Missing purchased crystals / customer service not listening

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I bought a vault of crystals and they didn’t appear in game. I requested a refund from Apple and then bought the crystals again and these ones did show up in game. Apple have since refused the refund for the first purchase so I got in touch with EA customer support by submitting a case on the website and attached all the proofs of purchase, Player ID and Ally Code.

I’m now stuck in a loop with the customer service who keep telling me that I need to submit a case “via game customer service option” and I keep telling them that when I select the Help option in the game I’m taken to the same website (https://help.ea.com/en/star-wars-galaxy-heroes/star-wars-galaxy-heroes/5/?platform=iphone) where I submitted my original case.

Please can anyone help advise how I can get unstuck with customer service? They just don’t seem to listen to everything I’ve written to them nor any of the evidence attached.

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  • Quick update, it got resolved but took 4-5 attempts explaining the same thing before I got to someone who fixed it. I’m glad it’s done but there’s definitely room for improvement in the support processes.
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