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So I’m missing the point of leveling up. I’m trying to follow some of the guides. Building a PS team. I’ve opened Galactic War and yesterday I’m able to get almost to the end. I worked on gear and leveled myself up to where today I’ve been rewarded with opponents 10 levels above me by the middle of the war.

So what’s the point of leveling up if it just accelerates my opponents by a higher degree than I can keep up with? At this rate I just keep making less and less resources every day.


  • By leveling up, I presume you mean your personal player level?

    You can't really avoid leveling up.... Doing things gets you XP but you don't need to push for it faster than you are ready, either.

    I needed high level abilities and maxed out mods to get Thrawn, who you presumably want if you are getting Phoenix. You don't get access to some of these ability upgrades until the characters are a certain level and you can only take them up to your own personal level, not higher. You don't even get mods until level 50. You can't gear someone to level XII - needed if you want Chewbacca, among others - until the character is level 85.

    I really enjoyed that stage of the game, getting bonuses for leveling, exploring new events as I had access to them, and so forth. (I bought the hyper drive bundle about level 60ish). There are definitely some frustrating phases (then and now) where I unexpectedly need to circle back and get stronger because something is harder than I expected. There is more waiting of that sort than I expected based on my earliest levels.

  • I would suggest making sure you are leveling up full teams & not just PS.
    Don't level Junk toons, that will just make you go broke.
    But do work on having more than JUST PS.
    The G-War opponents are based on your top 5 people, so if you have an amazing Top 5 and nothing else under it, your going to run out of steam by the time you get to battle 12 in many cases.
    But if you have a couple of 2nd tier teams that are not too far behind your main team, it will help you be able to rotate based on the opponent.

    Also, some days the randomizer will just give you a particularly nasty set of targets, just do what you can and come back the next day if you get stuck. You won't clear it every day till you have a few teams to throw at it.

  • Also, In regards to leveling and junk v/s good stuff.

    I found if I leveled every toon I was broke.

    Eventually as I got them open, I settled into 4 teams that I focused on from L60-85.
    Phoenix, Jedi, Empire, & Bounty Hunters (Scoundrels)
    Those 4 could get me through most days of G-War
  • Thanks for the advice! This makes sense!
  • Totally agree with Schwartzring.
    My first two squads were Phoenix and Empire. Empire works in Arena, Phoenix works in GW. Then next Jedi, because they are so easy. Yoda is most probably the easiest journey guide of them all and naturally you must have Scoundrels, because Credit heist is a critical event in the early stages. The best Scoundrels are Bounty Hunters (BH), period. These 4 squads will keep you occupied for quite some time.
    When you have finally finished and polished these to some extent then you can go for Darth Revan (DR) in order to fill the Sith gap in your roster. Darth Revan is more difficult to achieve, than Jedi Knight Revan (JKR), but the Jedi slot is filled very well with your Bastila-Jedis at that stage, so there is not such a glaring need in comparison with your Sith. Alternatively you go the Separatists-Padme route, as you also need Separatists and Galactic Republic for PvE events, if I am not mistaken.
    You can also do Commander Luke Skywalker (CLS) as it shares many requirements with other needs. You can slot ST Han into your Scoundrels, instead of the fifth BH (the Mando lead works wonders for that) and you most probaly already slotted Old Ben into Jedis. R2D2 will go right into your future CLS squad. Meaning that 2 out of 5 required chars have end game applications and a third is a good Midgame player. That is not often the case. The JKR journey guilde has only 2 chars with long time viability and DR maybe 3, if you slot Ordo into a Mando team far far in the future.
    So many choices.
    Just remember, focus is the way of the game.
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