GL Matchmaking needs to be balanced

Can you please balance the GL’s in the matchmaking for GAC!! I have only 1 GL at the moment but 90% of the time I am put against opponents with 2, and this latest round, 3!!!!!! If you want to rework it so GL’s can only be beaten by other GL’s then fine, but you have to make the matchmaking reflect this intent. I loved GAC but it’s now so disheartening to see my opponents roster and, yet again, they have more GL’s and it’s an auto-lose for me before I start. Simply ‘get another GL’ won’t cut it as I’m sure I will be put against players with 3 or even 4 to my 2. Surely it’s easy enough to put something in the code the matches numbers of GL’s…… for the, as you like to say, “the longevity of the game!”


  • To be matched against players with more gls, you probably relic’d a lot of characters who already are prerequisites for GLs or Executor without fully going for it. Going for the GL or Executor for which you have the most prerequisites geared up could be a wise strategy.
  • Well, they are changing matchmaking with the massive changes to GAC. Having it based entirely on how well you are doing in GAC.
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