How the game kids me ... >.

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I am farming Barriss Offee on my main account ... my drop rate on her is somewhere around 20%, so really low compared to all the other chars, who sum to 30-33% ...

Yesterday, i opened one of the free Bronzium packs on my alt (Nightsisters and Ewoks only) account and guess what ... Barriss Offee 4* ... the full character!! Wrong account!!! T.T ...

I crossed fingers and closed my eyes when i opened the next Bronzium on my main account ... opened my eyes and what did i see??? BARRISS OFFEEE!!!! OMG ... but then i noticed, that there were the Stars missing above here ... and there was the shards-bar below her ... OH Noooo ... just a single shard!! T.T ... oh dear ... but anyway ... this single shard is worth 60 cantina energy, due to my bad luck on her node. ;)

Hope you had a laugh reading it ... and sorry for my bad english, its not my main language.
Left by design.
The fixed payout times are the worst part of this game and makes it absolutely family-unfriendly.
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