Would you mind fixing fleet challenges? And give us a counter for feats?

So, I just managed to beat the Thrawn fleet with Holdo, a major PITA.
It's highly improbable I managed that without evading at least 10 attacks, yet I did not get the achievement (the whole point of doing that in the first place).

Unfortunately there is no way to be sure about that, because something as simple as displaying a counter for the achievement requirements seems to be too hard to implement for a professional coding team? It's been requested for years.


  • They'd rather you get extremely frustrated over repeated attempts then to give you something that can add satisfaction to the game. A guild mate pointed out that they have a display pop-up when you complete a requirement for a GL, why not add the same feature to these challenges?

    Perhaps not agile enough and too many resources working on the add carousel for all the packs they want you to spend money on.
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