Casual Guilds Looking For Players - November 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Guild: Guardians of Vrogas VAs (
    Guild Recruiters: sensei6
    Guild Reset Time: 6:30 PM UTC
    • Heroic Pit simmed
    • Heroic Tank simmed
    • Heroic Sith
    Territory Battles/Wars:
    • 30-32 stars in Hoth Territory Battles
    • 8-10 stars in Dark Side Geonosis Territory Battle
    • 3-4 stars in Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle
    • ~50% Territory War win rate, with typically
    30 active members participating
    What We're Looking For: Active members who join and participate in guild events regularly. We're open to any level of player who is willing to participate and grow with us. TW and TB participation strongly encouraged. Daily activity expected, and we have a 10-day timeout. We're focused on Wat right now.
    Current Members: About 35 consistently active
    Average Player GP: 4 million
  • mikebtp
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    The nWo is currently looking for players and/or guilds who want to be part of something 4-life. We have openings throughout each guild that we are looking to fill after TB ends today.

    We are currently a community of 7 guilds ranging from 192m - 344m.
    31DS/21 LS
    cPit on farm
    27* DS/12* LS
    2 Openings
    cPit on farm
    27* DS/12* LS
    3 Openings
    cPit completed with 2x mercs help
    25* DS/11* LS
    in P3 of cPit without mercs
    26* DS/11* LS
    in P4 of cPit without mercs
    21* DS/ HOTH LS
    3 Openings
    19* DS/9* LS
    1 Opening

    About our community: Each guild runs independently with no forced moves/farms first and foremost. We share a discord server, with each guild having its own individual channels in addition to the shared areas for all members. We also work together to share knowledge and strategies along with community projects/merc opportunities.

    If you or your guild is interested in joining, feel free to contact me through....

    Discord ObiWanJabroni#2659
    In Game 954-283-259
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    -=| Phloydius |=-

    Looking for a Good Family Friendly Guild? We have over 40 members, Do Heroic Rancor Raids, have several 80-85 Players - but accept new players who are active & friendly. We love to help each other & grow as a team. Interested? Send Me a PM, or if you currently have no guild just send me an ally request, and I'll accept and invite you to the guild.

    Ally Code: 653-141-869
    Guild: Boyos
    My Facebook Profile
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    Fighting Mongoose is a laid-back but active, 220m gp guild that is looking for 2 new members with 4m gp or more to replace 2 members taking a few months away due to work commitments.

    What is laid back but active? We treat you like an adult, don’t count your tickets, and don’t force farm but everybody participates and logs on daily. We generate around 23k tickets per day collectively, so everyone puts in their share but we won’t grind you to death!

    We don’t belong to larger alliance although we share a discord with a small guild where several of us have alts (and you can put your alt there too!). We have a core group that’s been together for a long time, and we’ve created a great environment to play the game. We’re going to stay together and continue to grow. We’re different. We really believe that.

    We have 33 GLs in the guild (13 SEE; 8 JML; 10 SLKR; 1 Rey; 1 JMK) and more on the way soon.

    We participate in all heroic raids at regular times and give everyone a 24-hour window to sign up in advance so that no member is left behind. We sim hpit and haat. We alternate the Hsith raid start time between a US and European friendly time. We participate in both Geo TBs (DS 23* / LS 10*). Our guild reset time is 630 ET, and we have a discord (that’s totally optional!).

    For more information, please reach out to me (in-game at JE Dawg: 371-755-846 or discord at JE Dawg#7894) or visit our guild’s page at:

    We are looking for participation. But we all have jobs and realize that there will be days where you won’t contribute 600 tickets and maybe even won’t log into the game at all. We won’t cut you until after 7 days of inactivity or unless you start rarely logging in without a heads up. Come join us for a laid-back environment where you can still advance.

    Come join the Wampa Dance Party!
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    Hello there, if you’re looking for a change of pace this for an easy-going group of Star Wars fans with no requirements but great TW results, we’d love to have you!

    We’ve only lost only two or three TWs in 2022 and we’re getting about 10 Wat shards each time but that’s going up really quick. We’re US-based in the central time zone. Rancor and tank on sim, easily clear Sith raid within <24 hours, and will probably get into the Crancor later this year.

    Doing dark side Geo TB regularly (7-8 stars) and have done light side Geo TB sparingly but will be attempting that more later this year.

    Feel free to message me in game if you’ve got any questions, look forward to hearing from you!

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    Greetings to all players !!


    !!We are looking for one active and strong member to join our guild. 292 M+ GP!!

    *The Raidy Bunch

    *Galactic power: 292 M +
    *82 GLs

    *A very friendly, helpful, and active. We try to balance: the fun of playing, casual discord conversations, and the best achievements for the guild. We will gladly accept an active member.
    For better communication and for casual conversations, we use a Discord account (Very much appreciated)

    *DSTB Geo: 28*, 27 WAT shards.
    *LSTB Geo: 16*, 3 KAM shards,

    *Guild location: (E.S.T)

    *All Heroic Raids + CPit,

    *Active member, about 4m. GP + min. 1 GL.
    *Participating in TBs/TW
    *Tickets Daily - The specified number of tickets is not required (The more the better),


    *Navarre Ally Code: 786-248-633 (Leader)
    *My Ally Code: 413-813-495,

    -Navarre#8833 or Cincinrincin#3881
    *If you have any questions or want to join us: write me a message in the game. If you have a Discord account, it would be even better.
    Greetings to everyone and May the force be with you
  • Samse
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    Hallo zusammen,
    unsere Gilde TOHAFSLRTA steht für "The One Hogwarts Academy of Ferengi Sith Lords to Rule Them All".
    Die Gilde besteht nun seit 2016 und hat im letzten Jahr einen starken Sprung nach vorne gemacht.
    - 📢Was bietet TOHAFSLRTA dir?📢
    📌 Spieleranzahl: 48 -> alle Spieler:innen aktiv
    📌 Raids: alle heroisch (CRancor erreichen wir aktuell die 2. Phase)
    📌 Territorialkriege: > 90% siegreich
    📌 eine freiwillige Whatsappgruppe (kein Beitrittspflicht)
    📌 Territorialschlachten: Geonosis LS 6⭐ und Geonosis DS 16⭐ (~10 Wat Tambor Splitter)
    📌 GM Gilde: 170+ Mio.
    📌 Legenden aktuell : Rey 2x | SLKR 10x | JML 7x | SEE 10x | JMK 3x | Executor 5x
    - 📢Was erwarten wir von dir?📢
    📌 ~2 Mio. GP
    📌 Keine Ticketpflicht
    📌 Aktivität
    📌 Befehle in TW/TB beachten
    📌 RL steht natürlich an erster Stelle. Informiert jedoch die Gilde über Abwesenheiten von +14 Tagen
    Noch Fragen oder Interesse, dann komm auf unseren Server oder kontaktiere mich einfach @Samse (TOHAFSLRTA) im Discord oder Ingame unter Allycode: 947-343-811
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    WolfPackWarriors ( )
    WolfPackWarriors are a mostly North American based guild with some international members looking for a few new members.
    Who we are:
    We are a friendly, 100% casual guild (absolutely no requirements or coordinated attacks, etc). We have no drama and want to maintain this culture.
    Stats: 45 members, 265 mil GP
    Guild activity reset at 8:30 EST
    We do all raids.
    HPIT and HAAT on sim
    HSTR 5 pm EST
    CPIT on farm
    LS Geo TB: 13 stars, 5+ KAM shards
    DS Geo TB: 27 stars, 25+ wat shards
    What we are looking for:
    Members with 4+ mil GP, at least one GL, and team to farm KAM shards.
    Contact Info:
    Discord: Westley#4086 or allied code: 499-423-169
  • Nrm53
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    Roguesofbane is Looking for a few more people for the guild. We have 120 mil total and are looking for particularly over 2 mil but willing to go under if your overly active. We have rancor and almost aat on sim and do sith raid easily and are progressing slowly towards the challenge rancor. We run ls normal in tb but do geonosis for ds... any questions you have ask away otherwise look us up and we will get you in! Thanks for your time regardless and good luck!
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    *Updated stats since last post in June - thank you for those who replied!*

    Are you sick of reading all these posts and all the guilds are 150mGP+ which you know you're not advanced enough for?

    Are you very active but sitting at around 2m-2.5m GP?

    Are you a F2P player who just wants to be surrounded by other F2P player's who love to grind?

    Are you constantly not getting enough players in your guild to even play Territory War?

    Are you feeling frustrated that not everyone in your guild is grinding as hard as you are?

    If this describes you - then read on - you might be in luck!

    CF Ninty Nine The Bad Batch is a US based guild with 76GP. We are a growing guild (47 members right now) and we would like to recruit approx 5-10 additional members/nerds to replace some of our less active members.
    It's a mainly F2P guild - we LOVE the grind and we are looking for like-minded cheapskates who don't want to pump too much money into the game - and instead enjoy their success by good old fashioned hard work.

    You would be a good match for our guild if your GP is approx 2m-2.5m and you log on every day. If you're a top 10 member in your current guild and can't understand why everyone doesn't play as much as you - this is the place for you! A good sense of humor will also be helpful - Dad jokes are also welcome. Occasional discord meetups/drinking to hang out if you so desire.

    Currently completing Heroic Tank & Pit, and Level 6 ST. Territory Battle High Scores 21/45 LS 27/48 DS. Approx 75% win rate in TW. Message me at Ally Code 481-495-952 if you want to join the party! Or just look us up and join if you see a spot open!
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    The Shadow Empire is recruiting!

    Seeking members to be apart of our active and growing community!

    More info on the Empire:
    * Friendly active discord server with bots.
    * No daily ticket count. No repetive 0’s!
    * Focused TB with mandatory participation.
    * TW is optional join, participate if you join

    133M GP

    Focusing on increasing Wat shards and improving star count in geo tb!

    DSG 13✨ 10 WAT

    LSH: 36✨ alternating ls geo and ls hoth

    Full heroic raids on farm
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  • DarthTypo
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    Causal yet competitive guild looking for all players new and long time, no pressure here but we do ask you participate in guild events

    Guild Name: Luck E1
    Guild Gp: 150mil
    Heroic Raids @ 7:30pm est. 11:30 UTC
    Territory Battles: Geo DS and LS
    Territory Wars: 75-80% win rate
    450 tickets min.
    Please notify absences longer than 7 days.

    We're looking for active players and are willing to help new players grow. CPit is one goal but this is a game and we encourage players to farm your favorites.

    Discord preferred

    10 spots available

    guild discord

    ally codes:
    Jade Katt - Leader - 362-616-737
    Darth Typo - Officer - 532-284-934
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  • Keydash1
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    With the recent additions of datacrons, omicrons, and the Conquest grind, a lot of folks are starting to feel they don't want to put in the time and effort demanded by a high end competitive guild. If you're looking to step back into a more casual environment but still focused enough that you can maintain steady progress, or you old guild is collapsing, consider joining Corellian Refugees.

    We currently get 30-31* DSGeo/18-19 *LSGeo in TB, about 25 Wat shards and 10 KAM shards. GP around 320m as we recruit. HSTR/CPit at 8:00PM US Central/0100 UTC. We are beating CPit but it takes a full day so you can take your time, no mad dash.

    We are a family that grows together. We have very low turnover (less than one per month), members tend to stick with us until they retire. We currently have 4 spots.

    Preference will be given to rosters over 4.5m GP, but lower GP rosters will be considered if they have beaten the KAM mission.

    Send me a PM (keydash306#5766 on discord) or drop by our discord and say hi.
  • DarthGibbons
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    Fully Heroic ‘Galaxy of Bogans’ is calling all Blokes and Sheilas!


    - 185mil GP and climbing.
    - Guild reset at 5:30pm AEST (7:30am UTC).
    - Heroic Pit automatically simmed regularly.
    - Heroic AAT automatically simmed regularly.
    - Heroic Sith Raids launched automatically at 6pm AEST every ~5 days (24hr join period).
    - Strong TW & TB participation (>30 stars in LS Hoth TB and ~10 stars in DS Geo TB).
    While we’re largely an Australian guild, we’re welcoming to anyone. We’re all about working together and so are happy to help people who’ve only just hit Lvl 85 speed up their progression. If interested please join our Discord recruitment server ( or message me here on the forums, the Bogans would love you to join our ranks!
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    Hey all you cool cat and kittens.

    Super chill guild. Have an adult life and play kid games with us.

    All raids are on farm.


    Our only rule is if you're not going to be able to play for a while, just let us know. We have 0 issues with having a life outside of the game.

    Give us a look.

    Discord: ryan0324#0419
    Ally code: 436-613-419
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    Vikings of Sweden

    We are a new guild looking for new players to become strong with and have fun.

    We are open for anyone but we prefer if you talk swedish or english.

    Let's work together and make this guild to something fun.
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    Come get some sun(s) at Sarlacc Beach Club!

    Low key, friendly guild, looking to fill out our ranks. All levels of players welcome.

    We earn Wat shards and are trying to make progress on Challenge Pit.
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    Mancave is looking for casual players.

    Requirements: 1+ Mil GP, be active a few times a week.

    Thats it lol.

    Ally code: 338-928-517
  • DarthR8er
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    Wanna play the game and be left alone?

    We are the Council of Dark Elders:

    - Guild GP 232 mil
    - 45+ Active/Daily players
    - Majority been together for years
    - Stress free environment
    - We don't micro manage
    - Actively working on/towards GL's
    - Not in any alliances
    - U.S. central time

    We run:

    - LS Hoth: 43* w/ 28+ ROLO
    - DS Geo: 20* w/ 20+ WAT
    - HPit: Sim w/24hr join
    - HTank: Sim w/24hr join
    - HSith : FFA w/24hr join
    - CPIT: Not passed, run regularly w/24hr join

    What we're looking for:

    - Active/Daily participation
    - WAT ready geos
    - 4mil+ gp
    - 3-4mil gp accepted w/focused roster
    - TB Participation
    - TW Participation
    - Have profile
    - Discord use for platoon assignments

    Seek council with the Elders about joining:
  • Gmraptus
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    DRΞÅD MÅSTΞRS is looking for people like yourself to join the ranks.

    - Brand New Guild
    - No GP Requirements
    - No Raid Ticket Requirements
    - Any Experience Level Accepted
    - General Human Decency Expected
    - U.S. Central Time Based
    - Discord Optional

    Come join this ground breaking new guild and enjoy the game.

    Brontes 375-972-517
    Raptus 256-469-936
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  • Altzair
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    Galactic Defiance has several spots open and looking for players.

    We are 182m gp and participate in all activities. As a casual guild we don't require hitting marks to stay in the guild but we do ask you to be active and help the guild.

    We have a mix of high end players as well as some newer players so if you are fairly new don't worry as we are willing to help you grow.

    If interested please drop by our discord at and say hi.
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    Casual but Daily Family Friendly Heroic Guild looking for a couple more fun players!

    We are family friendly guild that is looking for a couple more Level 85 players. We are an old guild, and our leadership has been in the guild and playing the game since very near to the launch of the game!
    • Guild name: boyos
    • Guild size: 159m GP
    • √ Heroic Rancor
    • √ Heroic Tank Raid
    • √ Heroic Sith Raid

    Our discord (optional):

    We currently SIM the Heroic Pit Raid & the Heroic Tank raid, and play the Heroic Sith Raid. We have a **24-hour join period on all raids**, and set them to automatically launch around Noon CST when there are enough tickets. We do the LS Hoth TB, and alternate the Geo Dark side TB. We play all the Territory Wars (but it is optional, but recommended, to join).

    We do not have a list of requirements to join other than being level 85: We are a family friendly guild and do ask that our members participate as much as they are able to, but understand that everyone has real lives that often come first. We do have a discord server that many of us use to make communication easier, but it is not required.

    If you are interested, feel free to search 'boyos' in guild search, join our discord (link above).
    -=| Phloydius |=-

    Looking for a Good Family Friendly Guild? We have over 40 members, Do Heroic Rancor Raids, have several 80-85 Players - but accept new players who are active & friendly. We love to help each other & grow as a team. Interested? Send Me a PM, or if you currently have no guild just send me an ally request, and I'll accept and invite you to the guild.

    Ally Code: 653-141-869
    Guild: Boyos
    My Facebook Profile
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    Join "The Binx That Should Not Be" 50Mil GP and growing, we have 1 spot open must be 65+.. also we are 1 sign up away from doing TW so yeah youd be awesome if you joined :)
  • DarthTypo
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    We’re a causal guild looking some reinforcements after cutting some deadweight.

    Guild Name: LuckE1
    146million GP
    Full Heroic Raids
    Not quite ready for Crancor
    LS Geo TB - peaked at 7 stars currently 5 after the culling
    DS Geo TB - 12 stars and 14 Wat shards(negligible change post purge)
    TW- win rate 75-85%

    There aren’t any hard and fast rules just participate in TW/TB, and let us know about any game downtime.
    We’re looking for causal players looking to escape the grind but still enjoy the game, we’re not going to dictate your farming
    We’ve accrued a group of players that like what we’ve got going and want to continue building upon that.

    Right now Luck E1 is hoping to add 15-20 players and will try to accommodate as needed, feel free to message.
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    Hey there! Looking for an active, yet casual guild? We're both! Come join Wolves of Utapau

    178 mil GP. Looking for 1-2 members!

    I'm the recruiter for the guild, Din Fin. 594-628-429

    We have discord, but only some people use it to share different resources and such. Not a requirement at all.

    All Heroic raids (pit sim, and tank sim, HSTR farm) are on auto launch. Launch at 12:30am UTC. Or 8:30pm EST.

    People are pretty active with getting 600 tickets so we get around 20-22k per day. This means pit every 2.5 days and tank every 3.5. I hope my math is right on that.

    We win most TW and try and coordinate, but we don't win all (70+%). In TB we get 7 stars in LS Geo and 16 in DS Geo. We just got 14 Wat shards as well, but that number climbs every TB.

    Typically if you're inactive for a few weeks, we boot you and hope you return to us! But if you let us know, we'll wait for a while. No ticket requirements, but most get 600 every day.

    Our biggest rule is have fun and encourage each other. We talk a decent amount about advice, suggestions, and progress. Everyone is extremely cool and we have zero drama. Don't want to talk? That's totally fine. Want to talk a lot? Totally fine.

    Looking for minimum 2 mil gp players to help us improve in Geo TBs.

    We're just a good and fun group of folks that like star wars. We have fun, we're laid back, and help each other. Wide range of members from 7 mil GP to under 2 million.

    Good luck and thanks for reading! Send a message to me in game if interested and I'll make space!
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    Legends of Light
    334M GP

    One spot for CPit, R9 guild available to replace upcoming retirements. must be KAM ready, have 6M+ GP.

    Relaxed CPit guild is at 49/50 (semi-active, no tix minimum)
    Raids at 7pm Pacific, 8m, 9c, 10pm Eastern.

    TW: Droid brains, R9 ready. Sign up required to reach 320M+. 97+ GLs. No forced farms.
    GeoTB 31*/15*: 30+ Wat, 6-9 KAM shards.
    CPit: Farming

    Semi-active, no hard tix requirement. Must contribute to TW, TB, CPit success.

    Message us on our optional Discord recruitment server with your profile or Ally Code.

    Or get in touch in game: 494863299

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    Force Revenants is a UK based (anyone welcome) guild looking for a few new members.

    • 182 million GP
    • 15 star DS Geo
    • 4 star LS Geo
    • 36 star LS Hoth
    • HPIT sim enabled (7pm GMT)
    • HAAT sim enabled (8pm GMT)
    • 13 Wat Shards

    What we're looking for:

    • Daily players
    • Wat ready Geos
    • GP > 2.5mil. Lower will be considered based on roster.
    • Participation in TB / TW
    • Working towards or have a GL

    We run DS Geo and alternate LS Geo / Hoth and we're getting better with each run.

    We're a social and supportive bunch with people always available to offer help and advice.

    Only real rules are for TW and TB. Basically turn up and make an effort. If you can't then let an officer know in advance.

    We dont boot for time off as we all have real lives, again its polite to let an officer know.

    We do have discord available with useful bots running but this isn't a mandatory requirement.

    So message via in game ally code.

    441 145 871

    Or post a message on our server


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