Is Dark Trooper Zeta necessary?

Looking at the zeta for the specialo, I wonder if it is a luxury. I mean when running ihm (or rather them) in a trooper team, the idea situation would be that nobody ever gets hit. So there is no real need to replenish the stacks, am I right?

Or are there any counters, which require the zeta?


  • Antario
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    Zanir wrote: »
    If you run into trouble, being able to get back up to 3 stacks can be a lifesaver, but I guess that matters only in multiple stage battles like TB. If you're using a Trooper counter correctly on the right target, you most likely won't be in a situation where ther enemy is reducing DT's stacks because they'll all be dead. It's def not one of the zetas that you absolutely need to make Troopers work.

    Thanks for confirming. Actually I applied the zeta meanwhile. And yes, the utility is very marginal. There are definitely better uses for the 20 zeta mats. Well have to live with it. :)
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