Best Scoundrel Team & Vader team + Modings

Hey so after some advise I have received, there are loads of better scoundrel teams than this but I don’t really know what to use. What I am currently using is
-Qi’ra (lead)
-Young Han
-Young lando
-Vandor Chewie
If you have time to find the best team can u let me know what mods. E.g. who has offence? Speed? Tenacity etc?
I’m also starting an attacking team that is based on debuffs and Vaders massive tank damage with his merciless and saver throw. Currently what im using is:
-Palpatine (lead);
-Bastilla Shan Fallen (BSF);
-Thrawn (GAT);
-Wat Tambor
What mods do you think I am going to use for that team? I think I’m using a lot of offence on Vader. Probably speed on BSF or GAT or potency. And speed on palpatine but I don’t really know so I need some help. Thank you very much!!!
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