Gothlord Shaak Ti, Death Goddess of Petranaki Arena!

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edited December 2021
So some people may know that I'm one of the streamers at Discord's 50 Shards of KAM. Though I've been streaming less than a year, the OG streamers who carried 50SoK through its first year do fewer runs these days, so I'm now doing a lot of the runs there.

This weekend I managed to coach someone through a run in which we used Shaak instead of the attackers to kill both Jango and the reek to get the shard. (Jango was intentional, but reek was mostly luck.) Now I can't get the image of a bloodthirsty-killer Goth Shaak out of my mind & don't have the artistic talent to reskin her.

Anyone here with pixel talents who might be inspired by the idea of creating a goth-looking Shaak? Or a death metal version? Whatever would be fun for you?
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