Jakku: resistance Galactic Challenge feats

The galactic challenges that mix fleet and character fights needs reworked to alternate.

Stages 1-3 are character fights that max out at enemy level 60. Feats like attack 20 times out of turn punish accounts with fledged out teams. I don't have any teams at this point that can attack out of turn that dont 1 shot each enemies making that feat impossible.

Furthermore the fleet battles are overly hard even at stages 4 and 5. I have HT,Geos,and a bunch of other geared out ships. Level 80 enemy ships still give my squad a run for their money.

Event should alternated character fight fleet fight. And bring the fleet fights difficulty down to the respected level of the enemies


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    Good news: You will automatically be given credit for character feats when you win fleet battles in the later levels. This makes no sense; I mean what's the point of even trying the character battles. But at least you can get those points by simply beating a fleet battle or two. Anyway...

    I agree 100% with your post. I think alternating character and fleet is a great suggestion. Character battles are too easy and fleet battles are too hard. Even though my fleet GP makes it recommended that I complete level IX, I actually have given up on trying to complete anything past level VII. I'm unsure if they cranked up the tenacity and speed - but opponents get first 3-4 turns and evade constantly or resist everything. Nothing sticks. Then there are times it seems that the Holdo Maneuver is used more quicker than I thought it could.
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