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Hey all :)
I have a small little question about my roster. I am kinda unsure about my projects rn. I am torn bewteen gearing my dr and malak reqs(have enough get1 for 7star malak) or finish my geos or start my padme...or vader?


  • Well basic teams I like to develop:
    • Geo t11-t12,
    • Jedi with revan and yoda t12 to get malak,
    • Darth revan and get malak and trooper all to r4 (malak and drevan up to r7) (this is most useful beginner team GA\Chalenges\Conquest ect)
    • Padme team(not necessary if you focus Drevan team)
    • start doing legendary, I would say Kylo cos he is good with his own team and easy beats Rey with resistance and Emperor
    • Also it is good to have Bosk up to r3 and his ship cos it is most useful in any ships team
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    I would go Padme and see if you can climb in your arena. Sitting at 800 is not going to get you any crystals. Also, get Grievous to go with your arena instead of GMT.
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