Future Grand Arena Scoring Changes

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are aware that Grand Arena Championship scoring is currently only awarding Banners for un-filled defenses if that Sector is completely cleared. This is not intended. In this updated format, Grand Arena is designed to give Players a reason to deploy their roster. Unfilled defenses should count as victories for the Attacker at the end of Round in order to prevent Banner denial via all-or-nothing defenses.

We are investigating a fix to update Banner calculations, and will let you know in advance when this will be occurring. In the interim, Players can deploy squads as they choose given the current (unintended) behavior -- it is not an exploit and will not be punished. The current season will continue to ensure all Players have access to their rewards, as well continue gathering information to ensure the rest of GAC is working as intended.

Thank you for your understanding.
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