please make the flash sales a little bit clearer

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this flash sale appeared yesterday:


i closed the window and tried to find this sale in the store to check it, but in vain.

i thought, the symbol for the 9,99 € „refined crystal cache“ was this:


chest for normally 19,99 € with 2800 crystals, so i wasn‘t very happy, that i closed the offer.

today it came back and i bought it…

got this:


i mean, it‘s not really bad, but i expected 2800 crystals - there is a chest in the sale-picture. because the gear we get step by step now in the daily challenges, the sale wasn‘t so interesting.
how said no drama, but in the future i wouldn‘t buy it again.

if the flash sale would have been in the shop, there wouldn‘t be such a misunderstanding.
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    every offer should be in the shop
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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    I had the same issue earlier today (and yesterday) when the flash sale popped up i clicked it and it went directly to the one-tap-buy section. I couldn't see what was in it so I chose not to buy it since I had a feeling it was not a Chest of crystals for that price. I haven't been able to find the flash sale in the store since I closed it as well...

    I always read the text very carefully before I buy anything in this game because it is sometimes a bit misleading tbh. I feel like in this case it's a bug that it doesn't show up in the store or wont tell us what is in it before it is bought.

    I think you should open a ticket on the issue because it doesn't feel right.
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    There’s an info button in the upper left hand corner. Click it and it shows the contents.
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    CamaroAMF wrote: »
    There’s an info button in the upper left hand corner. Click it and it shows the contents.

    Lol nice - I did not see that one xD and i looked at the offer twice - guess I'll get some stronger glasses
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