GAC needs banners for setting defense

My opponent only set 1 squad and 2 fleets (kyber 1). Through unimaginable bad rng, I couldn't clear his fleets and so I ended up losing. So now players are rewarded for not setting defense by having more offensive teams available? This makes absolutely no sense; it should not be possible to win a round if you don't set a defense.


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    That's strange. I thought you got max banners on everything he didn't set, which would result in a win for you. I never considered that a partial set would be able to hold, so never even considered this outcome. Inconceivable!

    Maybe they shouldn't be able to attack if they don't set a full defense? Or you get max banners on the whole map (which I wouldn't think they could match even if they did hold their entire roster).

    Either way, I agree something ought to be done to prevent this outcome. Otherwise, GAC would become an RNG match on ships
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