Actually OT: Anyone else excited for Hawkeye?

What? It's also a Disney property. They can't get too mad at me, can they?

I love the Kate Bishop character and I really liked the Fraction take on Hawkeye. I learned a tiny bit of ASL when I was living with a severely HoH roommate in the mid 90s, not enough to ever really communicate, but better than nothing. The process of learning this entirely new way to connect with other people, to translate meaning into symbol and back into meaning was a true challenge for me, and so when Barton had to go through that, that learning process I could relate to (even if the deafness wasn't).

Ever since I heard Kate Bishop was going to be brought to the screen I was excited, and when I found out they would be drawing heavily from Matt Fraction's run, I've been over the forest moon of Endor. Now I'm 7 hours away and I am so, supremely excited.

Anyone with me?


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    I’m pretty excited, and am pretty eager to see how it will turn out.
    One may learn a great deal about a people by the stories they tell of others.

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  • I'm not excited but it gives me something new to watch.
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  • I’m defo excited for Hawkeye, but have to wait till the weekend to watch it :cry:
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  • The two episodes were ok, nothing too great. Do look forward to seeing where it goes from here.
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  • The best thing for me so far has been seeing the Swordsman (although tracksuit mafia are a close second favourite -“but we kidnapped YOU Bro!”). Swordsman & Moondragon were part of ‘my’ avengers era when I was a kid & Jacques was my favourite avenger - partly because if a morally ambivalent un-powered and non-millionaire human who lived by his wits could make the team, maybe I could and we’ll, he got the sexy bald (possibly psychotic) kick-**** girlfriend too. What’s not to love?
    It’s a shame they seem to have erased the swordsman history with Hawkeye from MCU but maybe they’ll make up for it by having him become the new Ronin (my left field prediction for the series)
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    and a few others in the show points to maybe
    Kingpin and Daredevil
    will show up.
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  • Xcien
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    The first two episodes were okay. I’m interested to see how the series will progress.
    One may learn a great deal about a people by the stories they tell of others.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback has been noted.
  • So I liked the first episode a lot. The second and third were both a bit slower than I might have expected, but other Marvel shows (including both JJ and Daredevil) have had slower pacing for a time but still ended up being good series overall.

    The characterization is fantastic, really. Ultimately it may be that I'm just expecting more spine-tingling excitement and that it's not that the show is too slow, just that it's slower than I thought it would be. And really Ep1 & 3 both had extended sequences of great action, it was only Ep 2 that didn't.

    I will definitely stay to the end, and if it builds up to a good enough ending, I'm sure I'll rewatch it.

    One thing I really did like from Ep3?
    I loved at the end where Clint tells Kate that she isn't wrong to call herself "one of" the world's greatest archers. He's been pretty down on her, but he comes around, gives her a few compliments, and then talks to her about superhero life in a way that makes it sound like he wants her to really know what she's getting into, but not that he really wants her to quit. At first he really was clear that the only right move for Kate was quitting and staying out of trouble. Now? He kinda thinks she should do it. He's impressed with her and would support her if she went into the superhero biz. It's a big change in 3 episodes, but it's not so big or so fast that you can't believe he would say that. As I said, the characterization has been fantastic.
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