Hardcore guild seeking hardcore players.

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PhantømØrder is looking for a couple quality people with a commitment to winning. Limp noodles need not apply. Our numbers are:
323m+ GP
32* Geo DSTB 40+ Wat Shards
25* Geo LS TB 28 KAM Shards
US based | Ticket reset @ 6:30 EST | 7:00 EST HSTR | 7:00 EST C.PIT | 7:00 EST HAAT | Fully Heroic | 24 hour sign-up period for all raids | HPIT Simmed

GP 5+ million preferred
2 LS GLs or 1 and working on another preferred
600 / tickets
Discord and swgoh.gg required

About us:
We are a highly competitive guild and we want competitors. We are not interested in people who just want a place to park their account. We are looking for people with killer attitudes who want to be the best and play alongside the best. Make no mistake we are a hardcore guild. We love to joke and have fun on discord but that is never at the expense of in game performance. We also have twice a month raffles and rewards to encourage a competitive atmosphere. If you thrive in a demanding environment and want the feeling of playing with people who care as much as you do then drop by our server and let's chat.
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