gac - able to use a team on offense which is set on defense

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I just used my kylo on offense when I realized I have him on defense in gac.
don't know what to do now, I don't want my account get banned.
best would be to stop playing gac this round I suppose.

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  • Reddit is already full of similar reports, something is seriously bugged and I would expect them to just restart the whole round until it's fixed.
  • I think there’s some weird stuff happening with the servers syncing at the moment. Unrelated but I was able to deploy 400k more GP than I actually have in the territory battle and fight one of the combat missions twice with the same toons.

  • Dont worry this is not exploit, it will be treated as tactic
  • Has something to do with their "fix" yesterday. Again the testers must be working overtime out there.
  • I have 3 offensive teams that can be reused after I've already used them in gac.
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