Please, add mods to ships

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From the introduction of fleet till now, ships are heavily rng depended.
I understand that idea was dog fights, rock-scissors-paper, but no matter what the idea was it remained slot-machine where everything depends on one mistake to ruin everything (666 vs 777). Where one ship can evade 3 times in a row with 10% hp and then gain heal. It may sound like fun - but it feels like punishment when you are on a loosing side. Yes it's experience, but it's a stressful experience (and stress is bad for players health as well as any economic).
Every player need some boost, some strategy to counter enemies. You can think of it as a General that stands his ground at the keep having less troops but high walls and morale.
That's why other means like mods are required. It may not be exactly mods like characters has, but something close to it. It may be an "assistant droid" that you can put in or replace (and each droid can have different Effect: some that increase offense, some that increase shield capacity, HP pool, Protection - you choose it). It can be like something in other games where you can choose material for the ship, weapon type, cargo hold, hyperdrive. Something like mods, that can be simple.
Otherwise fleet will remain unfriendly, stressful experience that few(if anyone) will love.
Just to show example, there are still videos from the start of the game were Old Ben was meta, and characters without mods evade constantly creating really unpleasant experience and generating unpleasant reaction and comments.
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  • Mods on ships wouldn’t make things better… in my opinion
  • Mods on ships wouldn’t make things better… in my opinion
    It made things better at arena though. If you exclude speed, modding your character helps you both in attack and defense. Yes, there were problems at start, but currently mods play an important and interesting role where you consider how to use them better, how to make your squad (like any other) prevail.
    For example, JML with proper team, relics, strategy and mods can counter SEE, I think that is an awesome result in how significant it may be. Because without mods he may never be able to do that.
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