please take crystals out of fleet arena



  • False.[/quote]

    Shall I share the footage?

  • robjeyaraj wrote: »
    Shall I share the footage?
    That might help identify where you’re going wrong.

    I climb through a sea of r9 Execs every day with my r8 and I rarely lose.

    There is always RNG, but if you know the correct strategy you will win the majority of battles even when you go second.
  • Person unlocks the new meta.

    Person struggles with mirror matches.

    Person has to decide between swallowing their pride and asking for advice or raging at the world that the system is wrong...

    These threads are very revealing :D
  • Zeth wrote: »
    i finally got my executor to 7* today thinking that now that i don't have to use the malevolence executor-counter fleet that i'd finally be able to actually climb into the top 10 in fleet arena again. unfortunately this is not the case. i only won a single battle out of 10. i saved crystals for a month for this nonsense. this is insanely stupid. i hate the executor. i hate the devs who came up with it. i hate having to try to fight them every stupid day and not getting anywhere. this has to change. i'm seriously considering quitting over this. this stupid ship is not as advertised for me and is ruining any chance of fun that this game has for me anymore since i'm about to start getting murdered daily in GAC and my crystal income is singing like the freaking titanic.

    Git Gud, ptw.

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