Scheduled Update: 11/10/2021

Hi Holotable Heroes,

The one computer broke so I checked one out from Antonín or August. Writing posts doesn't feel right for some reason. Had to hunt and peck.

  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where characters without feet could kick
  • UNIT - Reduced m-count for some units
  • UNIT - Added mouths back
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where all webbles were not making wobbles
  • UNIT - Busted all ghosts in the neighborhood
  • EVENT - Pretty sure this is just a "feature" now
  • EVENT - Found the end of a mobius strip
  • EVENT - Known Issue - Frozen in time; no way to re-enter time continuum
  • EVENT - Divided by zero
  • EVENT - This issue has somehow entered a quantum state. It is simultaneously: Fixed, In Review, Ready for Release, Resolved in the Last Update, Being Investigated, Backlog, Fix In Progress, and doesn't exist;
  • EVENT - Fixed all lefts that were actually three rights
  • UNIT - Cleaned up Chopper's mess
  • EVENT - X/Y coordinates updated for the Gamma Quadrant
  • UNIT - Removed jagged edges from older sword models
  • GENERAL - Volume under the curve expanded
  • GENERAL - Fission Mailed
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