Is it still possible to play the game without caring about PvP when you reach level 85?

Hi, I've been playing the game for a month and a half now. I'm currently on level 61 and my main focus is collecting characters and ships -- I really don't care about PvP or anything related to it. Today I received a message saying that all the crystal rewards will be transferred to the Grand Arena mode when you reach level 85. If I got it right, it means that, once I reach level 85, I'll be forced to join this Grand Arena mode -- even if I don't care about it -- in case I want to keep receiving crystals, is that correct?

I'm not sure if there are other players that think like me but I assume that not everyone thrives in PvP competition. To me, the game is a way of getting closer to a universe that has been part of my life for roughly 35 years, and that's it. I'm not here to "be the best", "go up the ranks", or something like this -- I just want to collect the characters and the ships, and keep upgrading them for the sake of evolving them.

My question, then, is: Will I be able to keep playing in a non-competitive mode once I reach level 85, meaning that I'd still have a way of getting all kinds of currencies -- including crystals -- so that I can keep evolving my collection, or will I be forced to join something that is meaningless to me and that will completely disfigure my current experience, which has been enjoyable so far?

(I don't see the Squad Arena as PvP since I am not playing in real-time with other players -- I see it more like PvE, and I'm not worried about my rank anyway.)

It would be good to understand what's waiting for me in the future so I can decide now if I should keep playing the game or not.

Thanks in advance.


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    There are now two primary ways of earning crystals - fleet arena and grand arena. There are some other ways too - daily stuff, etc...but they won't compare in amounts. Crystals are the "premium" currency and without a good income, it'll slow down growing your collection considerably.

    Grand arena isn't "real time" any more than squad arena. You and your opponent have 24 hours to set defensive teams, then 24 hours for each of you to take your offensive teams and do your best against each other's defensive teams. You'll only control your team on offense, never on defense.
  • PvP modes are key to progression. If you refuse to take part in then at all, you will hit a ceiling where your progression is essentially halted.

    If you choose to participate in them at the bare minimum, your progress can continue, just at a slower rate.

    I’m not clear about the part where you don’t care about your squad arena rank (up until now) but you’re concerned with the part where the crystals are tied to GAC. If you didn’t care about arena rank, then you were getting fewer crystals there anyway.
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    The crystals that are being moved are currently just from squad arena. There is no real-time play in this game. In some ways, grand arena is better because you have 24 hours to attack rather than having to play musical chairs. In the new system, you even get crystals for a round loss. You will still be getting crystals for joining GAC regardless of how well you do.

    Also, depending on how good your guild is, the two territory battles per month also will give you crystals. Fleet arena can give daily crystals for top 50. Other sources of free crystals include login calendars, daily activities, and Galactic War.

    Ultimately, this game requires competitive focus to advance the most quickly; if you just want to collect and your favorite characters are non-competitive units like Visas Marr and Lobot, that will take you a long time as a free to play. It's alright to do whatever you want; just be sure you accept ahead of time what the rate of advancement is going to be given your play style and make peace with it. It's easy to get frustrated if the best rewards are locked behind teams you don't have or even necessarily want. But just accept that this is how the game is designed from the get-go.
  • If you are doing squad then GAC shouldn't be an issue for you.

    Its not "Live" & is basically Squad Arena on a "Full Roster" base.

    Instead of your 1 team against a long list of other people w/ 1 team up as an option, its an "entire roster" sort of set up.

    So for example, you set up 4 squads on Defense & then the rest of your roster for offense.
    You attempt to use what is left of your roster to clear the 4 defending teams.

    As your total GP roster grows you have to put down more & more defenders & clear more of the enemy defenders.

    There are 3 levels of PVP in the game.
    Squad (Fleet) = 1 of your teams v/s 1 of someone else's teams.
    GAC = ALL of your teams v/s ALL of 1 person's teams.
    Territory War = ALL of your Guild's Teams v/s ALL of an enemy Guild's teams.

    Its the same concept just expanding from 1 Team to 1 Roster to Guild Roster
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    I would also add that since you say you are not interested too much the competitive PVP play and like to collect characters, then this change is actually really good for you. If you weren't chasing the meta PVP teams to get high Squad Arena rankings from the start, then you weren't going to be getting high daily crystal income.

    So with this change, you will already be getting more crystals per day than you are now, then just signing up for GAC and doing a few attacks on the 3 days per week (like others said you have 24 hours to do so), will earn you even more.

    For the type of players you seem to be based on 1 post, this is a win for you. HOWEVER, You should look into focusing on fleet, because this will be a way for you to maximize daily crystals as f2p. Check out some of the guides posted here in the New Player section for more info.
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  • Yes, its better now for you than the previous system.
  • Thank you so much for all the answers and tips, I think I understood it a bit better now. I'll keep playing to see how it goes, then.

    Regarding progression speed, I'm not really in a hurry -- every little bit that my roster improves is good enough for me. :)
  • The people in the lower ranks won't be meta so you should be able to play casually and still get a good amount of crystals even if you lose
  • One of the reasons that this is a fantastic game is that you can play it any way that you want!!! The most important thing for you to focus on if you want to play for collection rather then for competitive pvp modes is the guild that you are in. Some guilds in this game are very competitive and you would be miserable if you were in a guild like that. Find a casual guild that allows you to grow at your own pace and farm what you like. It is incredibly rewarding to be in a guild with like minded people who are enjoying the game the same way as you. It may take you a while to find the perfect guild for you but when you do it will be awesome!
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