6.5 million damage in HSTR P1 with G12 JTR team!

Hello everyone, this is Zsoltee's guide (now not the journey but raid)!


In this discussion, I would like to share my team composition and strategy to deal as much damage as I can in HSTR P1 without having a full G13 reliced team.

In the photo, you can see that it's a standard JTR P1 composition. JTR lead, BB8, R2D2, C3PO, and Finn. I have chosen Finn because his 2nd special ability deals enormous damage to Nihilius, mostly because he has enough time to build it up. Only C3PO has G13 gear, I reliced him because he needs to be reliced for my reliced CLS team, but eventually, I will have to relic JTR too (if I want to have GL Luke in the far-far future...). The Zeta's are necessary actually, but there is no need for it on Finn, his leadership ability does not count here, so do not waste your Zeta's and Omegas on it, but for the others, I feel that it is important to have them.

The tactic is the following for me: BB8 and JTR should be as fast as you can afford with your mods. BB8 gives TM to JTR who can reduce the TM of Nihilius with her 3rd special. R2D2 should be used in a wise way, try to put the smoke screen on as many times as you can, avoid hitting Nihilius. JTR can use her 2nd ability to call C3PO for assist, though sometimes, you can choose to call Finn, who can deal also moderately good damage with his basic. Be aware of the cooldowns, if you are smart, then you can use C3PO's mass assist from time to time in order to increase your damage output, just be sure to be able to remove the gained TM from him with JTR afterward.

Kill the sidekicks first time immediately, later on, you can prioritize targets, you can choose to let them live, and use them as punchbags for your toons to avoid hitting Nihilius with basics.

When you see that N will use his AoE, then play around it, be sure that your toons do not have debuffs. With this, you can slow down the timer of the Annihilate ability. When the Annihilate is unavoidable, try to use your shield on R2D2. With Finn's taunt and the smokescreen, then you can regain R2's health.

This strategy needs some tries, practice, to work, but as soon as you get the feeling of it, and you have a stroke of small luck, you can get 6 or 6.5 million damage at the P1 stage.

Thank you for reading this post and feel free to post your team, your composition, your mods, and toons that you use in HSTR P1! (I am not interested in having CAT or GL's who can do zillions of damage, that is not a big deal...the big deal is to deal as much damage as you can with an as undergeared team as you can afford...).


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    Replacing R2 and Finn with Fives and Rex will net you much more damage, and can solo the phase with the right combo of mods, strategy, and rng.

  • crzydroid wrote: »
    Replacing R2 and Finn with Fives and Rex will net you much more damage, and can solo the phase with the right combo of mods, strategy, and rng.

    Hello. Thank you for your comment, Unfortunately, I do not have Fives and Rex geared, as I am collecting the journey toons, and the Clones are not required for them, yet. I know that I will need them for a good GAS team, or Shaak-Ti clones team, or even for a "normal" full clones team, but they are not a priority now. However, what you recommended is a good idea, I would appreciate a video about how can you do that, with strategy, mods and, stuff....it would be a nice guide for my later stages.....for now, Finn and R2 are sufficient enough for good P1 damage, and with a reliced CLS team, an overall good position in my guild is fixed.
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