Geo tb dark side latest bug wave count missing

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Wave count missing from the top of all battles so far inphase 1

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  • This is present in several game modes just now.
  • I don't think it's actually missing, but the font is just incredibly small.
  • Oh and have you noticed that AI shaak ti now has absolutely zero tags (or, alternatively the assault team is not working as intended. But i really think they couldnt fix the bug so just removed her tags altogether)
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    Edit: I believe that it is a incredibly small stage count, or just a bunch of squiggly lines added by CG in place of one.

    Guess which one sounds more likely?
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    One may learn a great deal about a people by the stories they tell of others.

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  • 8gqb73wfaowi.png

    That’s what I see when I zoom in
  • gumu2zt9dake.png
    That’s a little further zoomed out
  • That reads "conquest 11 is going to be even more grindy with more feats for toons that are terrible"
  • Hahahahahaha good one!
  • Ripperpa wrote: »
    Hahahahahaha good one!

    You laugh like you think it's a joke...
  • Much better than missing buttons so I’m not complaining
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