TIE Bomber taunt

So I’ve seen some vids of Tie Bomber retaining taunt after taking a turn while tagged with buff immunity. Is that possible? (Obviously it is!) From my understanding, bomber should lose taunt after taking a turn (or buff dispelled) because his buffs are being blocked. What am I missing here 🤔


  • Xcien
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    TIE Bomber regains Taunt if there is a Target Locked enemy and TIE Bomber isn’t already Taunting.

    Once Buff Immunity has expired, and there is still a Target Locked enemy, TIE Bomber will gain Taunt again.
    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
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    The way the ability is written it works correctly, as the taunt just doesn't expire when there is a target locked enemy and therefore buff immunity doesn't play a role.
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