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Hey guys,
So I've farmed up my characters to start the Darth Revan Journey Guide. Only problem is that I got stuck on the Ajunta Pal stage. Even with a gear 10 Bastila, gear 9 HK and Carth, gear 8 Canderous and Juhani, I can't seem to beat this phase. Is there some magic trickery to this phase? Also the up to 3 attacks from the enemy is just utter nonsense as he sometimes takes more than 5 turns in a row. So a little help would be appreciated. Thank you
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  • This might help:
  • I just did the same tier like 2 weeks ago and also was the hardest tier for me. The key is to inflict shock as soon as possible with either Revan or Bastila as that will prevent him gaining turn meter so quickly. Another important thing is don’t let him kill anyone. When he does he gains a buff and extra turns I think. My bastila and was way more powerful than the other characters so I just modded her for max speed to get in the most shocks and damage as quick as possible and the others for max health and protection to make sure Ajunta didn’t kill anyone and get buffed.
  • What Ghost said is perfect. Also, Fear doesn't work on him so dont waste a turn trying to apply it with Revan or Bastilla. If he kills someone on the opening attack just start over. Best case scenario is Juhani survives long enough to get a turn and applies stun. If that happens you will win.

    I just unlocked him a couple days ago and this is by far the hardest tier IMO. Other than a Carth lead zeta the teams I used to clear this were the exact same levels and skills used to clear every tier after and unlock.

    zBastilla G11, HK G10, Carth G10, Canderous G7 and Juhani G7 for tier 5.
    Add zCarth and the same levels unlocked.
  • Managed to get it done a couple minutes ago, thank you all very much for the tips. Never saw an event based this much on RNG. Now wish me luck with 7*-ing the squad to go for the mighty Dark Lord of the Sith.
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