[MEGA] State of the Galaxy: November 2021


  • Can anyone run the math distributions as in what's the daily earning averages depending on where you place in gac? This is the utmost important thing to know before talking about gains/losses. I'm aware low gp folks will all be losing however it turns out.
  • This sounds AWESOME - absolutely fed up of having to climb at the same narrow time window each day. I get Top 3 daily…..but it’s a pain!
    GAC = the best mode (other than TW) + will reward skill instead of just having one decent team.

    Cautiously excited!
  • Did you fix/adjust the no-def teams set where it picks from top of roster? So many people are not setting defences hindering others who do.

    If you wanted to make the game mode more attractive, why didn't you just add extra crystals there instead of burning down one game mode? Last year you had 1B revenue, 50-100 crystals to player base daily wouldn't harm you, would it?

    What kind of matchmaking are you talking about in a ladder system? How does that even remotely make sense?

  • Nymleth wrote: »
    For the people complaining about the time they now need to spend in GAC, are you aware that you won't be spending that time in squad arena waiting for the timer to tick down during the hour leading up to your payout time?

    I can knock out a full clear much quicker than that, and at any time of day that I choose.

    We don't. Who the hell spends their time waiting for the cooldown to finish? I do that taking a break from work every few minutes. I spend 3-4 mins on average on 5 battles a day. That's 15-20 minutes on a single game mode a day, which is reasonable for a mobile game.

    GAC on the other hands, it takes you at the minimum that same time just to scout your opponent. Then you have to plan on how to lay your defenses and prepare an offensive strategy considering your opponent roster. Then you have to set 15 or more defensive teams individually. Then you have to make 15 or more battles that last 3 to 5 minutes on average each.

    See where I am going?

    This is a mobile game, not full-time job. We don't want to spend all that much time in just single game mode, even more now that we are also forced to engage in TW and con-quest to keep up. The game is getting more and more time consuming, which is NOT healthy for a mobile game.

    Have you ever tried saving your squads? It's much quicker
  • This actually probably wouldn’t suck if 3v3 wasn’t a thing.

    But it’s whatever CG, thanks for the memories even though they weren’t so great.
  • RTS wrote: »
    I’m liking the changes - assuming CG has the matchmaking figured out

    MM will be based on rank now. If you are outclassed, your rank will decrease, and you'll get easier opponents.
  • Miles better!! Stops me sandbagging and getting paid out for nothing and it forces me to attack (atleast once!!). Good to see you don’t get win on gp. Fair play on the draw to.
  • My god, are you deliberately trying to sink this game?!
  • I don't understand this +10 points for your first attack. Why?

    The way it reads suggests it is for both players, which seems pointless (both players just get a free 10 points unless they don't attack at all).

    If it's *just* for the first player to attack, then it would be horribly unfair to anyone who is asleep when GAC rounds start (Middle East through to India).

    Not sure if pointless or ill-conceived.
  • LordSauron wrote: »
    Prosser wrote: »
    Shard chats were just allowing too many people to get max crystals daily eh?

    Actually on the contrary. The Mafias didn't allowed almost any player to be in the top 20 even. That's totally unfear for the most players in the Arena

    And I honestly feel bad for the people in that situation. But from discussions within my own guild, and our alliance, most chats generally will let anyone in who is willing to cooperate (just not attacking someone in their payout hour). I know my own squad and fleet chats are open to anyone who can climb, and only target people that attack out of their payout and mess others up.

    It's not like this change will allow people who aren't rocking the latest meta to reach high gac rewards. Like if you're still rocking CLS as your best team, I wouldn't expect to hit kyber.
  • They should still keep divisions AND pay up 12x more rewards as a result in total. Otherwise this impacts anyone below 8m gp roster dramatically. (after that point it doesn't matter that much because there's only so many units you can use+you'll have all the gls)
  • I haven’t won a GAC in I don’t even know how long because your match making pairs me with someone that has a GL every round despite me not having one. So I’m basically guaranteed to get less over all because I will always lose. Why do I want to continue playing your game? You get one round. If I get bad rewards and punished for not spending I’m done.
  • Just a suggestion. And a lot is based on assumptions ...

    Assumption 1: No deployment window (no 24hr window to deploy)

    Assumption 2: daily income means we are fighting GAC daily ?

    If we are doing GAC daily, don't u think the number of battles is very high ?

    Understand the need to diversify the roster etc. But if this is gonna be daily, it is going to wear people out very fast. Why can't the battles be reduced for all levels.

    Bearing in mind we have the following:
    1. Conquest
    2. Fleet battles
    3. TB/TW
    4. Raids

    Suggested layout.
    2 fleet battles
    5 arena battles
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    How about you throw your dedicated players a bone and give something back to the community for once who hemorage 1000s of pounds into this game. Make it so everyone who can reach rank 1 or top 10 in arenas gets max crystal rewards and add GAC crystals aswell to incentivise people to play GAC. Like have you no clue how bad this is and what this change will bring? Most whales are cosied up in their squad shard discords you wipe that out and you potentially lose a massive portion of your highest spending clients and just to be clear im not a supporter of shard discords as it becomes very agressive to shut people out of the top 20 but your system has forced this on the community. So just level the playing field allready give everyone 24 hours to reach as high as they can and give equal rewards in brackets of ranks 1-10 10-25 25-50 50-100 and sort out the gear drops for gods sake double them or something you are bleeding this game and its players patience dry.
  • Pretty simple, what is everyone's opinion about the changes coming to GAC and squad arena

    My opinion: I don't particularly like it. Squad arena has a been a big focus since the games start. The mode is the a great way to earn crystals if you could at least breach top 100 or higher. Discord made things a bit easier to either coordinate the shard or i guess become a mafia if you're unfortunate to get those shards. There are players that are focused in arena to keep their cyrstals going but aren't GAC pros or even try sometimes.

  • I wondered why they would do it but it makes sense, sell the HDB at a reduced price so more people will make new accounts / new players buy it so they can gain an advantage in their arena shard.

    Then, make squad arena absolutely useless and let all the HDB users lose any competitive advantage gained by making it so matchmaking pairs them up against other HDB buyers.

    Quite genius ngl
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