FO Galactic Challenge 11/29

I'm having a terrible time getting past level viii of this First Order Challenge, but I'm just trying to get 1 more point to get to 85 points. So I'm trying to accomplish "Attempt to apply thermal detonators 40 times." Jawas, Zam, and Greedo are mediocre, but I thought I could at least use them on the middle levels. However, I either kill everyone off too quickly at lower levels, or I draw on middle/higher levels (because KRU refuses to die for all 15 minutes and keeps recovering health). I'm unsure what combinations to use. Anyone have any combinations that have worked for them? I need one darned point!


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    Nevermind. I did Jawas w/Zam. I had to un-mod my Jawa Scavenger so that he didn't go first and get deathmarked. FO attacked other faster Jawas which set off a chain of detonators.
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