Captain Han Solo

I only today activated Captain Han Solo, his abilities at first glance seem ok, so I’m unsure as to whether I should put much effort into improving him? Is he worth it?


  • There are so many characters who sound extremely good on paper, but turn out to be below average. Almost every character in the phoenix squad have zetas that sound incredibly powerful, but they aren't even good with relics on them. The Rogue One squad also have many abilities that sound amazing, but have no real use. Cholo is one of those characters too, with abilities that sound good, but end up not impacting a fight.
  • He's outdated.
  • There are characters in the game who won’t ever be meta or game changing. It’s inevitable that there will be characters that underperform.

    Phoenix is meant to be an entry level team. That’s it. Thank heavens they’re trash.

    In regards to Rogue One, the Andor TV show will most likely lead to a rework.
  • Take stealth goblins advice!
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