I want to test CLS with the rest of my rebel team

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Hi guys, I just finished unlocking all the other characters for my CLS team (R2, Chewpio, Leia, and raid Han) but I’m still struggling with unlocking CLS himself (tier VI, am I right?) and I wanted to test a CLS with my team before I finish unlocking him, I also need him for light side 9 hard. My ally code is 374-157-692 if you’d be able to let me use your CLS for a little bit. Thank you guys so much!
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    So I added you and put CLS in LS, Cantina, and mod battles, but you're honestly better off waiting for someone with a low gear CLS to friend you. Mine is much more powerful than you'll be able to make yours for quite some time, so it won't be an accurate reflection of how your squad can do.
  • Thank you so much! I actually just finished up sing him in a battle, he works great with my team.
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