Newer Player Guilds Looking For Players - November 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Established guild looking for new life. Any level welcome. Let us help you grow.

    Casual but Raids and Territory War are a must. Stay active and you will be rewarded.

    Friends of Matt Radar Tech
    Guild GP 53,280,790 Just cleaned house. Ready for ten new recruits.
  • FettEnforcers-Great guild with good people(members) is looking for new members. All you have to do is to participate in Teritory Wars, You can have a great time , donations form all members and rewards from Raids.
    Join us .
  • “Endor days” is a new guild looking for players. Join now and have fun.
  • BizzNerd is a new and friendly guild and we are looking for active players and officers.
    Our main guild "Bad Batch Force" is full for some time and because we are getting a lot of requests we created a new one. BizzNerd is open join guild and chilled and relaxed. We are looking not only for new members but officers as well.
    Have it in mind this is the brand new guild and if you become more competitive and there is a spot in main you will be more than welcome to join.

    We are still learning and growing as a guild, but I can assure you that we are highly motivated and in love with Star Wars/Bad Batch and this game in general. We run Heroic Pit, Tank and Sith raids.

    We require players to:
    Earn at least 300 tickets a day (easy by just using your energy, no need to buy energy or collect all free refreshes)
    We are open at join at least at the moment
    Joining TW is a must
    Discord and are mandatory.
    Guild Reset = 12:00 UTC
    Be fun and respectful

    Guild: BizzNerd

    if this is the answer you are looking for, come talk to our guild Officers on our Recruiting Server by clicking the link below. You can also DM me to find out more. P.S. Don't be surprised when joining our server - we play other games too xd
    The clones of Experimental unit 99 have a tendency to veer from standard combat protocol.

    Guild: Bad Batch Force

    Join the Discord server

    Our official site
  • Rangers of Delenn
    Contact Doji Brian#4569 on Discord for more info!

    We are a group of players from across the spectrum looking to build a fun guild were active players can relax, play at their own pace, and get some benefit from guild activity. Lots of open space! We have new players and veterans alike! We do Heroic Pit and AAT Raids, Working on Heroic Sith. Territory Wars are optional, and in Territory Battles we just ask for your best effort!

    Discord Required

    400 Raid tickets/day required, 600 preferred

    Come have fun with us!
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    I created a new guild for every level and new active players can join us. My ge 4.600.000+ and one GL.
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  • Schmity9229
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    TeamBuilding is looking to grow its ranks with you! Newly started guild looking to give new players a place to grow and learn together! Promises of upward mobility by being part of an alliance and mercs coming down to do heroic level raids! If you are new and want somewhere to grow and learn, come check us out!
    TeamBuilding (TB): 26M GP •Level 85 •1mil+ ideally •9⭐️ LS Hoth •13⭐️ DS Hoth •Looking for active players to grow with! •Easily move up the ranks as you get bigger •Heroic Pit and Tank •Discord mandatory!
    If you are interested, you can reach out to me in game @ 327-268-535 or you can join our discord @ to answer any of your questions and concerns! All requirements are flexible for strong rosters and all guilds have the promise of upward mobility once your account is ready! We are open to single players, groups, or mergers to help grow the alliance!
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  • Guild name: Imperial Plaza
    Guild recruiter username: exar305
    Guild minimum player level/GP and character requirements: none!
    Guild Galactic Power: 1,625,413
    Current membership: 5
    Languages: English & Spanish (fully bilingual).

    Ally Code: 716-719-588

    Hello there! Join Imperial Plaza, a fresh off the ship guild looking to build a community of players who want to continue leveling up and raising their Galactic Power!

    The only requirement we have for any player joining us is to be active; completing Daily Activities every day would do.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    May the Force be with you.
    Nombre del gremio: Imperial Plaza
    Usuario de la reclutadora del gremio: exar305
    Nivel mínimo de jugador/GP y requisitos de personajes: ¡ninguno!
    Poder Galáctico del gremio: 1,625,413
    Miembros actuales: 5
    Idiomas: español e inglés (totalmente bilingüe).

    Código de aliado: 716-719-588

    ¿Qué tal? Únete a "Imperial Plaza", ¡un gremio reciente que busca fomentar una comunidad de jugadores que deseen continuar subiendo de nivel y aumentado su Poder Galáctico!

    El único requisito que tenemos para cualquier jugador que se quiera unir es estar activo; completar las actividades diarias estaría bien.

    Déjame saber si tienes alguna pregunta.
    Que la Fuerza te acompañe.

    Guild/Gremio: Imperial Plaza
    Ally Code/Código de Aliado: 716-719-588

  • Guild Name: The Rancor Union
    Requirements: No current requirements
    Guild Galactic Power: 135,176
    Number of Members: 1
    Language: English
    Ally Code: 692-985-267

    We are looking for active players. Your level or galactic power does not matter. We will all grow together and become more powerful each day. Have fun!
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    This post has been deleted
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  • Raxle_Alucard23
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    New Guild for ACTIVE players.

    Beginner legends under 85

    We run basic raids as often as possible. We cap our raids at tier 5 max. We quite often do tier 1-3 raids though. I'm experienced with running guilds like this for new players to succeed.

    We will bring in one or two heavy hitters to ensure we can cleanup raids if need be but this is primarily made for new players to get great gear donations and raid rewards. Helping everyone effectively navigate the lvl 30 to lvl 85 grind as quickly and efficiently as possible is our main priority!


    Ally code:

    We just ask players stay active. As much as possible the Guild will be run by the members and for the members. Leadership will only step in during extreme cases. We are here to have fun WITH you!!
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  • Paladin033112
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    “JediWatchmanAcademy” is a brand new guild seeking new players who want to have fun. No requirements other than try to stay active! I can solo Hpit and HAAT - all you need to do is join to get shards.
    Other veteran players who want to help out are also free to join.

    *artwork by David Sheep
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    Foundlings of Mandalore (61M GP), part of the Ka'ra Syndicate 3-guild alliance, is an early-game guild looking for 11 players to join us! We are a group of very friendly players working hard to help each other progress through the game, while realizing real-life commitments absolutely come first.

    We are part of the Ka'ra Syndicate alliance, a three guild alliance which also includes a mid-game guild and a mid-to-end game advanced guild. There will be opportunities for players to move into the higher guilds when rosters are ready or situationally to earn certain rewards.

    - Discord use (at least read messages, we don’t require talking)
    - strive for at least 400 tickets a day
    - actively participate in TB and TW (platoons/missions/deploy for TB / set defense for TW), or let us know if you can’t for a certain war/phase for whatever reason. Players not eligible for TW yet are obviously excused.

    Territory Battles:
    DS Hoth - 23 stars
    LS Hoth - 23 stars

    We use mercs from the higher guilds to help pass the heroic raids, ensuring you will get good rewards immediately.

    Territory War:
    We ask everyone who can to join or let us know that you can't, and if you do join that you participate in defense and/or offense.

    Other Rules:
    - be friendly and treat everyone with respect
    - let us know if you’re going to be unavailable for a stretch.

    View our recruitment Discord:
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    Guild deleted
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  • Guild Name: The Imperial Losers

    Requirement: Level 30

    Guild GP: 1,633,176
    Leader: pause

    Language/Region: English/USA

    Ally Code: 868-186-753

    Newer guild, looking for active players of any skill level!

    We have:
    - Active/Ongoing raids
    - Frequent Exchanges
    - Active Chat

    Come chill with us!
  • Vyntra
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    If you're a lower level account looking to progress through standard content, then branch out to raids and such, this is the guild for you! I wont sugarcoat it, The Shi'ar Imperial Remnant was started today by yours truly with the intent to help newer players progress through the early stages of the game and work towards mid and endgame content. Not many alliances out there like this anymore, please help me expand my ranks! All you have to do is be active and be respectful, level doesn't matter! I do have a Discord channel setup, we'll fill it up once we have some members! Look up "The Shi'ar Imperial Remnant" today! Please contact myself in game (Vyntra is my character, player ID is 174-717-121 ) or search the guild and join, it's open to everyone! Thanks!
  • Schmity9229
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    TeamBuilding is looking to grow its ranks with you! Promises of upward mobility by being part of an alliance! If you are newish and want somewhere to grow and learn, come check us out!
    TeamBuilding (TB): 55M GP •Level 85 and 700k+ GP •18⭐️ LS Hoth •17⭐️ DS Hoth •9+ ROLO shards •Looking for active players to grow with! •TW and TB participation is required •9-2 TW win rate so far! •500 tickets a day min, 600 preferred •All Heroic Raids! •Discord mandatory for guild communication
    If you are interested, you can reach out to me in game @ 327-268-535 or you can join our discord @ to answer any of your questions and concerns! All requirements are flexible for strong rosters and all guilds have the promise of upward mobility once your account is ready! We are open to single players, groups, or mergers to help grow the alliance!
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  • NEW GUILD for new players started between me and my friends. We really need higher numbers so we can start raids so please join our guild "Hatred festers"
  • Crazyhead90
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    Newly established guild is looking for new active low level players to help each other and grow together!
    Guild name: GoooodAnakinGooood
    • Leader: Crazyhead90
    • Ally code: 228-372-798
    • Current members: 21
    • Current member levels: ~40-60
    • Guild Power: 850k+
    • Language: English or Dutch

    Looking for:
    • Active members around level ~22-60
    • Frequent item exchanges (donations to, and from you)
    • Members clearing tier 2-3 raids
    • Having a good time and helping each other!

    There are no rules in the guild, besides the rule where inactive players (3 days) will get removed for active players to keep the guild nice and active!
    Feel free to add me as an ally for any questions!
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    Duplicate removed

    Above post updated on 24/05/22
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  • The Frog Duck Cartel is a newly formed guild looking to recruit new players to join level and grow with them. No experience necessary and no requirements for joining, all that's asked is that you are friendly and active. The guild leader has some years of experience with the game to aid you in any and all questions you may have. Feel free to add Khem on ally code 744-111-919 to message or join or just for an extra ally if needed.
  • Awesome, ACTIVE, group! Helpful and knowledgeable

    Guild: Soulless Warriors
  • Spartan's Unite is a new guild looking for members. No minimum requirements, and all are welcome. Looking for active players who want to grow. You can reach out to me in the game, ally code - 561-431-951.
  • Hello players Mace the great is looking for newer and older players that enjoy the game, want to be competitive and active, but not get caught up in all the rat race and heavy load super guilds require. Preferably at least level 65 to join Territory war but willing to accept new players that are going to work toward leveling. We are a casual guild that does heroic PIT, Tank and Sith. Many players have GL or are working on them.

    We have roughly 20 active players. are looking for about 15 players. To give people flexibility to not worry about the game if they're on vacation or having a busy day. We have a lot of long time players in the guild to help with tips and to help you grow. we have a discord that stores tips but and for any brags you want to post but it is not mandatory.

    Leader ally code is: 239-769-193
    leader Name: Katagari2
    Raids: heroic Pit and tank rotate between tier 6 and Heroic Sith
    TW: looking for more players to join before we used to win most.
    TB: We used to do Geo Dark side at about 6-9 stars but currently are doing Hoth Light and dark side like 20-25 each
    Donation: regular
    chat: semi active
    Discord available but not required. link given once you join
  • Intergalactic Spacelords is a fresh guild looking for anybody that just wants to have fun and enjoy the game for what it is and maybe make a few friends with like-minded people. We have no requirements to join other than being respectful towards others and having a continued interest in the game. Looking forward to playing with you!

    Leader: Carimnor
    Ally Code: 256-469-936
  • Yreke
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    Separatists r us are newly formed guild that is looking for players of any level to join us. We are welcoming everyone 😁 at the moment we have 12 guildies who are all active. Join us - we have cookies!

    Leader is Kill Qatal
    Ally code 692-714-515
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  • Skyshatter Republic

    Guild GP 591,787

    We are looking for more members to join a laid back guild. No minimum daily requirements or level requirements. All welcome to join. We just ask to have fun and if you can help that would be appreciated.

    Members - 4:

    Trapperman CC - leader, ally code 147-726-724

    dimm - officer

    Xearath - officer

    Shaquille - member

    We have completed The Pit Raid Tier 1

    We have completed 1 Star Rating on Hoth Rebel Territory War

    Our Territory Wars start at 12 PM Central Time

    Again, all welcome to join.
  • Hello all
    The No Limit Empire guild is just looking to have fun and to fully appreciate the game you need members to participate to get loot. We believe in fair and equal opportunity, want to establish a community where we grow as a guild by helping each other grow individually. Everyone F2P or whales have a purpose! Honestly, we don't expect anyone on all the time and we understand life is important so no minimum daily quotas and at least check in a couple of times a week.

    "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." -Zig Ziglar
  • Yoyoyo.

    Brand new norwegian guild - JediRidderne.
    Free 2 play only, other than that no requirements, new players welcome :)
  • c85h11l5ez9x.png

    DRΞÅD MÅSTΞRS is looking for people like yourself to join the ranks.

    - Brand New Guild
    - No GP Requirements
    - Any Experience Level Accepted
    - General Human Decency Expected
    - U.S. Central Time Based

    Come join this ground breaking new guild and enjoy the game.
    Brontes 375-972-517
    Raptus 256-469-936
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