R8 mats waiting for ya

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Our alliance is currently in search of a group of 40 or individuals who want to be a part of a tight knit community within the game.

We are made up of

Pestilence 301m
Wace Mindu 4 Pre 170m
HuttKartel 191m
Olympus 218m
D4rth 220m
Knights of Concord 244m
No Country For Old Ben 141m

All Heroic Raids throughout, cPit on farm in Pestilence (merc'n it ourselves in Knights of Concord), up to 31*/16* in ds/ls geo

Unlike most alliances, we genuinely help one another and communicate on discord regularly about the game as well as pretty much any other topic that comes up. We are made up of adults (age wise atleast) and genuinely have a good time daily.

Discord is required for communication (you don't have to chat and are welcome to mute anything you want but I promise you're gonna miss out on all the fun/stupidity/sports/music/cookin)

Contact Our Recruiter for questions/an invite

ObiWanJabroni 954-283-259

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