Consecutive Negotiation vs Executor Fleet battles - how is this possible?

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In our fleet shard today, we saw the following in our fleet Discord live-ranks channel.

[Redacted] climbed from 25 to 18. payout in 00:06
[Redacted] climbed from 18 to 13. payout in 00:05
[Redacted] climbed from 13 to 8. payout in 00:03
[Redacted] climbed from 8 to 4. payout in 00:00

This [Redacted] has a 7 star Negotiator with a R7 GK, an HT with a G12 Bossk, Anakin ETA with R4 Anakin, and a Umbarran Starfighter with a R1 Fives as the starting ships.

All of the opponents were 7 star Executors. Is it even conceivable that those battles went that quickly to the Negotiator? If not, how are they doing it?
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