players that are semi serious, active, would like friendly communication and to have fun.

    We are currently sitting around 14 members we have 22 mil GP mainly among our officers with 4 GLs soon to be 5 so we can carry you through Heroic raids to get Han, Kenobi and Traya shards for new players.

    Mainly from AUS and accepting from anywhere in the world.

    Welcoming Any GP and Level! - Mainly looking for active players.

    Discord Server is Live -

    Check out our Guild on Link -

    Any Questions you can contact me on via my Ally Code 925-813-255
    Or my personal Discord - Filzy#3780

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