Casual Guilds Looking For Players - November 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***



  • Jecklund
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    Womprat Taco is looking for new members. We are a friendly group of people just looking to have fun playing some Star Wars.

    GP - 172 M
    All heroic raids.
    DS Geo - 11 stars.
    LS Hoth -33 stars/LS Geo 5 stars

    Prefer 1 mil GP min for new members.

    If you are interested, message me in game.
    Username: Jecklund
    Ally Code: 338-484-932
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  • Guilde name: SITHSGONEGOOD

    Spots open: 12

    About us...
    No force farming
    On farms/sims HPIT, HAAT, HSTR - 24 hours wait period, for HSTR, rotating every 3 hours
    13 Geo DSTB, 9 WAT shards
    7 Geo LSTB, 0 KAM shards
    17 GLs
    No Cpit yet, still working on it

    Must be active - daily players and casual players welcome
    Must be at minimum level 85
    Must be at minimum 4m GP
    Must have account

    Here's our rules...
    Do the quest's daily guild activities and generate at least 300 tickets (20 misses in 2 months, get removed)
    No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
  • Hey there, if you’re looking for a change of pace this new year for an easy-going group of Star Wars fans with no requirements but great TW results, we’d love to have you!

    We lost only two or three TWs in 2021 and we’re getting about 8-9 Wat shards each time but that’s going up really quick. We’re US-based in the central time zone. Rancor and tank on sim, easily clear Sith raid within <24 hours, and will probably get into the Crancor later this year.

    Doing dark side Geo TB regularly (7-8 stars) and have done light side Geo TB sparingly but will be attempting that more this coming year.

    Feel free to message me in game if you’ve got any questions, look forward to hearing from you!

  • Mutineers without fears

    2 spaces…low turnover of players

    255mil gp.....Friendly, competitive very active guild.

    Rules…Play daily and follow TW and TB instructions. Discord mandatory

    Cpit on farm….come and earn those r8 mats

    Geo Tbs….DS 30* LS 15*

    Good tw strategy and record

    A focused roster is more important than GP but you must have cpit ready squads

    Contact me on here, in game or discord
    Obi Dan 949-699-318

  • MoogleKnights of 0tter space are searching for the new members.
    We have about 15 free spots. Raid times rotate - 03, 09, 15, 21 UTC. Guild reset - 01.30 UTC. We doing heroic tank & pit and sith raids. Around 129 mln GP.
    Our goal is to complete heroic raids as often as possible and to do well in territory battles and territory wars. No minimum or maximum player level/GP and player requirements besides be active and have fun.
    You can message me here or in game 891-376-415 or in Discord Alex Danvers#3204.
  • Phloydius
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    We are 147GP friendly guild that is looking for a few more players. We are an old guild, and our leadership has been in the guild and playing the game since very near to the launch of the game!

    Guild name: boyos
    Our discord (optional):

    We currently sim the Heroic Pit Raid, but play the Heroic Tank raid (normally completely in an hour or two) and the Heroic Sith Raid. We have a 24-hour join period on all raids, and set them to auto launch around Noon CST when there are enough tickets. We do the LS Hoth TB, and alternate the Geo & Hoth on the Dark side.

    We do not have a list of requirements to join: We are a family friendly guild and do ask that our members participate as much as they are able to, but understand that everyone has real lives that often come first.

    We recently dropped our requirement to allow newer players (level 80 and higher) to join. If you are a lower level, please feel free to contact me directly for consideration to be admitted.

    If you are interested, feel free to join our discord(link below), send a DM to Phloydius (Phloydius#5988) on Discord, or send a private message here on the forums.
    -=| Phloydius |=-

    Looking for a Good Family Friendly Guild? We have over 40 members, Do Heroic Rancor Raids, have several 80-85 Players - but accept new players who are active & friendly. We love to help each other & grow as a team. Interested? Send Me a PM, or if you currently have no guild just send me an ally request, and I'll accept and invite you to the guild.

    Ally Code: 653-141-869
    Guild: Boyos
    My Facebook Profile


    With the recent new GLs and Executor, epic nerfs, and the ramped up Conquest grind, a lot of folks are starting to feel they don't want to put in the time and effort demanded by a high end competitive guild. If you're looking to step back into a more casual environment but still focused enough that you can maintain steady progress, or you old guild is collapsing, consider joining Corellian Refugees.

    We currently get 28 *DSGeo/16-17 *LSGeo in TB, about 25 Wat shards and a few KAM shards. GP around 290m as we recruit new members. HSTR/CPit at 8:00PM US Central/0100 UTC. We are beating CPit but it takes near the full 2 days so you can take your time, no mad dash.

    We are a family that grows together. We have very low turnover (less than one per month), members tend to stick with us until they retire. We currently have 2 spots available (could accommodate up to 4 for strong applicants).

    Preference will be given to rosters over 4.5m GP, but lower GP rosters will be considered if they can contribute to KAM or CPit.

    Send me a PM (keydash306#5766 on discord) or drop by our discord and say hi.
  • Tired of guilds with impossible demands?

    RebelLetsGo is a 177M GP EST casual, active and independent guild.
    We are a chill family friendly guild with many IRL friends, family members and just awesome people worldwide.
    RLG has been around for 5 plus years with low turnover.
    Our positive and supportive environment attracts former competitive players, mid-game and newer players with GP from 1.5M to 7M.
    Both F2P and P2P members are welcomed.

    We go to battle, get rewards and have fun.

    • DSGEOS- 14* and 10-14 Wat shards
    • LSHOTH- 37*

    TW: we win most and punch above our GP with a low stress strategy

    • All Heroic Raids
    • 24 hour sign up. Raids start at 5:30 pm EST and 6:30 pm EDT
    • Cpit—not yet

    • No Drama
    • Be positive and supportive of all members
    • Don’t throw a tantrum if we miss a star or preload TM. Relax; we will get it next time
    • Discord not required- mostly used for YT how to, strategy, memes and general chit chat
    • No minimum daily tickets: Try to log on every day, but we know real life gets in the way
    • Deploying and participating in TB and TW is appreciated
    • No min GP required, but 1.5M allows you to contribute to most events
    • Farm what you like
    • Enjoy the game and have fun

    If this sounds like your next guild, contact me:


    Jace Nebula (recruiter)
    ally code: 897-161-841
    (my response might be delayed, as I actually have a job and life outside of SWOG, but I will respond)

    No merger or alliance request.
  • bizznerd
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    BizzNerd is a new and friendly guild and we are looking for active players and officers.
    Our main guild "Bad Batch Force" is full for some time and because we are getting a lot of requests we created a new one. BizzNerd is open join guild and chilled and relaxed. We are looking not only for new members but officers as well.
    Have it in mind this is the brand new guild and if you become more competitive and there is a spot in main you will be more than welcome to join.

    We are still learning and growing as a guild, but I can assure you that we are highly motivated and in love with Star Wars/Bad Batch and this game in general. We run Heroic Pit, Tank and Sith raids.

    We require players to:
    Earn at least 300 tickets a day (easy by just using your energy, no need to buy energy or collect all free refreshes)
    Min level to join is 80 and we are open at join at least at moment
    Joining TW is a must
    Discord and are mandatory.
    Guild Reset = 12:00 UTC
    Be fun and respectful

    Guild: BizzNerd

    f this is the answer you are looking for, come talk to our guild Officers on our Recruiting Server by clicking the link below. You can also DM me to find out more. P.S. Don't be surprised when joining our server - we play other games too xd
    The clones of Experimental unit 99 have a tendency to veer from standard combat protocol.

    Guild: Bad Batch Force

    Join the Discord server

    Our official site
  • Hello everybody, our guild “Bravehearts” is looking for new players of any GP (level 80+) to help move forward & grow.

    We‘re running all Heroic Raids, have a GP of 115 mil & 40 active daily players with a reset time at 6.30 pm UTC.

    We get 31 stars on LS Hoth, 9 in the DS Geo TB & typically win more TWs than we lose.

    We‘re a drama-free, chilled out guild with a mix of newer & long-term players.

    We ask you to please join the Territory Wars, other than that participate as much as you can.

    You can find us easily through the in-game guild search. Come join us!
  • Fighting Mongoose is a laid-back, 160m gp guild that is looking for a new member with 3m gp or more.

    We don’t belong to larger alliance. We won’t stick you in a younglings or junior guild. You will line up with the rest of us as equals in a friendly environment. We have a core group that’s been together for a long time, and we’ve created a great environment to play the game. We’re going to stay together and continue to grow. We’re different. We really believe that.

    We have 12 GLs in the guild (6 SEE; 3 JML; 3 SLKR) and more on the way soon.

    We participate in all heroic raids at regular times and give everyone a 24-hour window to sign up in advance so that no member is left behind. We sim hpit. We participate in both Geo TBs (DS 13* / LS 6*), with an occasional LS Hoth (38*) mixed in. Our guild reset time is 630 ET, and we have a discord (that’s totally optional!).

    For more information, please reach out to me (in-game at JE Dawg: 371-755-846 or discord at JE Dawg#7894) or visit our guild’s page at:

    We are looking for participation. But we all have jobs and realize that there will be days where you won’t contribute 600 tickets and maybe even won’t log into the game at all. We won’t cut you until after 10 days of inactivity or unless you start rarely logging in without a heads up. Come join us for a laid-back environment where you can still advance.

    Come join the Wampa Dance Party!
  • __**Brotherhood of the RedBlade**__
    85m GP
    47/50 members
    Raids: HPit, HAAT, HSTR
    TW: 39-2
    TB: LS Hoth - 26\*
    DS Hoth - 27\*
    DS Geo - 9\*

    *(updated 20th January)*

    Fun, casual guild with a great atmosphere. Looking for players level 80+. Part of a larger family of guilds, we have a few open spots due to players moving up to one of our larger guilds.
  • Hello there, if you’re looking for a super casual group with no requirements but that still crushed Territory Wars, we’d love to have you! We’re just a bunch of Star Wars fans who like blowing off some steam in this game.

    We lost only two or three TWs in 2021 and we’re getting about 8-9 Wat shards each time but that’s going up really quick. We’re US-based in the central time zone. Rancor and tank on sim, easily clear Sith raid within <24 hours, and will probably get into the Crancor later this year.

    Doing dark side Geo TB regularly (7-8 stars) and have done light side Geo TB sparingly but will be attempting that more this coming year.

    Feel free to message me in game if you’ve got any questions, look forward to hearing from you!

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