SA pointless now

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So I feel SA now is pointless for soooo many, I enjoyed being able to go in a do a quick couple battles but now I feel what’s the point. Would love to see a couple small changes to keep daily engagement in the game.

1. Increase the token payout to be more similar to FA.
2. Gear in the store put some core pieces similar to normal guild store some carbanti or cuffs, only a couple refreshes but I’ve only seen lvl5 5 type gear.
3. Change the refresh cost of 50 crystals or allow 15-20 battles before refresh.

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  • Here's a change I haven't seen suggested yet. Make all Omicrons active in SA. Since there aren't any crystals at stake anymore and we don't have any mode where we can test Omicrons, it would be kind of cool to make their effects active in SA so we could use it as a testing ground.

    That's a brilliant idea, 100% on this one, we need a place to test them, if they're not making sandbox, at least now that SA is almost useless, let us test them there
  • Its not even worth my time now to do. If they really wanted to fix the Arena how about clear the teams of the inactive players. The grand Arena is not even active all the time so how is that a replacement.
  • They made it into a sandbox mode with no rewards so some people got their wish. Just not in the way they imagined it to come
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