Should EA add more to the hyper drive bundle?

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Should EA add more to the hyper drive bundle? 18 votes

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    Prolly just gonna make a second one and phase this first one out
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    I would like another bundle option.
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    Who cares?

    There will always be ways to spend money to get ahead. There will always be a way to make progress without spending, even if you can't get ahead that way (at least not easily).

    We need an intro pack for people who are taking up the game now, since it takes so long FtP to build to where, for example, you're competitive in LS Geo TB. So, if they're smart, there will always be an intro pack.

    But as for the exact contents of that pack? Well, as long as it provides enough value to keep new spenders happy, it's fine, since people buying the new pack will be competing against people buying the new pack. So the exact contents of the new pack matter not at all to me. Change it. Keep it. Whatever.
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