Get Ahnalds Account Fixed CG!!!!!!!

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For the love of the EMPIRE CG, fix this issue as The Grand Admiral is your best content creator and keeps many a players entertained and enjoying your game!
With the profits you have raked in these last few years, issues like this should not be happening!
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    Just watched the first few minutes of his video. I might of had more sympathy if he wasn't still whining about the account which was (correctly) banned over a year ago.
  • Ahnald is the last person on CGs list to help. Shame on them.
  • I think another major issue is how there’s an exploitable method that can allow people to access others accounts. That’s kind of a big problem CG should address.
  • The title for this thread is totally wrong, this should not be about Arnald, it should be about what has happened and how. I Seriously don’t care about Arnald or his account but the issue is that people can lose their accounts easily and this brings to light how to do it.

    Kyle or Mara are two of my favourite Star Wars characters, and I was intending to whale on both of them, but I will hold for now until I see a response that shows this is no longer an issue.

    CG need to come out and respond to the vIdea
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