Missed calendar

Today i opened 2 calendar cards, but received only 1 calender (december II). The second card was closed accidentally before drawing the december I calendar.
Now the card is no more available on the shop. How may i get it ?
Thanks for your help.


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    You can only pick one, the December II Bonus Calendar or the TIE Bomber Calendar. Once you’ve selected one and made your choice to switch, you cannot opt for the other one.
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    I've seen a lot of ppl commenting about this, CG should really make it so that if you choose one, the other one should dissapear, I'm kinda sad that it happened to me aswell, really wanted the bomber shards :/
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    Yes, I'm one of those. I saw the calendar showing the bomber and got super excited since I'm extremely close to the Executor and clicked Yes not realizing I was forfeiting that for the lame gear calendar. Extremely disappointed that I have no way of undoing that. Even if I lost today's reward, I'd go back to the other one.
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    Me too ! After selecting 2nd free December calendar, the first one gas never been stayed into my personal calendar list. Tergere was not ant alert a out possible overwriting. User should access ti the both free calendars. Thank you
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    I’m not saying it was clear, but it did say in game you couldn’t have both calendars running together.
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    I did not read it. Now it's clear. I should have really chosed, instead of trying to open both calendars.
    Thanks for your enlightments.
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