Newer Player Guilds Looking For Players - November 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • My name is chris hart and me and some buddies recently started a new guild and we are searching for new members to join in and start taking on some raids We are a small but growing guild.We have new and veteran experienced members. We dont have a mandatory minimum gp or level to join our guild. We just ask that you contribute. Please and thank you. Our guild is

    The True Clan of Mandolore
    My Ally code is 693-589-216 send me and invite and I'll add you or join in the search hope to see new member soon. Thanks everyone
  • BailWritte99
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    New Guild looking for new players

    GP is 32000+

    Ally code is 139-777-563
    Search for

    Raiders of Resistance(guild name)
  • HappyJ8834
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    *Note, the previous guild (The Tempered Agents) has merged with Revans New 0rder. Below is the advertisement for the new guild.



    • Fully active and growing (200+ million GP Guild)
    • F2P friendly.
    • Semi-competitive but laid back. (Requires 100% participation)
    • All Heroic Raids ready (rotating HSTR-Times)!
    • Organized Discord
    • Offers both Squad and Modding help from Veteran Players!
    • Relaxed Vibe!
    • Close Community

If you are interested in joining, please feel free to either private message me in game or on discord.


In-Game Private Message: 937-127-623
Discord Private Message: HappyJawa#9025
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  • Mauls Domain

    Region: US/All welcome

    Currently recruiting: 40+ players

    About us: Mauls Domain is the new beginner guild and sister guild of Revans domain! We are hoping to give a good opportunity for beginner players to have a good platform of knowledge and activity, with opportunities to later go up to the Revans Domain guild! Discord coming soon!


    Level: Any level and GP welcome!

    Full Participation in all Raids, TB’s and TW’s

    No link yet as we’re so new, but add my alt in game and we’ll invite you in asap!

    SWGOH User: MonomanAgain Ally Code: 239-591-167
  • SF49ers
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    Hey. :)

    Update: My goal: To have my guild filled with about 40 players who are around my strength (2.73M GP) or have about 500.000-2.8M GP. The rest of the 50 spots I would give to weaker players (any GP). So far, I reserved 8 of those 10 spots for weaker players. Right now, the majority of players are still rather weak, so I would need to replace quite a few, still. Right now are 45 players in my guild. Of those 45, 6 haven‘t played in 4 or more than 4 days. (So, those players I definitely probably would kick, less they reply to me).

    (I already posted in somewhere else, not in this thread but in another sub-section (e.g. „casual guilds“). If I‘m only allowed to post in one sub-section, please tell me to, cause then I will delete the other ad/s and leave just one online). I‘m just tryin‘ to find the best place to reach new players who want to join me. So, sorry beforehand if I‘m breakin‘ any rules right now).

    Right now, I am tryin‘ to improve my own guild. My guild isn‘t that new but in a sense it still is. On the one hand, I got around 15M GP, but on the other hand I also got a lot of inactive players. (All the players in my guild were asigned to me (by the system), I think). So, I am tryin‘, first of all, to get rid of any deadweight so that I have only players in my guild who are actually active.

    Guild name: Phoenixsquadron55791

    Guild-GP: 15.269.000

    Recruiter: SF49ers
    (Name in Heroes: WherethehellisEzra)

    Chat server: Don‘t have one, yet. With chat-server they mean a server on discord, right? So, I don‘t have something like that implemented, yet. Not a must. In the future, I might, if everybody is on board with that. (Though I would prefer sth like telegram eg).

    Time: 04:30 PM UTC. (17:30 MEZ)

    Raids completed: Rancor-7 stars. Traya-4stars. Grevious-the first one (the one without time restrictions). How often completed: uhhh…I really dunno. Let‘s see, right now there 36 of those 45 players who players within the last 2 days. I haven‘t completely noted it down, but I think within the last 1 and 1/2 weeks we completed two rancor raids (one time the rank 7 one and one time a lower one (which I started for the weaker players so that everyone could participate and get some rewards). Traya-raid: the rank 3 one was completed within, I dunno, two days or so….(I could‘ve beaten that myself but I purposefully waited so that as many players as possible could participate). The grevious was also just completed within a few days. As for how many tickets are bein obtained, I just told ya. :) 36 x 600….well, that‘s quite a bit. :)

    Territory Battle: Light Side: 8 stars/ Dark Side: 8 stars
    Territory War: Unfortunately, I wasn‘t able to start a Territory War, yet. So, that‘s another goal: To have enough active and players who are equally strong like me to participate in Territory Wars

    Minimum player level/GP/requirements: I also saw some requirements in other ads in this thread which weren‘t taken down. So, I would ask that u are kinda active. (And I am not even speakin‘ about accomplishin‘ 600 tickets per day. That ain‘t that important to me…. I find it more important that u would play this game (at least) every fourth day and that u participate in guild events (raids/ territory battles and territory wars). And it would be cool if u bring some strength to my guild. So, I would appreciate it if I have between 500.000 and 2.75M GP. (I hope I don‘t break any rules here by askin‘ this).

    My strength: GP: 2.7ish. M. But, if u are enormously stronger than me, please don‘t join my guild.

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  • The Sons of Kenobiii

    Experienced leadership looking to start a guild!

    We Have successfully brought a guild from 80mil to 210+ mil in a year completing cpit.
    We’re ready to build another up!

    If your looking for some help we’re the place!
    We’re seeking mergers for guilds who want to stay together but may not have the members wanting to devote the time in the leadership roles.

    We can offer some officer spots to those still interested and wanting the best for their members!

    If this sounds like a good fit for you and your group of friends or mini/full merger let us know!

    Our biggest focus for members are active participant! Working together is what makes a guild!
  • MajorBrenDerlin
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    Derlins Expeditionary Force

    A new guild for early game players. Looking to recruit active new players. If you are a mid game player, I need some officers as well. If you want to master both LS and DS Hoth battles, this guild is for you. Goal is to get 36 stars in hoth, and the move on to Geo TB. If you want to build teams that can solo the pit and tank raids, this guild is for you. Requirements are that you get 300 min daily tickets and participate in TB and TW. Communication is the in-game chat server.
    We raid often. Come join my guild and lets have some fun.
    Ally code: 466-473-353
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    We are a New Guild looking for players that are semi serious, active, would like friendly communication and to have fun.

    We are currently sitting around 10 members we have 18 mil GP mainly among our officers with 3 GLs soon to be 5 so we can carry you through Heroic raids to get Han, Kenobi and Traya shards for new players.

    Mainly from AUS and accepting from anywhere in the world.

    Welcoming Any GP and Level! - Mainly looking for active players.

    Discord Server is Live -

    Check out our Guild on Link -

    Any Questions you can contact me on via my Ally Code 925-813-255
    Or my personal Discord - Filzy#3780

  • We Will Bendu
    Casual BUT Competitive

    About this guild
    Looking to have fun and booster our ranks. Willing to take new players and help them grow. 3/4 weeks away from HSTR. Laid back and casual but we want to do our best. Our group has been together for over a year in another guild until GL left and we reformed. Open to Join and Looking for you!
    Contact Laurelin (Ally Code 977-937-585) with any questions!

    Guild Requirements
    None, just be as active as you can....

    What else we're looking for
    We only ask that players stay somewhat active, get tickets per day, and be willing to contribute to TWs and TBs As best you can.

    Raid Progress
    Tank Takedown - Completed Heroic

    The Pit - Completed Heroic

    The Sith Triumvirate - Completed Tier 6

    TB Progress -

    LShoth - 17/45 star

    DShoth - 18/48 star
  • Brand New Guild


    Starting very first guild currently level 54

  • marumaru444
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    Hi. I'm looking for companies to join my new guild and make some raids.
    Me 40 lvl - new gamers welcome. I'm playing for fun, without pressure for results.
    Language - PL/EN

    Guild name:
    Pompa Basket Team
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  • FilzyBoy
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    We are a New Guild looking for players that are semi serious, active, would like friendly communication and to
    have fun.

    We are currently sitting around 40 members we have 30 mil GP mainly among our officers with 5 GLs soon to be 6 so we can carry you through Heroic raids to get Han, Kenobi and Traya shards for new players.
    Mainly from AUS and accepting from anywhere in the world.

    Welcoming Any GP and with a requirement level of 65 - Looking for active players.

    Discord Server is Live -

    Check out our Guild on Link -

    Any Questions you can contact me on via my Ally Code 925-813-255

    Or my personal Discord - Filzy#3780
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  • Aesirs Rage

    New Guild looking new and experienced players.

    The only requirement is participation.
    Active and semi active welcome.
    We just want to grow the guild and have fun.

    We use in game chat.

    To join: contact me through my ally code 625-939-589. You can also search Aesirs Rage and hit the join tab.

    We look forward to see you there!

  • New guild here called.
    We are called The DeadStar looking for players. New players old players players In between it does not matter. Web are open to join. Come look us up and hit the join button.


    ALLY CODE IS 653-118-929
  • jose2009
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    Not active anymore.
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  • MasterRonin
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    New player here and joined this guild and saw the leadership was inactive for awhile. I’m not one to give up on something I joined. So I took charge and got leader and want to build an active and strong guild. I’m lvl 66 and only like 160k GP. Looking for active players that will participate in Raids and TW. We are currently at tier 4 Pit and tier 3 Sith. We clear in about 3-4 days. We gather 10k-15k raid tickets daily. I’m cleaning house and will make room in the guild for players that are willing to help out and grow with us.

    Guild Name: Yodasons
    Language: English

    Any questions just message me using ally code
  • Hello all,
    We are 501st SigmaCorp, a new guild looking to build up our ranks. We are looking for active players of any level, or any experience. We have a core group of guys who are willing to help newer players, or hang out with anyone looking for an active, social guild.
    We are looking to raid as often as we can, and have the strength for Heroic pit, and soon to be heroic AAT.
    We will be doing TWs and TBs as soon as we have the members to run them.
  • Treybleezy
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    Misunderstood Wookiees
    43 million GP

    Looking for a guild with no requirements or just a new player trying to find a home join us. We are a group of vet players just trying to help out. You will earn Traya, Han, and General Kenobi shards. We are also willing to give advice on all aspects of the game. If you are interested contact me either in game or on discord.

    Ally Code:398-128-772
    Discord: Treybleezy#6333
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  • New Blood Swgoh looking for new members! looking to run pit sith and aat at t6 to heroic alternating once a week, join if you want or need to build up han solo and general kenobi! current 4m gp, ally code is 773-492-619. we welcome any players, and have no activity requirements.
  • Softelfor
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    0 open places

    Starwalkers25 are recruiting new/ mid players who want to grow together have fun and became a community

    You only need

    -400-600 daily tickets
    -Participate in daily guild activities for the tokens
    -Lvl 65+ or at least ONE 7* character
    -Join our discord server (THIS IS MANDATORY)

    Running Hoth LS/DS 7/8

    We are currently running Hero Pit, looking to eventually do the more difficult raids.

    I currently have two accounts in, my main can solo Heroic Pit, my ally code is 294-886-264

    Guild name: Starwalkers25

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  • Looking for new/beginner players both F2P and paying to join a new guild.

    English speaking UK based guild, must be active in both guild chat and activity or will be removed for inactivity.

    Player Name : RevansChosen
    Ally Code : 582-128-511
    Guild Name : Knights of the Reborn
    Current GP: 13,157
    Current members : 1

    Please reach out and I can invite you!
  • Mol_Damocles
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    TIE CHI Sovereign is a casual new player friendly starter guild in a larger alliance. Join us to have fun with other players around your galactic power, and move up to higher guilds whenever you are ready.

    Drop by our discord server to find out more.

    Guild Name: TIE CHI Sovereign
    Minimum player level/GP: New players below level 65
    Minimum activity or participation requirements: No requirement
    Country: No limit
    Language: English preferred, but learning a new language from allies, why not?
    Anything important: Enjoy gaming
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  • Adrian19027
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    Hello there!!

    Growing guild looking for new members to have bigger chance for develop for any member , anyone who want can join us just now

    Guild Name: Pelargonia
    Player Name: Adrian
    Ally Code : 334 - 853 - 932
    Current GP : 2,508 M
    Current Members : 12

    We welcome any players and no have any requirements , we just wanna play on free time and improving ourselves by together efforts

    If you also are star wars geek , join us and have good fun.

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  • ¡La Sombras Del Imperioo está reclutando!
    ¡Buscando nuevos miembros habla hispana para ser parte de nuestra comunidad activa y en crecimiento!
    *Nuevo gremio Latino
    *Aceptamos cualquier nivel o poder galáctico por pequeño que sea.
    ¡Únete a nosotros y juntos podemos gobernar la galaxia! ⬇️⬇️

    Código aliado:345-236-185

  • Всем привет,клан "слоны" ищет союзников для рейдов, клан новый, играем каждый день, активные, просто без дела не сидим, нужны игроки от 60 левела, мой код союзника 549-181-289, пишите и заходите в клан, очень нужна ваша помощь и взаимопонимание
  • Envitar
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    Guild name: Syndykat Mrocznej Lapy
    Guild recruiter: Envitar; 983-633-325

    Important: This is Polish guild.

    Zapraszam nowych graczy chcących grać w zorganizowanej gildii.
    Wymagany Discord.

    Gildia powstała ponieważ byłem zmęczony oscylowaniem pomiędzy gildiami, które uprawiają mikrozarządzanie, oraz takimi w których 1/3 graczy nic nie robi. Chciałbym osiągnąć przyjemny kompromis, który jednak zapewni odpowiednie zaangażowanie graczy.
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  • Revans Forgotten Knights
    Recruiting. dmfbx2 and DeTrada Nix. Please see our discord link to chat with us.
    Please call out one of us in the channel and we will get to you asap!

    Guild reset: 1am utc (pretty sure)

    Raids: normal sith on a regular basis. We are consistently finishing and getting max rewards. Occasionally run heroic and can clear that as well. Trying to help people build up currency.

    TB: Hoth 30 lightside 33 dark side

    TW: 50/50 win some and lose some. We are always competitive.

    Participation: 3 days away warning. 5 days drop. If being absent is known before this then we give some leeway cause people do have lives.

    Prefer 1.5 mil and working on geos and starting a GL or a major ship.

    New players or alternate accounts welcome.

    You can also check out our page

    Discord is a must as this is where we do all of our communicating. We are currently sitting at 35/50 and are looking to get full.

  • Goku_SSJ25
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    we are opening guild for low GP players, everyone is welcome. Our all Genki Dama family put real life over game.

    Super Namekian:

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  • Neue deutsche Gilde sucht aktive Mitspieler!
    Tretet bei und baut mit mir gemeinsam eine Gilde auf, die sich sehen lassen kann.
    Keine mind. Voraussetzung erforderlich, jeder ist willkommen.

    Gildenname: Arkanian

    Mein Name: Redhawk
    Mein Bündniscode: 969-135-976

    Möge die Macht mit euch sein!
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