Is Dash Rendar's lead working as intended?

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Testing out this lead, it appears if a unit already has prepared, and gains it again, they do not get offense and crit damage up.

Example, Qi-ra will gain prepared when dash attacks and gets 2 crits. She gets the animation of gaining prepared, but no buffs. Likewise if you use young Lando or Han to pass prepared the unit they pass it to don't get those buffs, if they already have prepared.

So not quite as good as I first thought. The wording of the lead should be changed to show this, if this is intended. So it should be "If a unit is not prepared and they gain prepared then...". It may mean you can only ever gain those buffs once in GAC too, depending on how the lose it, gain it sequencing works.

Also L3-37 never gets those buffs, because her unique gives her prepared before Dash's lead kicks in.
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  • Checked the GAC functionality in the marquee event. You do gain the offense and crit damage buffs when using an ability that strips the prepared and you regain it instantly.

    But still, L3-37 would be way better if the lead worked like it reads now. If L3-37 does the self upgrade she does not gain the buffs, unless you have no prepared. If she had the buffs her counter attacks would be much more dangerous. She should be able to gain the buffs with her special, but not at the start or with upgrades. She could also gain the buffs when you are restoring protection with YHan's second special.

    Also Qi-ra would almost always have those buffs with the amount of double taps happening, increasing her damage output too.

    Young Lando's zeta would still be worth taking if he got those buffs at the start of each turn from enemies being debuffed.

    Young Han would gain the buffs whenever he countered as the enemy has low turn meter. He would also sometimes gain them when assisting.

    Vandor would gain the buffs every time his protection recovered.

    So, is this intentional, or not? It effects every single prepared character's interaction with Dash's lead.
  • Yeah, doesn’t appear to be functioning correctly on battle start with L3…

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